How Much Is A Nissan Juke 2022?

Prices for the Nissan JUKE 2022 start at $27,990 for the entry-level SUV Juke ST and go up to $36,490 for the top-of-the-line SUV Juke TI. There is Premium Unleaded Petrol available for the Nissan JUKE 2022.

Is it wise to buy a Nissan Juke?

  • Hatchback
  • Petrol
  • 1600
  • 5
  • Manual
  • 2010

The Nissan Juke provides a big car experience at a reasonable cost. The 1.6L 16v engine is inexpensive and fuel-efficient while having enough power to avoid difficulty. A pleasant drive overall.

Is Nissan getting rid of the Juke?

The 2023 Nissan Kicks has everything that made the Nissan JUKE a crossover that surpassed expectations, even though the JUKE is no longer available.

How long is the Nissan Juke’s lifespan?

One of the most durable and dependable small SUVs is the Nissan Juke. Many Nissan Jukes with more than 100,000 kilometers on the clock are still in excellent condition.

Can the Nissan Juke handle lengthy drives?

The Juke features quirky appearance, an interior with a hint of sport, and driving modes that allow you to drive either efficiently or with verve on those winding rural roads. It works well in an urban setting, but it can also go vast distances frequently. It’s simple to drive and park thanks to its small size. It’s a pleasant car to drive, and because it’s higher up, you can see the road clearly. It features an excellent level of kit and many storage possibilities.

What makes the Nissan Juke so well-liked?

For a brief years, my wife drove a Nissan Note, which was a surprisingly useful mini-mpv. Simple, extremely reliable, and equipped with all the necessary technologies.

Most Juke owners (leasers) ought to drive the Note. lighter, better handling, more interior room, and simpler to park. Better in all respects.

However, it doesn’t appear to be a fake-by-four. The Juke succeeds despite its several flaws. The Renault Captur and Dacia Duster are nearly identical but equally terrible vehicles. The latter is at least cheap, filthy, and arrogant.

Of course, we exchanged the bloody SUV for the incredibly useful small MPV Note. This is life.

What was the Nissan Juke’s successor?

2010 saw the release of Nissan’s crossover, the Juke. Since that time, it has been a crossover with a distinctive look and an exciting, potent engine. The 2018 Nissan Kicks, which will replace the Nissan Juke, is being introduced by Nissan.

Are Nissan Jukes reliable cars?

Yes and no, primarily dependent on the sort of transmission you choose. The best option for getting a dependable Nissan Juke that won’t cost a fortune in future maintenance is to get a manual transmission. Choosing the Nissan Xtronic CVT transmission in the first-generation Jukes is a risk that rarely pays off. These transmissions frequently need to be replaced, which can cost thousands of dollars. Even the new dual-clutch automatics for the second generation aren’t the finest options because of how unrefined they are.

Is it worth buying a used Nissan Juke?

If you stay away from the dangerous first-generation vehicles with CVT transmissions, the Nissan Juke is a worthwhile purchase. Everything else is trustworthy as long as the car has been properly maintained. When compared to other manufacturers, Nissan automobiles have above-average reliability.

Does a Nissan Juke hold its value?

At a standard market cost, the Nissan Juke maintains its worth. Over the course of the first three years of ownership, it depreciates by an average of 40%. Of fact, the current market has several significant differences. The cost of used cars has increased, and it’s not unusual to make money on several newly purchased vehicles.

Is Nissan Juke a good family car?

The Nissan Juke is a beautiful, economical, and roomy vehicle that is suitable for modest families. In that regard, the answer is in the affirmative. The Juke won’t be sufficient for larger families who demand more internal space or those who need more boot space than the norm. However, they’ll discover that in that scenario, pretty much every tiny automobile is insignificant.

How much does it cost to insure Nissan Juke?

This is a category where the insurance is dependent on the nation or location. However, the Nissan Juke’s insurance premiums won’t break the bank.

For instance, the second-generation Nissan Juke’s 1.0L I3 engine falls under groups 11 through 13 (out of 50) under the U.K. insurance scheme. Depending on the powertrain and trim level of choice, the older, first-generation cars vary from group 8 to group 26 (excluding groups 18, 24, and 25).

The typical Nissan Juke insurance premium in the US is little under $100 per month or $1,100 annually.

How much does it cost to maintain Nissan Juke?

Nissan Jukes don’t require a lot of maintenance. With Clutch estimates that a Juke needs only $550 in maintenance expenses annually, which is significantly less than the market average of $650.

Are Nissan Jukes fuel-efficient?

Not terribly efficient either is the petrol engine. With the difficult-to-recommend CVT automatic gearbox, it achieves its highest fuel economy of 35.8 mpg, but with the manual gearbox and the largest 18-inch wheels, that figure falls to a subpar 33.6 mpg. Today’s private purchasers shouldn’t be too concerned about their CO2 emissions because road tax is the same $140 per year regardless of the engine you select. However, for a car in this class, the Benefit-in-Kind rates for diesel and gasoline are high for corporate car drivers.

Is a family able to fit in a Nissan Juke?

The Nissan Juke has very beautiful interiors. For our road excursions and as a busy family, the built-in Sat Nav was wonderful! The boot was a good size and fit all of our baggage perfectly. The inside of the automobile offers a sporty vibe while still being family-friendly. It appears to be fairly roomy. The parking sensors and back camera were a hit with my husband.

Driver assistance is excellent at alerting you when you are driving too close to another vehicle. It was also helpful to have the automatic climate control because you could set the temperature. Lastly, we adore the Nissan. Finally, we adored the heated seats because they make the journey quite comfy.

We have no difficulty in recommending the Nissan Juke as the ideal family vehicle! Its diminutive stature is misleading because it offers plenty of space for a family and storage. The Juke is a fashionable option for a family and has good appearance as well. To learn more, go to Nissan.

For the duration of a week, we had the Nissan Juke on loan so we could write this evaluation. We each have our own opinions.

Nissan Juke safety rating?

All of these technology assisted in the Juke receiving a categorical five-star rating from Euro NCAP, with ratings for adult and child occupant safety of 94 and 85%, respectively. Impressive ratings include a 73% Safety Assist score and an 81% grade for Vulnerable Road Users.

In our 2021 Driver Power customer satisfaction study, the Juke placed 26th out of 75 vehicles, but fell to 49th position in the 2022 survey. Nissan is expecting that the release of the hybrid model will raise the Juke’s overall rating the following year. The manufacturer itself made some strides, rising to 15th place in 2022 from 18th place (out of 29 brands) in the study of the greatest brands in 2021.

The brand-new Nissan Juke is it bigger?

When it comes to the new Nissan Juke, the key conclusion is that it is “much-improved.” Although the front cabin likewise seems more airy and better focused, it is a little bit larger than the previous generation and back passengers gain the most since they need to.

Is a new Nissan Juke on the way?

Additionally, a radiator grille shutter has been included to cover this section when cooling is not required, which helps to lessen drag.

The hybrid Juke’s boot size is down 68 liters to 354 liters compared to the pure-petrol Juke; however, with the back seats are folded down, there is up to 1,237 liters of load space available. According to Nissan, the back knee room is 553mm, the same as the normal Juke.

Nissan’s website now accepts pre-orders for the upcoming Juke Hybrid. The first deliveries are anticipated to occur around Q3 2022.

What year did Nissan stop producing the Juke?

Which Nissan Juke Model Year Is Best? The Juke’s 2017 model year marks the end of a generation that debuted in 2011. While there haven’t been many modifications over the years, there have been some noteworthy ones.

Nissan Juke: A vehicle or an SUV?

The Nissan Juke (Japanese:, Hepburn: Nissan Jku) is a B-segment subcompact crossover SUV Nissan has been making since 2010. Positioned below the C-segment Qashqai, it had its production debut at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show in March. It was then unveiled to North America at the 2010 New York International Auto Show with plans to be offered for the 2011 model year.

In September 2019, the second-generation model was unveiled for the European market. It had greater proportions thanks to the use of the more recent RenaultNissan CMF-B platform.

[1] The Nissan Kicks replaced the model in the majority of areas outside of Europe and Australasia during the second generation. [2] [3] [4]

The word “jukebox” is also the source of the phrase “juke,” which refers to “dance or shift directions while exhibiting agility.”


Nissan Juke: A car for women?

The Juke has 370Z-like tails, a sloping roof, and strong fenders that are gender-neutral, but it also has “cute” bug-eye lighting and, to some, a smiling grill. It’s girly that the previous generation of the New Beetle had a built-in flower container.