What Is The Best Mitsubishi Evo To Buy

The Evo 8 is undoubtedly the best evolution. It combines the sixth generation’s redesign with the strength and comfort of the current era. Although it may not be as luxurious as cars from the last ten years, it is still better than average for its series.

Do you prefer the Evo 9 or 10?

The IX offers greater stories, even though the X may be more polite and polished when it speaks to you. The Evo X has developed into a fantastic, though more complex road vehicle that is still competitive and rewarding on the track, much like the new M3.

Which Evo has the greatest strength?

Its two-litre engine has more power than either a Falcon XR8 or a Commodore SS. Additionally, it has an advanced all-wheel-drive system for superb cornering grip.

The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X FQ-400 is described as “the most powerful, accelerative Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X.”

This month, it will be available on British roadways. They have a reputable network of auto tuners that take rapid production cars and make them even faster there, the base of operations for many motorsport constructors.

Different hot-up kits are available for the Mitsubishi Evo and its counterpart, the Subaru WRX, from a number of hot shops in Britain.

WRC Developments created this Lancer Evo FQ-400 with assistance from Mitsubishi’s British importer. The model’s name refers to the tremendous 403hp (300kW) of power produced by the two-liter, four-cylinder, turbocharged engine. also in a road vehicle.

The engine receives new low-friction bearing turbochargers and high-flow fuel injectors designed for motorsports with decreased turbo lag. An improved intercooler supplies it. A stainless steel pipe with a diameter of 75mm is used to send exhaust gases.

With 217kW of power at 6500 rpm and 366Nm of torque at 3500 rpm, the ordinary Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X on sale in Australia is no slouch.

The FQ-400 offers a powerful 525Nm torque at 3500rpm and 300kW at 6500rpm. (The Falcon XR8 produces 290kW and the six-liter Commodore SS V8 270kW). According to Mitsubishi and WRC Development, the FQ-400 can sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.8 seconds. The speed limit is 250 km/h.

It features a wider track than the norm, is lowered by 30mm, has enhanced brakes made of aerospace-grade aluminum, and is equipped with Eibach springs and Bilstein shock absorbers.

A widely vented bonnet for engine heat exhaust, carbon-fibre parts in the grille edging, composite side skirts, a redesigned rear bumper with a carbon-fibre diffuser, a rear wing with Gurney strip, and a “vortex generator” on the roof trailing edge distinguish the FQ-400 from a standard Evo X.

Recaro seats, seven airbags, a sat-nav, and a 30GB hard-drive on the sound system are all included inside. It receives a five-star Euro NCAP certification for occupant protection in an accident.

In Britain, the FQ-400 sells for little more than $100,000, while the normal Evo X starts at about $60,000. (similar to its Australian price).

The quickest Mitsubishi Evo is which one?

Top 10 Mitsubishi Models for Speed

  • 3.6 seconds for the #1 Lancer Evolution X FQ440.
  • 3.8 seconds for the #2 Lancer Evolution VIII FQ400.
  • 3.9 seconds for the #3 Lancer Evolution IX FQ360.
  • 4.0 seconds for the #4 Lancer Evolution X FQ360.
  • 4.3 seconds for the #5 Lancer Evolution IX FQ340.
  • #6 Lancer Evo X FQ330: 4.4 seconds.
  • 4.5 seconds for the #7 Lancer Evo X FQ300.

What Mitsubishi Evo is the rarest?

Only 29 of the Evo VI Extreme were produced, making it the rarest and most valuable of all the Evos. Ralliart UK constructed it, and it was introduced in 1999.

Which Mitsubishi Evo has the greatest amount of horsepower?

Can we all raise a glass to the Mitsubishi Evo? It’s difficult to believe the storied rally racer announced its retirement six years ago, but at least it did so with a bang. If you think the Lancer Evolution Final Edition’s overachieving turbocharged 2.0-liter engine, which produced 303 horsepower (226 kilowatts), is overachieving, wait until you see what the insane Evo IX pictured above can do.

Which Lancer year is the best?

Here it ismy preferred Evo. the ideal fusion of old and new. I really want one in the color blue like the one shown above. I adore the front with its many grilles and the taillights, which are reder than those on the VIII and IX. But the wheels are my absolute favorite feature; if I ever bought an Evo VII, I wouldn’t change the wheels. Maybe it’s because of 2 Fast 2 Furious that I like it so much.

My position among all evos is shown below. As you can see, I made it based on appearance because all of them perform similarly. Please note that this is merely my opinion.

STI or Evo, which is quicker?

The 122 horsepower per liter of the Evo significantly outperforms the 102 horsepower per liter of the STI. But it’s not that easy either, as weight to power is another crucial ratio to look at. The STI outperforms the Evo by at least 1.2 pounds per horsepower, regardless of how the measurement is done (from the crankshaft or the wheels).

How quickly can an Evo 8 travel?

It’s a very wild machine, the Mitsubishi Evo. Essentially, it is a great powertrain with a subpar cabin. We adore it because you buy it because you want to go quickly. Because they can modify the 4G63 engine to produce incredible power, tuners also adore it. Since Extreme Tuners is aware of this, the Greek producer of tuning components used an Evo IX to get the fastest Evo ever.

With a quarter mile time of 7.902 seconds, this Mitsubishi Evo is the fastest of the VII, VIII, or IX versions. The trap’s speed? roughly 185 mph. If you’re wondering how an Evo can achieve that ridiculous time and speed, we can tell you that it does so by using a single, sizable turbocharger to provide incredible power.

Is Evo 9 uncommon?

You’re going to adore this if you enjoy collecting rare Japanese automobiles. The Evo IX GT-A Wagon is an extremely cool imported vehicle. Although they are not particularly novel, performance wagons in the compact segment are often ignored.

The Evo 6 is uncommon.

supposedly the 26th and final model. The auction for a rare 1999 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI is currently underway. The car, which was first marketed as a “Extreme edition,” is thought to be the 26th and final model made.