How To Set Up Mitsubishi Outlander App

  • At the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show, MITSUBISHI CONNECT makes its international debut in the brand-new Eclipse Cross CUV.
  • Innovative security measures and remote services are provided through connected technologies.
  • includes a two-year trial subscription and the My MITSUBISHI CONNECT smartphone app.

Today, MITSUBISHI CONNECT, the company’s new connected car services initiative, made its debut on a global scale. The cutting-edge platform of services offers drivers a convenient, safe, and safe driving experience. Two service bundles, safeguard and remote services, are offered by MITSUBISHI CONNECT and can be accessed from inside the car, via the My MITSUBISHI CONNECT mobile app, or via the Mitsubishi vehicle owners’ portal. The brand-new Eclipse Cross will be the first vehicle to offer MITSUBISHI CONNECT.

A basic subscription-based service called MITSUBISHI CONNECT is offered, and it consists of a factory-installed Telematics Control Unit that is embedded in the car and has a 4G LTE cellular modem and GPS functionality. Two in-car buttonsone for SOS emergency assistance and the other for information and roadside assistanceconnect the vehicle to a call center.

Bryan Arnett, senior manager, product planning, MMNA, stated that “‘Cloud Based’ connected AI and advanced voice-recognition technologies are expanding into the automotive ecosystem and Mitsubishi wants to ensure that our vehicles are one of the many devices keeping our consumers connected on a personalized level.” We’re thrilled to enter the connected car market and become an automaker that offers cutting-edge connected services to our customers.

Automatic Collision Notification, SOS Emergency Assistance, Information Assistance, Roadside Assistance, Stolen Vehicle Assistance, Alarm Notification, and Mileage Tracker are all part of the Safeguard services bundle in MITSUBISHI CONNECT.

Remote door lock/unlock, remote horn, remote lights, car finder, vehicle settings, and parental controls are all included in the bundle of remote services (Geo Fence, Speed Alert and Curfew Alert).

Both Apple and Android devices support the My MITSUBISHI CONNECT app. Users can use MITSUBISHI CONNECT Safeguard and Remote services from their mobile device whenever it’s convenient for them after downloading and registering. Additionally, MITSUBISHI CONNECT can be associated with Google Assistant on compatible Android phones, iPhones, and Google HomeTM devices as well as Amazon Alexa-enabled gadgets.

Don Swearingen, executive vice president and chief operating officer, MMNA, said, “In an increasingly connected world, we needed to make a transition to ensure Mitsubishi vehicles continue to deliver what our consumers want and need.” We are transitioning in that direction, and MITSUBISHI CONNECT will deliver linked services by utilizing the information network to offer a completely tailored and enhanced driving experience.

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation offers connected services under the umbrella brand MITSUBISHI CONNECT.

Exists an app for the Mitsubishi Outlander?

What this app does From your Android phone, MITSUBISHI Remote Control enables you to personalize your Outlander PHEV experience. You can see every car setting on the MITSUBISHI Remote Control’s user-friendly dashboard.

Does Mitsubishi offer a starting app for their vehicles?

Mitsubishi Connect is a cutting-edge platform of services that offers car owners a convenient, secure, and safe driving environment. Users can sign up and access the Mitsubishi Connect services through the My Mitsubishi Connect Mobile Application. You can use this to schedule dealer services, find a car, request remote commands for your car’s lights, horn, and door locks, as well as parental controls. Users can also control their account settings and notifications via the mobile app, as well as get in touch with customer service with questions about the Mitsubishi Connect Safeguard and Remote Service Packages.

Relevant Model:

  • ECLIPSE CROSS 20182023 (with SE; SE Sunroof; SE Special Edition; SE Special Edition Sunroof; SEL; SEL Special Edition; SEL Touring; SEL Special Edition Touring)
  • OUTLANDER 2022 (with ES Convenience; SE; Black Edition; SE Tech; SEL; SEL Special Edition; SEL Touring)

* Please take note that using Mitsubishi Connect functions in the app requires an active subscription and a car with a Mitsubishi Telematics Control Unit.

What does the Mitsubishi app cost?


Mitsubishi Motors North America, Inc. is introducing its brand-new MITSUBISHI CONNECT connected car services package together with the debut of the all-new Eclipse Cross. Owners of vehicles benefit from a safe, secure, and convenient driving experience thanks to this cutting-edge platform of services.

Select Eclipse Cross trims will have access to MITSUBISHI CONNECT, which is a straightforward subscription-based service. A factory-installed, embedded Telematics Control Unit with 4G LTE and GPS capabilities within the vehicle makes these services available.

Services Access:

Using the My MITSUBISHI CONNECT app on certain Apple and Android smartphones, customers can easily register and link their vehicles to activate MITSUBISHI CONNECT services.

The vehicle may reach a call center via two in-car buttons.

The SOS Emergency Assistance button is one, while the Information/Roadside Assistance button is the other.

MITSUBISHI CONNECT is compatible with Google Assistant on some Android phones, iPhones, and Google HomeTM devices as well as Amazon Alexa-enabled gadgets.

Trial Service Package for Two Years:

A two-year trial of MITSUBISHI CONNECT is offered, which covers both the Safeguard and Remote Service packages. By purchasing a subscription package through the Owner’s Portal, the My MITSUBISHI CONNECT app, or by phoning MITSUBISHI CONNECT Customer Care, customers can continue these services after the trial time. Mitsubishi linked car subscription services will be offered starting at $99 per year beyond the initial two-year trial term (only available in the United States).


  • Remote Lock and Unlock for Doors
  • Setting Remote Vehicles
  • Curfew Alert, Geo-Fence, and Speed Alert are among the parental controls.

Can the Mitsubishi Outlander be started remotely?

Generally speaking, you can remote start your Mitsubishi using either the key fob or the Mitsubishi Connect app.

What is a remote control app for a Mitsubishi?

What this app does By using Bluetooth, MITSUBISHI Remote Control makes it simple to control a number of PAJERO SPORT and MONTERO SPORT functions. It is necessary to have PAJERO SPORT or MONTERO SPORT to use this app. This app only works with MITSUBISHI remote controls.

How does the Mitsubishi app function?

a factory-installed embedded telematics control unit that utilizes a cellular network, has a 4G LTE cellular modem, and has GPS functionality.

two call center-connected buttons inside the car. One is the SOS Emergency Assistance button, which should be pressed in case of a crisis. The second button is for information assistance or roadside assistance, which should be used in the event of a breakdown or when account services are needed.

On an Apple or Android smartphone that is suitable, users can download the My Mitsubishi Connect mobile application from the app store.

The Global Positioning System (“GPS”) satellite network and wireless communication networks are used to operate the Services. Mitsubishi Connect Services may not function in isolated or confined spaces and are dependent on cellular and GPS network availability. The area you are driving in may have an impact on the services we can offer you, including but not limited to routing and GPS services like our capacity to pinpoint the specific location of your vehicle.

Has the Mitsubishi Outlander Wi-Fi?

This week, the revised 2022 Outlander from Japanese carmaker Mitsubishi was unveiled. This is the company’s first car featuring wireless CarPlay.

Without using a Lightning cable, Wireless CarPlay connects an iPhone to the infotainment system via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. This wireless link is useful and will soon be more crucial since, according to prominent analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple will release at least one high-end iPhone without a Lightning connector this year, making the gadget totally portless.

The 9-inch touchscreen on the fourth-generation Outlander gives users access to wireless CarPlay and Android Auto. Along with the usual USB-A and USB-C charging connectors, wireless smartphone charging is also an option.

A 10.8-inch heads-up display on the windshield, a 10-speaker Bose audio system, a panoramic sunroof, and other options are available for the 2022 Outlander depending on the model level. Three rows of seating are included as standard equipment and the car has a 2.5L four-cylinder engine.

According to Mitsubishi, the 2022 Outlander will go on sale at dealerships in North America in April 2021, with prices starting at $25,795.

With various automakers, including Hyundai, Honda, Ford, GM, Chrysler, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz, rolling out the functionality in specific regions, wireless CarPlay is finally starting to gain more traction. Aftermarket wireless CarPlay receivers are also available from auto audio manufacturers like Alpine and Pioneer for do-it-yourself installation.