How To Reset Service Light Mitsubishi Outlander

  • Turn off your car.
  • The wrench icon will not appear on the Dashboard until you repeatedly press your info button. On the dashboard’s left side, close to the left air conditioning vent, is where you’ll find the info button. A double square icon with three horizontal bars or the word info can be used to symbolize an info icon.
  • Hold down the info button while waiting for the dashboard’s wrench icon to start blinking.
  • One more time, press the info button, and then quickly let go.
  • Start the engine to see if the reminder has been removed; if the “Routine Maintenance Required” message has vanished, you are finished.

Like any other vehicle, a Mitsubishi Outlander needs routine oil changes to keep the engine from prematurely wearing out.

Every six months or 7,500 miles, the engine oil and oil filter should be changed.

You must reset the Oil Service Interval counter by doing the following after changing the oil and oil filter.

I need to reset my Mitsubishi service.

Service reset ROUTINE MAINTENANCE REQUIRED notification on Mitsubishi Lancer X (also evolution. With a simple button press, you can delete this service interval reminder yourself.

  • Ensure that all of the doors are closed when seated in the driver’s seat.
  • Put the ignition key in the OFF position.
  • To activate the display inside the instrument cluster, press the INFO button. Look for the service-related notice with a spanner icon.
  • Hold down the INFO button while waiting for the spanner icon to flash.
  • Hit the INFO key. You must observe “VERY CLEAR notice on the screen.
  • To confirm the reset of the service reminder, press the INFO button once more. The distance and time to the next service should now be updated.
  • To ensure that the ignition is on, “The notification “ROUTINE MAINTENANCE REQUIRED” has vanished.