Where Is The Wheel Lock Key In Lexus

Knowing where the wheel lock is on your Lexus vehicle is important for maintaining the safety and integrity of your vehicle. The wheel lock makes it more difficult for someone to steal your car’s tires.

Where is the key for the wheel lock?

The spare tire can occasionally be discovered alongside the spare key, which is a set of keys, in the glove box. The dealer or manufacturer can create a replacement key if the original is lost or damaged in some other way. Whenever your wheels are taken off, it’s a good idea to always make sure you get your wheel lock key back.

What should you do if you lose the key to the wheel lock?

You’ve searched all over but can’t locate your locking wheel nut key. If it’s indeed gone, you have the following choices.

Option 1. Purchase a new key

Even if it occasionally costs more, this is the choice that is easiest to choose. However, you’ll need to purchase a new locking wheel nut key if you want to use the original locking wheel nut set.

Each key has a code that allows you to order an extra from the car’s maker. The only location to find this code is on the plastic storage bag or locking wheel nut storage box, which is a problem if both are missing.

Option 2. Locking wheel nut removal & replacement

Many clients who have misplaced their locking wheel nut keys request that our technicians remove them and replace them with a universal locking wheel nut set. These sets are made to fit a variety of automobiles so you won’t have to buy from the car maker, but they will still secure your alloy wheels. This choice frequently costs less than buying a new key.

Removing locking wheel nuts without a key

Without the proper key, our experts utilize a specialized tool to release the locking wheel nuts. On the majority of automobiles, this technique works well, although it is subject to variables like wheel design and whether the wheel nuts were overtightened before removal. However, our specialists can usually safely remove the wheel nuts.

How much does a new wheel lock key cost?

Having trouble locating your wheel lock key? You might have to ask the manufacturer or dealer to make you a new one. You will need the code associated with your specific key to complete this. Typically, a set will cost you anything from $20 to $120.

The owner’s manual typically contains the key code for wheel locking that came with the car. Alternatively, you might be able to take your automobile to the dealer and have the locks removed using a master key set.

The key code should be located in the box or bag your set arrived in if you bought your wheel locks separately. Your wheel lock’s brand, make, or model will probably be able to be found online, where you can also obtain a replacement key. Otherwise, you might need to have a reliable repair remove your wheel lock. Just make sure to give them a call in advance to see if they can assist you!

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How is a wheel lock key used?

Key for wheel lock

A word of caution: Never use power tools to unlock your car’s wheels. The wheel lock and wheel lock key may be damaged or stripped by the power tools’ excessive force, rendering them ineffective.

Step 1: Verify that your car is in park. Use the parking brake to increase safety.

Align the key with the nut in step two. Set the wheel lock key’s splines in alignment with the wheel lock on the wheel.

To do this, insert the wheel lock key into the lock and carefully turn it until the tabs or pattern match up. The wheel lock key will automatically latch into place.

Step 3: Squeeze the wheel lock key with your lug nut wrench. It has a six-point hexagonal head and ought to be the same size as your car’s wheel nuts.

Step 4: Counterclockwise turn the lug nut wrench. This will loosen the wheel lock, albeit it might take some force to remove it from the wheel.

Step 5: Manually deactivate the wheel lock. You ought to have no trouble disabling the wheel lock manually after loosening it.

Is there a locking wheel nut on my car?

No, even though locking wheel nuts are now standard on the majority of new cars.

Try the following to see if you have locking wheel nuts:

1. Examine the wheel nut.

This is a locking wheel nut if one has a pattern. 2. Look to see whether any of your wheel nuts have a plastic cover (which makes all the wheel nuts look the same); if so, the locking nut is that one. 3. To test whether all five nuts are secure, place a wheel brace or nut spanner on each one, but apply no pressure. There is no locking wheel nut present if the brace can fit on every bolt.

Are all wheel locks keyed the same?

Not so long ago, the majority of inexpensive cars came equipped with crappy plastic hubcaps and black steelie wheels that seemed to crack and come off as you drove over a little incline in the road.

These wheels appear to be reserved for winter use and the lowest-tier base versions, which are thankfully less prevalent than they once were.

Alloy wheels, or more often known as “rims,” do their bit in making an ugly automobile look like something you don’t have to be ashamed of, even if they generally do reduce weight and don’t turn that dreadful shade of rust.

It is one of the most popular methods for improving the look of a three-year-old Civic or Corolla without spending a fortune. Savings do go out the window if you want those forged lightweight BBS rims, but those are overkill unless you track or autocross every weekend, in which case rims are the last thing you need.

Whether your automobile has factory or aftermarket alloy wheels, the majority of them (at least the more costly ones) will be offered with locking wheel bolts or nuts. In essence, one of the four or five bolts on the wheel will have a special design on it, making it impossible for a regular socket to fit. A matching key that fits into the aforementioned standard socket and enables the owner to release the locking bolt is included with these bolts.

These wheel locks have been on my previous three automobiles, and I despise them to the core.

They are a major hassle! more trouble than they are worth. Particularly if, like me, you reside in Canada and must switch between winter and summer wheels twice a year, every year.

Is it possible to unlock wheel locks without a key?

A wheel lock employs a part-specific key to unlock it, much like a standard wheel nut would, to secure the wheel to your car. Wheel lock key loss is a typical occurrence. It is possible to manually remove the wheel lock key.

Make sure your car is on a level surface and that all of the wheels are level before you start. Make sure your parking brake (emergency brake) is engaged as well.

Do locking wheel nuts come off with the AA?

What is covered: the price of the installed tires and the labor necessary to install them, as stated on the AA Service & Repair Quote. The Fee(s) will also cover balancing any replacement tires and disposing of any extra tires, unless you specifically request to keep them after removal.

Wheel alignment is not included. Except when specifically requested and included in the AA Service & Repair Quote, wheel alignment is not included.

Please take note if the AA Service & Repair Technician finds the following upon attendance:

  • If the information you supplied on the tyre(s) needed for the vehicle is inaccurate,
  • Since you are unable to supply the proper locking wheel nut key for removing your wheels,

We are free to charge you a $40 attendance fee and are not required to perform AA Service & Repair (including VAT).

Removal of wheels without the proper locking wheel nut: You should be aware that there is a danger of damage to the locking wheel nut and/or the wheel if you request that we attempt to remove the wheel without the proper locking wheel nut key. This damage is at your responsibility and we, our agents, or our subcontractors shall not be liable for it if we agree to undertake a wheel removal at your request without the proper locking nut key. This does not absolve us of responsibility for harm that goes above and beyond what is reasonably proportionate to the endeavor to remove the relevant wheel (for example damage to other areas of the vehicle).

Can a mechanic replace a tire without a locking wheel nut?

If you want to get your tires changed, you will need to give the National Tyres and Autocare branch employees a locking wheel nut key. Only if your wheels have locking wheel nuts is this important. Your tires cannot be changed if you do not have the locking wheel nut key.

What shape does a key for a locking wheel nut have?

A metal tool with a hexagonal end and a cylindrical end is called a locking wheel nut key (on the right of the image). Remember that every key is different; you can’t just use a Vauxhall wheel nut key on your BMW! They are frequently kept in a plastic box because they are relatively little. It’s important to check to see if your vehicle came with a set when you bought it.

Can the dealership provide a key for my wheel lock?

A key can be ordered separately from a lock from some vendors, but it will take some time to get there. Wheel locks are typically only sold by sets at dealerships. With the key, set the wheel lock. For a set, the cost varies from $20 to $120.