How To Adjust Lexus Clock

We have to remember to change the time on all of the clocks we own when the clocks go ahead to British Summer Time on the last Sunday in March and back to Greenwich Mean Time on the last Sunday in October.

Here’s how to change the clock in all models that fall under the current range to try and make your life a little bit easier. The clocks can generally be divided into two groups: those that have physical adjustment buttons and those that use the Remote Touch Interface in the car.

Adjusting the time using physical buttons

There are physical buttons next to the clock display that can be used to change the clock on CT and IS models without satellite navigation.

Three buttons are situated next to the digital clock in the CT. Hours and minutes are represented by the two on the left, “H” and “M,” and pressing the corresponding button will move the corresponding digit. When the ‘:00’ button on the right is hit, the clock will be rounded to the nearest hour.

The IS has an analog clock with two tiny buttons on either side of it. If you want to advance the hands clockwise until the desired time is achieved, press the button on the right. If you want to move the hands counter-clockwise to advance the time, use the button on the left.

Adjusting the time using the Remote Touch Interface

The majority of brand-new Lexus cars don’t have physical buttons to change the clock. Instead, it is automatically adjusted to match the GPS of the navigation. Nevertheless, utilizing the car’s Remote Touch Interface, you may still change the settings or manually change the time.

Press the “MENU” button on the Remote Touch, choose “General settings,” and then “Clock.” Your time zone, whether or not you want daylight saving time to be in effect, and whether or not you want the clock to automatically adapt are the three options that you can set here.

What if I own an older Lexus?

While the procedures outlined above should work for most Lexus vehicles, if you need specific instructions for your model, it’s easy to get the owner’s manual via the My Lexus customer page. If you haven’t already created a My Lexus account, do so now, log in, and visit the e-Manuals section to start downloading the appropriate manual for your vehicle right now.

On my Lexus RX 350, how can I adjust the clock?

  • Using the + and – buttons, adjust the hours and minutes.
  • Push the Save button to confirm the time change.
  • To disable the automatic adjustment option, select Off after selecting Auto Adjust Clock.

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How does a Lexus IS 300 change the time?

These detailed instructions will show you how to reset the clock in your Lexus vehicle. There should be no confusion because this procedure applies to all Lexus vehicles. The setup process begins by selecting the “setup” button on your navigation. After that, you should select “clock” under “general.” Following that, you ought to be able to switch on the “daylight savings icon/text” that appears. Last but not least, disabling the “auto adjust by GPS feature” would let you set the time manually.

Is there a digital clock in a Lexus?

There may be a digital and an analog clock in your Lexus. Either a twelve- or a twenty-four-hour format can be shown on the clock in the instrument cluster. Select Settings on the Multi-Information display to change this feature.