Why Is The Kia Stinger So Expensive

The Kia Stinger is a perfect example of what makes a fantastic car. What more could you want for than a rear-wheel-drive, 365-horsepower performance four-door that costs less than $40,000 and has a manual gearbox? The Stinger checked a lot of boxes, but aficionados didn’t swarm to Kia dealerships to buy one as the automaker anticipated, and now the brand’s flagship vehicle may be headed for the scrap heap.

The Stinger may be going out of business, according to Korean Car Blog, which cites industry speculations about the car’s possible post-facelift future. If the Stinger’s already-weak sales continue to decline, Kia might be thinking about discontinuing the model, the outlet’s reporting indicates.

The global COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly decreased auto sales, but given the Stinger’s historically low volume production and the necessity for automakers to concentrate on more profitable models, its demiseif necessaryseems like an unforgivably rational sacrifice for Kia to undertake.

Only 13,861 Stingers were sold in 2019, after all. Sales have fallen even further through the first quarter of 2020, and there were about 3,000 fewer than the previous year.

Only the Cadenza and K900 have outsold the Stinger since its introduction in 2017 in terms of sales volume. This trend has continued throughout 2018 and 2019. The Stinger is not a poor automobile, simply an inappropriate vehicle, as seen by its low adoption rate.

Comparing the Stinger to the Audi S5, BMW 3 Series, or Lexus GS feels unfair. It feels almost as incorrect to refer to what appears to be a performance sedan as a hatchback, even when a fastback has been skillfully tucked away within the sedan’s body lines. But in the end, the Stinger’s competitors are mainly high-end models, such as those made by Genesis, a sister company of Kia. However, unlike the aforementioned brands, some customers find it challenging to associate the Kia nameplate with a luxury product.

Kia made the decision to house the sportier sibling in order to set the Stinger apart from the G70. Genesis received the tuxedo, and Kia dressed its golden kid in a sports jacket in its place. Its improved brakes, suspension, and sportier package made it a choice for enthusiasts rather than just another luxury sedan, but the $52,500 sticker price was difficult to swallow given that the top-trim Stinger is actually more expensive to purchase than a G70 with a comparable configuration.

According to rumors, Kia is still working on giving the Stinger a mid-cycle facelift, so we could soon see the model with an improved jawline and more form-fitting bottoms. According to Korean Car Blog, the automaker has sculpted a new front end, reworked the taillights, and may have given the 3.3-liter twin-turbo V6 some fresh life.

Even though a second-generation Stinger is hardly defined by a few bells and whistles, the platform’s future now appears to be in the hands of new vehicle purchasers. Sales must match the hype if consumers want to see the Stinger continue and stand out from the sea of beige crossovers. If not, the Stinger might soon be a thing of the past.

Is the Kia Stinger a good investment?

How Good Is the Kia Stinger? The Kia Stinger is an excellent vehicle, yes. It dazzles with two top-notch engine choices: There is a twin-turbocharged V6 engine that is even more potent than the normal power plant, which has 300 horsepower, which is more than practically every other base engine in the premium small vehicle class.

Kia Stingers cost a lot of money.

In order to start with a bargain, let’s talk about the cost. The price of the 2022 Kia Stinger GT in full-fat is $37,125. For $36,090, you can have the GT-Line, which is akin to the Audi S Line. Since the price difference is so small, you should really get the full-on GT. Simply said, it is a better car than the GT-Line and has better parts on it.

You get a lot of car for $37,125. However, keep in mind that your GT will likely wind up costing roughly about $50,000 with extras, just like Car and Driver’s did. 365 horsepower and 376 lb-ft are a lot of power even at that pricing point. This is BMW M340i territory, and at this point, it is the king of sports sedans. The Stinger is worthwhile just based on power per price.

Has the Kia Stinger got any issues?

Many Kia Stinger owners have experienced electrical system problems in the past.

These were brought on by damage to the front wire harness, which might have resulted in short-circuiting and fires.

You may check to see if the vehicle you drive or are considering purchasing is included in the recall, which took place in late 2018. If it happens, the recall entitles you to a free replacement wiring harness.

Kia Stingers: How are sales going?

The Kia Stinger hasn’t been a high-volume vehicle since its debut. The Stinger had its finest year in 2018, selling 16,806 copies. Kia sold 75,129 Telluride SUVs in 2020 as a point of comparison. Kia sold 11,651 Stingers until the third quarter of 2021.

Can a Mustang outrun a Kia Stinger in speed?

In terms of raw acceleration, the 2018 Kia Stinger GT and Ford Mustang GT are almost comparable. In testing by Car & Driver, the 365 horsepower twin-turbocharged Kia Stinger GT reached 60 mph in 4.4 seconds and finished the quarter-mile in 12.9 seconds.

Do Kia Stinger models end?

According to sources from Korea, the Hyundai Sonata will not last until 2028 despite an almost 30-year lifespan. This information circulates along with reports that Kia may stop producing the rear-wheel-drive Stinger and the related K5 midsize sedan as a result of the latter’s underwhelming sales in the United States. Speaking for Kia and Hyundai in the United States, spokespersons said little about all three automobiles when questioned.

With Hyundai Motor Groupthe parent company of Hyundai, Genesis, and Kiapivoting toward an all-electric future, all of this doom and gloom surrounding sedans is at least partially explicable. The Hyundai Sonata assembly line in Asan, Korea, as well as the Grandeur sedan that was marketed as the Azera in the United States, were shut down and retooled in January to produce electric vehicles like the impending Ioniq 6 EV. The claim from Chosun Ilboa, a leading daily and media organization in Korea, is believable given that the Sonata factory in Montgomery, Alabama will also undergo improvements for EV production domestically. The Sonata “remains and will continue to remain a significant part of Hyundai’s product mix,” a spokeswoman for Hyundai told Automotive News.

Kia appears to be considering discontinuing the Stinger and the K5 in addition to the Sonata. Upon being questioned by Automotive News, Jesse Toprak of Autonomy responded, “I will be amazed if the K5 doesn’t suffer the same destiny as the Sonata.” The Sonata and the K5, which was formerly known as the Optima, both have the same car architecture. The EV6 GT-Line, the electric vehicle’s high performance variant, will essentially replace the Stinger when production of it ceases after this quarter. It should be noted that sales of the Stinger increased by 10% from April 2022 to April 2022. The K5 and Stinger continue to be crucial parts of Kia’s award-winning array of automobiles, according to a spokeswoman when we contacted the company about them. This is similar to what Hyundai said when we contacted them.

By 2030, the Hyundai Motor Group hopes to sell 3 million electric vehicles, which would inevitably lead to the demise of some automobiles. Midsize car sales have plummeted to less than 1 million units annually across the industry, making them prime candidates for retirement and replacement by electric vehicles. The Hyundai and Kia models would join the Ford Fusion, Mazda 6, Volkswagen Passat, Buick Regal, and other midsize sedans in the big midsize sedan pasture in the sky if they were actually doomed.

Which Kia is the most expensive?

For many years, Kia has been an accessible, entry-level car for the frugal. But during the past ten years, the quality has improved dramatically. The Kia Telluride is currently the priciest Kia. However, it is far less expensive than many of the other cars in its class, with a starting price of just $33,090.

It doesn’t, however, skimp on the goodies. Along with its seductive appearance and potent performance, the Kia Telluride includes a ton of luxurious features.

  • The option of all-wheel drive
  • V6 with 291 horsepower
  • Up to 5,000 pounds of maximum towing capacity
  • Complete automation of the climate
  • Touch screen of 10.3 inches
  • 20-inch rims with black paint
  • Superb stereo system from Harman Kardon
  • Leather interior in napa
  • Eight persons can fit

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What other car is comparable to the Kia Stinger?

The 2018 Mazda Mazda6 is a four-door, five-passenger sedan, just as the Stinger. The $21,950 standard Mazda6 has a 2.5-liter engine producing 187 horsepower, front-wheel drive, and a manual transmission. The Mazda6 now has a turbocharged 2.5-liter option for 2018, increasing its power to 250 hp with front-wheel drive and an automated transmission.

The Grand Touring Trim of the Mazda6 with the turbo engine costs $30,095; if you’d like additional opulence, you may then upgrade to Grand Touring Reserve or Signature Trim. Front and rear seats can be heated and ventilated on the Grand Touring Reserve and Signature trim levels. In the higher models, you can also take use of a heated steering wheel.

Price: $31,900$51,400

The first model in the new lineup and the quickest Kia currently in production is the 2018 Stinger GT. With a top speed of 167 mph, the vehicle speeds from 0 to 60 mph in 4.9 seconds. There are two different engine options for the Stinger GT.

The first choice is a Twin-turbocharged 3.3-liter V6 engine with an automated eight-speed transmission that produces 365 horsepower and 376 pound feet of torque. The second option is a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder with the same transmission as the 365 horsepower version, producing 255 horsepower and 260 pound-feet of torque.


The all-new Kia Stinger GT has a head-up display, a multi-information display between the gauges, a Harman/Kardon premium edition audio system, leather upholstery, an in-house UVO infotainment system, and all of these features are standard.


A mid-sized sports car with four doors, a big hatch, and a fastback roofline is called the Stinger.

The midsize sports four-door 2018 Kia Stinger has a fastback roofline and a big hatch. All-wheel drive is an option; rear-wheel drive is the default. The bodywork of the Stinger GT was modeled after the GT Concept car from Kia, which made its debut in 2011 at the Frankfurt Auto Show.

New design features

With no antecedents, the 2018 Kia Stinger GT is the top model of its generation. It was created by engineers with a number of firsts. It is both the first sports sedan for Kia and the first Kia to have an adaptive suspension system.

All-wheel-drive versions of the rear-drive models have torque vectoring control in addition to the conventional mechanical limited slip differential. Rear cross-traffic alert, adaptive cruise control, driver attention assistance, front collision warning, and lane-keeping assistance are all safety features. According to J.D. Power, this car ranks first among the best luxury small cars.

Repair costs for Kia Stingers?

During the first ten years of ownership, a KIA Stinger will require roughly $6,281 in maintenance and repairs.

This is $815 less expensive than the industry average for popular sedan models. Additionally, there is a 17.53 percent likelihood that a Stinger will need a significant repair within that time. Compared to comparable automobiles in its sector, this is 3.97 percent better. The following graph shows how these expenses and the likelihood of repairs will rise over time.

Kia Stingers’ lifespan is how long?

The Kia Stinger has an estimated 200,000-mile lifespan. But in order to completely maximize the car’s potential longevity, you must give prompt maintenance the highest priority.

We know the Stinger performs exceptionally well. With 365 horsepower available if you choose the twin-turbo engined model, the urge to practice your racetrack driving talents grows. However, you would be wise to avoid doing too many drag races and stunts with your Stinger as these can shorten its lifespan.

The Kia Stinger 2.0: Is it pricey?

Similar to the Telluride, the Stinger 2.0T is pleasant and smooth to drive. Think of it as a grand tourer that is perhaps not that great. The suspension is comfortable by sports car standards, the handling is light, nimble, and balanced, and the engine has some life. The Stinger is a great, refined companion if you’re merely strolling around town or taking a Sunday cruise. However, the 2.0T lacks that little bit of extra vigor when operating outside of that range.

The Stinger 2.0T might be ideal if all you want is a sporty-looking vehicle. It is svelte, muscular, striking, and not overly toned-down compared to the more aggressive form. It looks something like a sports car, a muscle car, a hatchback, and a sedan were combined. The Stinger, though, avoids sounding overly derivative; it skirts the line where owning one would make you appear desperate for attention but never crosses it.

Watch Out For

Speaking of boomer-like comments, the Stinger is difficult to climb into because of how low it is to the earth. Even for this 35-year-old yogi, entry and leave were not enjoyable. If you park on the street and have to enter from a curb, the problem is made worse.

And while some may say I’m repeating myself when I talk about sloping rooflines and blocked back windows, the Stinger’s window is particularly offensive. It is pointing up. Although my brother, who drives a Stinger GT on a regular basis, assured me that you grow used to it, I didn’t feel secure negotiating dense traffic at night in the rain with all the headlight glare.

Other Options

There are numerous options because the Stinger touches on so many different areas. Many have already been mentioned. Desire a sedan? The Subaru WRX costs $27,495 at launch. You want a hatchback. With a little less power, the Volkswagen GTI costs $27,595. You desire a muscle automobile. The EcoBoost Mustang costs $26,670 at launch. The Honda Accord is another vehicle that comes close to the figure; for $31,060, you can have a 252-hp 2.0T Sport with a six-speed manual transmission.


The GT is unquestionably the superior option within the Kia lineup. Although the $6,310 difference is significant, you receive a far better bargain. Instead of the $3,000 Sun and Sound package and $495 paint that came with my test vehicle, spend your money on the bigger engine.

Comparatively speaking, you can find alternative well-equipped, sporty-looking cars in this price range that have a better track record and are more enjoyable to drive. I find it challenging to provide an argument for not looking elsewhere.