What Does Kia Uvo Do

UVO, which stands for “your voice,” was created using the Windows Embedded Automotive software from Microsoft. UVO’s key functionality is the hands-free voice commands that let drivers use their cellphones to make calls, play music, navigate, and more. UVO eServices, a subscription-free service that requires a smartphone connection to the vehicle through a USB cable, is available on some older Kia models. UVO Link is an embedded system that includes all of the capabilities of UVO eServices and is available in 2019 and newer Kia vehicles.

There are three different types of UVO systems in 2019 or newer models:

  • UVO Play: You may access radio presets and more by using the touchscreen. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility are included as standard with UVO Play.
  • UVO Link: In addition to the functions of UVO Play, UVO Link also offers remote starting, maintenance notifications, and vehicle diagnostics. You can use your smartphone to access these extra services.
  • UVO Link with Navigation: As the name implies, this version includes all the functions of the UVO Link in addition to built-in navigation, allowing you to use your data without a smartphone.

Your unique preferences and the features you value will determine the best UVO for you.

What advantages does the Kia UVO offer?

Advantages of the Kia UVO App

  • Parking Watch. How often have you parked in a busy lot and then forgotten where your car is?
  • MyPOIs. One of the most downloaded Kia UVO app features is My Points of Interest.
  • Automotive diagnostics.
  • Highway Assistance.
  • Journey Analytics.
  • My Auto Zone

What is UVO’s monthly cost?

Kia UVO Intelligence: What is it? The answer is straightforward: UVO Intelligence is a group of infotainment systems from Kia that includes remote starting, car diagnostics, and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The UVO system comes in four different packages from Kia: UVO Lite, UVO Care, UVO Plus, and UVO Ultimate. With the purchase of a new, qualified Kia vehicle, UVO Lite is provided without charge for 5 years. UVO Care costs $9.99 per month or $99 per year, followed by UVO Plus at $22.50 per month or $225 per year, and UVO Ultimate at $29.79 per month or $297 per year. If options like Roadside Assistance, Find My Car, and Remote Climate Control interest you, Care, Plus, and Ultimate all have many more features than the Lite plan.

In a Kia automobile, what is UVO?

The in-vehicle communications and entertainment system, or UVO, is a feature of all recent Kia automobiles. It is manufactured in South Korea. The multimedia technology, also known as “Your Voice,” made its international debut at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show.

The original version of UVO offered hands-free voice operation for audio commands and phone communications and was co-developed with Microsoft. It was based on the Windows Embedded Automotive platform. Later that year, at the Los Angeles auto show, it made its public premiere in the POP, an ultra-compact, all-electric concept automobile designed with urban living in mind. The POP was nothing more than a whimsical take on urban life, but UVO was included into a few 2011 Kia models, including the Optima, Sorento, and Sportage.

The Google-based operating system of the second-generation UVO allowed for the seamless integration of Google Maps and Google Places. Another important improvement to UVO was its voice-activated telematics system, known as eServices, which debuted with the 2014 Kia Sorento and featured a variety of amenities like infotainment, navigation, car location services, maintenance, and emergency help functions.