Is The Kia Flat Spin 360 Real

“We realized as soon as we started working with Darrin Prescott, our director, that we had someone with a depth of experience in automobile stunts unmatched by anyone else. And we started working with him right away to identify a prank for K5 that had never been pulled off before, according to Mark Koelfgen, executive creative director and copywriter at David&Goliath. “Many stunt drivers have speculated that it could be possible to perform the “Flat Spin.” However, none of them had actually succeeded. We decided that was the stunt we wanted to pull as soon as we heard that. It was just so evocative of Give It Everything, and it also put up K5 as a stark contrast to the snoozer that was the sedan market.

Flat Spin Stunt also features:30 and:15 cut downs, which will be used on broadcast and digital channels.

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Is the Kia advertisement genuine?

Subaru, you’re not the only automaker with endearing canine advertisements. Robo Dog, the star of Kia’s Super Bowl commercial, is man’s new best buddy. Warning: This section contains spoilers for the Subaru ad that featured Robo Dog. They Lived.

We regret that Kia substituted another animal for the infamous Kia Soul rapping hamsters (can you believe some of those commercials are more than ten years old?). The Kia EV6, a brand-new, totally electric SUV that ushers in a new age of BEV-specific cars for Kia, is represented by the new star, an electronic puppy named Robo Dog. We were convinced after watching the commercial that the hamsters wouldn’t work this time. Additionally, the Soul EV’s hamsters may serve as a reminder of the upcoming Kia EV.

The song playing in the commercial, “Total Eclipse of the Heart” by Bonnie Tyler, is the first hint that something great is about to happen. A $299 price tag is next to Robo Dog as he sits in the display window of an electronics shop. He pouts as he glumly observes from the front row as a happy man receives a massive hug from the actual Subaru dog (we joke, a different Retriever).

When Robo Dog spots the owner of a Kia EV6 uplug, he quickly perks up. He flees from the electronics store through the front door while pursuing the EV6 as it leaves. Robo Dog pursues the Kia, whose driver seems unaware of the pup, dodging crates and risking everything to stay up with the EV6.

Robo Dog arrives on a rooftop after using an elevator. He makes one last lunge towards the structure, aiming to land in the open sunroof of the EV6. He runs out of battery mid-flight, and everything goes dark. The Kia owner probably discovers Robo Dog intact rather than smashing into a thousand bits and splatting on the sidewalk. (Plot hole, but it’s all right.) Using the vehicle-to-load (V2L) onboard charger from a Kia, he brings the cute robotic puppy back to life. Robo Dog looks up at the happy Kia EV6 owner, revitalized.

The final image of the commercial features Robo Dog happily putting his head out the passenger window and the Kia motto, “Live fully charged.” Once Robo Dog is hooked into his permanent residence, everything turns out well. electronics with added passion.

The Kia campaign is on actual human-animal bonding rather than just being a commercial. The “Robo Dogmented Reality,” a mobile online experience created in collaboration with the Petfinder Foundation, virtualizes pet adoption and enables individuals to look for adoptive animals nearby. Kia’s first TikTok integration, a “Turn Around Dance” promotion where users can dance with Robo Dog, further spreads the message.

Honestly, did they jump a Kia K5?

After showing off three K5 sedans conducting a “Triple Threat Trick” a few months ago, Kia has returned with an even more elaborate stunt.

The K5 was able to drive away from the incident despite landing very hard after performing a 360-degree jump between two ramps. This K5 appears to be a typical road vehicle from the exterior, but the interior has been stripped down to include a roll cage and racing seats. It’s also possible that significant chassis and suspension alterations were performed to prevent the Kia from being completely destroyed during the stunt.

Is the Kia K5 ad genuine?

What happened to the time? Kia Motors celebrated the K5, a sports car with a new moniker that hasn’t received much attention in recent years, earlier this month. Despite being a classic, the Kia Optima was beginning to lose market share as Kia Motors’ inventory expanded to include hatchbacks and small SUVs. Even the Kia Stinger, which was formerly considered to be the pinnacle of automobiles and is currently receiving a mid-cycle update, was eclipsed by the Telluride, which won the Triple Crown of automotive awards. The Kia Optima was also chosen for a makeover by Kia Motors, and it was so extensive that the South Korean name, the “K5 and the new generation of fashion it introduced. The K5 is finally receiving all the attention it deserves after running advertising during two significant exhibitions.

The Super Bowl may not take place in 2021, let’s face it. Automakers are unable to pay celebrities millions of dollars to drive their vehicles for two minutes if that possibility exists. They should instead look for alternative television programming that viewersat least those of us who still subscribe to cablewatch. With their most recent advertisement for the automobile, the K5, “Lighting Up, as pictured below.

Nothing weird, everything is fine. On September 1, does it really need to be shown in between the commercial breaks of America’s Got Talent by NBCUniversal? The 72nd Emmy Awards were broadcast on Sunday over the weekend, and during this, Kia Motors’ “K5 Live launch” promoted the midsize with a 60-second commercial that featured the K5 pulling off a previously unheard stunt live on television. This was done to distract viewers from the millions of dollars these “actors” receive annually, in addition to a freaking Emmy. Where is my prize?

“The all-new K5 is in the spotlight during one of the most viewed live television events of the year thanks to a partnership with the 72nd Emmy Awards.

This latest campaign underscores the “It Factor” that distinguishes the K5 from other midsize sedans. The K5 debut is unlike anything the midsize sedan category has ever seen.

Kia Motors America’s Russell Wager, director of marketing operations

People who still use cable may be interested in the Kia K5 if it appears on TV during two prominent programs, but anyone with an internet connection will be searching for that “unprecedented stunt We’re not referring to the “Triple Threat stunt, although that was an excellent way to showcase the Kia K5, which is what the press release claims the “Stunt commercial depicts the K5 GT doing.

You got me, then. It was so cool! Not cool enough to watch hours of strangers receiving prizes for pretend play, but cool enough to conduct a fast Google search. Who could have predicted that the car would overturn? Raise your hand; I can assure you that I was anticipating that. Surprisingly, though, the K5 not only flew through the air, but the driver also effortlessly executed a 360-degree spin while the vehicle was in the air.

What is a high-performance sports automobile if that isn’t one? Visit Miami Lakes Automall now to see the Kia K5 and purchase yours. Don’t just try what you observed at home, please.

The Kia commercial’s daredevil driver is who?

Written by Jordan Rodriguez and posted in Miami, Miami Kia Dealer South Miami Kia, a Kia dealer, on Wednesday, October 21st, 2020 at 9:09

Beware of Kia Motors’ current promotion of the new, next-generation Kia Sorento for 2021. The Kia K5, formerly the Kia Optima, will enter a new generation in 2021 and continues to be the subject of attention. The base LX edition of the 2021 Kia K5 has a starting MSRP of $24,455 (plus destination charge), and the Korean carmaker is positioning it as its new sports car. It kind of, well, it kind of stings a little. The Kia Stinger won numerous honors and had a mid-cycle makeover for the 2021 model year. It was the first sports vehicle produced by Kia Motors following the design change. Although it will always have a special place in our hearts, the Kia K5 is now the center of attention. Every few weeks, Kia has the K5 pull off another risky action.

The most recent publicity stunt for the Kia sports car is a component of a multi-faceted, creative marketing effort designed to highlight the Kia K5 wherever feasible. Darrin Prescott, the action unit director for some of Hollywood’s most action-packed movies, including Baby Driver, Ford vs. Ferrari, Drive, John Wick, Black Panther, and The Bourne Ultimatum, directed the Kia K5 during the summer as it conducted theTriple Threat Event on live television. Stunt drivers Jalil Jay and Brionna Lynch, a father-daughter stunt driving team, and professional driver Collete Davis demonstrated the Kia K5 with a simultaneous jump off two ramps and a sick u-turn.

Another stunt was then performed recently in September 2020, when a stunt driver took the Kia K5 off of another ramp and did a complete 360-degree spin. On September 1st, this advertisement, “Turn the Lights On,” which was also released online, was shown during the 72nd Emmy Awards and NBCUniversal’s America’s Got Talent. Kia Motors will now air a:30-second television commercial for the Kia K5 in October 2020 with the title “Stunt Wars.”

To demonstrate the amount of control the Kia K5 offers, professional stunt drivers Brionna Lynch and Sean Graham will each sit behind the wheel of one and drive it through a series of steel beams. Customers will get to see the K5 skillfully navigate and muscle for rank(sorry, had to) as the drivers bring the Kia K5 to a skidding photo finish at the end of the commercial. A sports car needs to give performance as well as control. The commercial also features a voiceover that takes aim at the rivalry, claiming that acceleration and cornering testing show that the Kia K5 GT performs better than the German-built performance veteran BMW 330i (as conducted by AMCI).

“The all-new K5 raises the standard for what consumers should expect from Kia and breathes new vitality into the midsize sedan sector…

In the past, only automobiles with German engineering received praise for their driving characteristics. With the 2021 K5 GT surpassing the 2020 BWM 330i in acceleration and handling, Kia has now raised the bar for performance sedan evaluation, challenging the whole midsize sedan segment. Kia Motors America’s Russell Wager, director of marketing operations

This reminds me a lot of the Kia Stinger era. The Kia Stinger was the race car on a budget and was known to outperform cars like the Jaguar. Could Kia Motors’ upcoming affordable sports vehicle be the Kia K5? To find out, schedule a test drive at Miami Lakes Automall.

In the Kia commercial, who is operating the vehicle?

The 2022 Kia EV6 isn’t yet available to US buyers, but our own Andrei Nedelea just got behind the wheel and says it’s “hard not to like” the vehicle (link above). The new Kia crossover is also now being enjoyed by Tom Moloughney, who will be giving all the details.

Robo Dog: Is it real?

This week, Kia America made the first NFT series, which is based on the robot puppy, official. The automaker launched 10,000 Robo Dog NFTs on Friday, first-come, first-served, in collaboration with NFT platform Sweet and The Petfinder Foundation.

Is Kia creating a canine robot?

  • According to a press release, Kia America is launching its first nonfungible token (NFT), which is based on the mascot Robo Dog from its Super Bowl LVI commercial.
  • 10,000 free Robo Dog Adoption Pass NFTs were made available on a first-come, first-served basis starting on February 11. One of the genuine 10,000 Robo Dog NFTs can be purchased for $20.22 by those with the pass, who will also have early access to the store. Additionally, a number of the character’s original NFTs with beginning bids of $299 will be auctioned off. 90% of the money made will be sent to the Petfinder Foundation.
  • The NFT campaign from Kia is an example of a growing trend among companies attempting to link the virtual world to their goods in order to boost interaction and brand awareness.

Dive Insight:

Automobile company Kia utilized the Super Bowl as a chance to launch its first NFT, with support extending beyond the big game. Brands are looking to make their mark in the cryptocurrency and NFT industry. The campaign takes its cues from Robo Dog, the star of the company’s huge game advertisement. In the commercial, a mechanical dog breaks out from an electronics shop and pursues a guy in an all-electric Kia EV6. The motorist has adopted Robo Dog by the time the commercial is over.

With a number of significant sporting events coming up, Kia is aiming to capitalize on the excitement generated by its Super Bowl commercial and the forthcoming NBA All-Star weekend. The campaign makes use of a variety of marketing possibilities, such as a partnership with a charity that promotes pet adoptions, which increased during the pandemic.

The adoption passes, the auction of the rare artwork, and the selling of the actual NFTs are just a few of the components of Kia’s NFT campaign. The exclusive artwork’s opening bid of $299 corresponds to Robo Dog’s cost in the advertisement. On February 18, the auction will continue until noon. Kia will roll out 10,000 Robo Dog NFTs on that day, which also happens to be the beginning of the NBA All-Star weekend. At 3 p.m. EST, those who have the adoption pass will have early access to the NFTs; the rest will be made available for purchase to the general public at 7 p.m. EST.

The NFTs will be sold on Sweet, and 90% of the proceeds will be donated to the Petfinder Foundation. The smart contract includes a further 10 percent royalty. This implies that the foundation will get another donation each time the NFT is sold again on the secondary market. The Tezos blockchain hosts the NFT series of coins.

Each NFT pre-programmed dog has data on the breed, dimensions, age, length of the coat, gender, and other characteristics. Many of the virtual dogs exhibit characteristics of older and larger dogs in order to make the NFT more appealing or tradeable in the future because older and larger dogs tend to be adopted at a lesser rate.

The latest in a rising number of businesses to tie their identities to NFTs is Kia. For instance, Bud Light Next is launching an NFT that grants buyers access to exclusive benefits. NFTs appear to be the newest strategy for creating buzz in order for firms to stand out from rivals. Especially as interest in the metaverse increases, the technique enables businesses to establish themselves quite early in the digital consumerism market.