Is 2018 Kia Sportage A Good Car

The 2018 Kia Sportage has a smooth ride, a stylish, large interior, and a high expected dependability rating. Despite its small load area and underwhelming performance, this Kia manages to rank in the top third of the compact SUV class.

Why is the 2018 Kia Sportage flawed?

Kia Sportage recalls from 2018 Certain Sportage and Cadenza models from the model years 2017 through 2021 are being recalled by Kia Motors America (Kia). A fire in the engine compartment could result from the electrical circuit in the Hydraulic Electronic Control Unit (HECU) short-circuiting.

What is the lifespan of a 2018 Kia Sportage?

The Kia Sportage has an estimated range of 200,000 to 250,000 kilometers. If your Sportage is well maintained and you drive conservatively, it should last 1317 years based on 15,000 miles driven annually.

Do Kia Sportage issues frequently arise?

The Sportage is a well-made automobile that has had relatively few reported defects in this generation. There have been a few problems with non-engine electrics, mostly with the starting process and the sat-nav system (where installed).

How many miles can you get out of a Kia Sportage?

The Sportage, Kia’s first sport utility vehicle that made its way to American soil in 1995, is currently one of the Korean automaker’s best-selling models. The tiny SUV is generally regarded as being reliable and inexpensive.

What is the lifespan of a Kia Sportage then? Many drivers achieve 150,000, 200,000, or even 250,000 miles or more with little repairs, according to discussions on Kia Forums and owner reviews on Vehicle History. driving 12,000 miles annually, which translates to 12.5 to more than 20 years of service.

One reviewer on Vehicle History claims, “I acquired my Kia as a used car…it has 189,000 miles…runs fine, and is 13 years old.”

very reliable To ensure that it continues to work efficiently, I keep up with routine maintenance.

“[My Sportage] has approximately 200,000 miles on it,” says another reviewer. The wipers and brake pads were both changed. There was nothing serious when the check engine light turned on.

Routine maintenance is a prevalent theme with high-mileage Sportage claims.

Has the Kia Sportage’s transmission have issues?

One excellent SUV is the Kia Sportage. It is well-rated for safety and offers a cozy interior. It has been reported to have a number of widespread issues, though.

These include faults with the engine, transmission, electrical system, suspension, and external quality. Do your homework and be ready for repairs if you’re thinking about purchasing a Kia Sportage.

Regardless of any issues, many drivers clearly enjoy the automobile because of how comfortable it is.

What are the most typical Kia Sportage issues?

  • Idling or stalled engines The engine stalling or becoming idle when the car is in motion or operating is the most frequently reported Kia Sportage problem, to answer the question of what difficulties do Kia Sportages have. It was described to as a Kia Sportage jerking issue by some Sportage owners. This problem was frequently attributed by knowledgeable mechanics to a broken Electronic Gas Injection (EGI) control relay or a broken fuel pump. In spite of this, we frequently advise replacing both affected items simultaneously in order to prevent a recurrence of the problem’s root cause with the unreplaced component.
  • Leaking Fuel Tanks Gas leaks are another issue that frequently affects Kia Sportage vehicles. Due to the widespread usage of salt on roads, this problem is particularly frequent in regions with harsher winters. Owners of Kia Sportage vehicles report that the steel fuel tanks start to rust and leak. Bring your Sportage to your neighborhood Kia dealership if you think it might be leaking gasoline. You might be able to get it fixed at the dealer for little to no money now that Kia has extended their fuel tank warranty for the Sportage.
  • Check Engine Light Trouble The Kia Sportage’s check engine light has reportedly been known to come on at odd times even when there isn’t a genuine problem with the car. Several other recognized causes of this possibility exist. It may occasionally just be a symptom of a minor electrical issue, but it may also be the result of the rubber regulator being damaged. Throttle position switch (TPS) issues can cause the check engine light to come on on Kia Sportages manufactured between 1995 and 2000. Regardless of the condition, make sure to have a qualified mechanic inspect your car to identify the issue.
  • Electronic Stabilization System Another typical issue with the Kia Sportage is the electronic stability control (ESC) light turning on. In the event that one tire fails or becomes stuck, the ESC aids in stabilizing the other three tires. The light, like the majority of check lights, is not meant to be on all the time. The vehicle’s wiring may need to be redone in circumstances where the ESC light continues to illuminate despite the fact that all four tires are in good working order.

Are there any 2018 Kia Sportage recalls?

Certain 2011-2017 Optima, 2012-2017 Sorento, and 2011-2018 Sportage cars are being recalled by Kia Motors America (Kia). These vehicles previously had their engines replaced under recall number 17V-224, warranty, or the Knock Sensor Detection System (KSDS) Product Improvement Campaign.

Reliable used Kia Sportages are they?

Throughout its existence, the majority of Kia Sportage model years have proven dependable. Owner complaints and data from the NHTSA indicate that there aren’t many significant trends in persistent problems. However, if at all possible, it should be avoided using a few model years. They are the ones who have been the subject of numerous complaints from both owners and the NHTSA. Avoid buying one of these cars at all costs because the problems with them are frequent enough to be worthless.

Which Kia Sportage year is the most dependable?

Since its introduction in 1995, the Kia Sportage has been a superb automobile. It’s entertaining to drive since this SUV is a scaled-down version of other sports utility vehicles. You might be wondering if there are certain Kia Sportage years to steer clear of if you’re considering making an investment in this unusual vehicle.

Learn more about the Kia Sportage years to steer clear of by reading on. In order for you to make an informed choice about the car you can invest in for yourself, we will also cover the years that have performed successfully. Make sure you receive the safest and most effective used car you can afford when you buy one.

Kia Sportage Years to Avoid

Along with fantastic models, the Kia Sportage has seen several bad ones over the years. The Kia brand has had to make a slow recovery from 2012, which was the worst of all. When shopping at used cars, there are a few models you should be careful to avoid.

The following significant Kia Sportage years should be avoided:

  • 2012
  • 2013
  • 2001
  • 2009
  • 2008
  • 2000
  • 2011

The most significant problem during these years was engine failure, which made them both unreliable and expensive. Learn more about each of these issues and why they provide such a challenge for this vehicle’s drivers by continuing to read.

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What Makes These Years Worth Avoiding?

2012 was the Kia Sportage’s worst year ever, but all of the years previously mentioned had their issues. It’s crucial to become familiar with each of them so you can decide which is ideal for your future and pick an automobile that is both secure and affordable to maintain.

  • engine issues
  • internal problems
  • Having braking issues

Despite the fact that there were numerous additional, more minor complaints about the aforementioned vehicle models, these were some of the more common ones.

Continue reading to find out more about each of these grievances. Some of these issues are more serious than others, but they all have the potential to cost you money if they arise while you are driving. Knowing this can help you decide which Kia Sportage years to steer clear of.

Engine Problems

Engine problems, especially with the 2012 model, have been the Kia Sportage’s major problem. There have been numerous engine issues with this car’s various variants, which have resulted in numerous consumer complaints. Many Kia models have failed due to engine issues.

Some of the particular engine problems include:

  • engine blowing
  • driving while the engine is dead
  • Engine knocking noise

These are just a handful of the Kia Sportage model’s engine issues that have been reported.

Drivers may experience costly and dangerous engine problems. In order to save money, it is better to stay away from Kia Sportage models that are prone to this problem. Over the years, the models from 2011 through 2013 have had the most customer complaints regarding engine problems.

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Interior Issues

Interior difficulties are another one of the Kia Sportage’s frequent troubles. Customers have expressed dissatisfaction with several interior comfort accoutrements, particularly with some of the pre-2010 versions. Although they won’t affect how the car drives, these could make driving the Kia Sportage uncomfortable.

Some models’ interior problems include:

  • Problems in the air conditioning
  • difficulties with the interior accessories
  • difficulties with seatbelts

None of these are useful to drivers or passengers, and their replacement can be pricey.

If you are spending money on a car, the interior should function properly. Spending money on a Kia Sportage model that is subpar is a waste. You may avoid making this error if you are aware of the Kia Sportage years to stay away from.

Braking Troubles

Braking troubles were also one among the Kia Sportage’s major problems. The 2011 model was particularly affected by this issue. For the safety of the vehicle and its occupants, braking is essential. For this reason alone, it is advised to stay away from these models.

The Kia Sportage’s latest models do a better job of maintaining the paint on the car. To find out which Kia Sportage years are best for you to buy, continue reading. The ones on the following list will provide you with the best value for your money.

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Which Years are Safe to Buy Used?

We can talk about the possibilities that will provide you the most value for your money now that you know which years are the worst for you to invest in. Even with so many subpar models, numerous Kia Sportage years have stuck out from the crowd.

  • 2017
  • 2019
  • 2018
  • 2021
  • 2007

If you’re looking for a fantastic car, consider one of these makes. The shortcomings of the older Kia Sportages have been greatly improved in the later models. Look at the new models of this vehicle for the best performance on the road if you want a car that will give you everything you need and more.


You can make an informed decision about your next model to make sure you invest your money in the best available alternative on the market now that you are aware of which Kia Sportage to stay away from. To get the most value for your money, you can contrast the positive and negative aspects.

Making a purchase this significant requires that you receive an automobile that will meet all of your needs. You don’t want to get a vehicle that will cost you as much to repair as you did to purchase it. There are a lot of excellent Kia Sportage models, but there are also a lot of subpar ones.

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Is maintaining a Kia Sportage expensive?

The overall yearly car maintenance costs for the Kia Sportage are $462. The table that follows provides a detailed ranking of each car in this overall scheme for comparison’s sake. The Kia Sportage is significantly less expensive to maintain when compared to the average vehicle ($651 annually), which has an average cost of $462.