How To Unlock Kia Sportage With Key

Prior to 2014, the Hyundai Sonata and the Kia Forte, Sportage, and Sorento all used Style 1. Press the Start/Stop ignition button while depressing the brake, then insert the Smart Key into the Smart Key holder, which is a slot within the center console. Press the Key and pull to remove it.

Why won’t the key or remote work to open my car?

It can be quite aggravating and even hazardous if your key fob won’t open the door to your car, especially if you have a young child or pet locked inside. Here are a few explanations for why your smart or remote key fob isn’t opening the door, along with solutions.

Any of the following could be the source of your issue if nothing happens when you push the unlock button on your remote control or key fob:

Your remote control or smart key fob’s battery is either dead or too low to maintain a strong signal. Replace the battery by opening the fob.

Your vehicle’s receiver(s) for the keyless entry system may not be receiving the signal from the key fob. When pressing the unlock button, try holding the fob close to the door handle. If it opens the door, there might be an issue with the key fob’s battery, the keyless entry antenna, or the wiring.

The unlock button on the key fob itself can be problematic. Try the panic, trunk release, and lock buttons. If the other buttons function properly, a faulty unlock button is the issue. You’ll require a fresh key fob (which will have to be programmed to your vehicle). The fob may be damaged, the keyless entry antenna, or the wiring may be at fault if none of the other buttons function after you have tried a new battery in the fob.

Your key fob’s entry code is missing. Every time you use the key fob to unlock or start your car, the rolling code that many automobiles employ changes. It can be necessary to have the fob reprogrammed by a car dealer if a communication error has corrupted the coding inside.

The electric door locks might be broken. The power door locks could not be able to unlock due to a problem with the wiring or control circuitry or even a blown fuse. To find the defect, the electrical system will need to be further diagnosed.

Your car’s battery is nearly dead or very low. Before the power doors may unlock, the car battery may need to be changed or given a jump start. Of course, you won’t be able to open the hood until you find another way to enter the car.


You either have a faulty fob or a problem with the keyless entry system or power door locks if nothing happens when you push the unlock button on your remote entry key fob after trying to replace the battery inside.

Try using a spare smart or remote entry key fob to unlock the door if you have one. If it functions, you must get a new key fob to swap out the other one. If the spare breaks, the automobile, not the key fob, is at fault. The automobile may need to be towed in order to be diagnosed and repaired at a service center or car dealership.

Look inside your key fob to see if there is a secret key if getting into your automobile straight away is necessary. A hidden emergency door key is present in the majority of automobiles with a keyless entry system and Smart fob (Start button in place of an ignition switch and conventional key). The key can normally be removed from the fob by pressing a small release catch or button on the back of the device. The door can then be unlocked with the key.

There is typically a “hidden” key slot underneath the handle trim close to the edge of the door if the door handle does not have an evident keyhole to accept the emergency key or a valet key. The handle trim’s bottom may have a tiny slot in it. To remove the trim cover, insert the key into this slot. Some coverings can be removed by sliding them to the right or up. You should be able to see the key slot for the emergency key to unlock the door once the cover has been removed.

The next course of action would be to call the police if your key fob does not contain a concealed key or if you are unable to locate the emergency key slot to unlock the door. They are competent at unlocking doors and breaking into automobiles. To open your door, they’ll use a Slim Jim, a long, thin instrument. To catch and release the lock mechanism, the tool is pushed into the door between the glass and door panel.

The driver’s door glass can be broken out with a rock or other hard object if everything else fails, no cop is present to assist you in getting inside your car, and you have no choice but to get inside by any means necessary (for example, to rescue a tiny child or a trapped pet on a hot day). the door by reaching inside and doing so.

Prevent Thieves from Hacking Your Key Fob to Unlock Your Doors

The ability to ping your key fob for a signal from the code has been developed by car thieves. The device has the same range as your key fob, so it can hack your fob from up to 30 or 40 feet away, whether it’s in your pocket or at home. Your fob replies to your car in code when it detects the bogus signal. The thief captures the signal and uses it to unlock your doors later on. The criminal can steal your automobile if the fob is also used to start the engine.

Wrapping your key fob in aluminum foil while your car is parked is the most effective technique to “foil” would-be auto thieves utilizing this trick. Alternately, keep your keychain inside a closed metal container, such an Altoids can or an old coffee can with a metal lid. To prevent your fob from being hacked, the metal enclosure must completely enclose the fob. This will block all radio signals.

If you lock your keys inside your car, how do you get the door open?

The usage of fancy key fobs, touchpads, and remote-unlock sensors in some more recent vehicles virtually ensures that you won’t get locked out. But what about the millions of poor souls who still manually lock and unlock their vehicles? Will they always be bothered by automobile windows that are shattered and prybars?

It is entirely possible to get your keys out of a locked car with a little patience, experience, and even more patience, and you probably won’t need to go to an auto body shop nearby to have your window fixed afterward. Here are some pointers for entering your locked automobile safely. (Bad people shouldn’t read any farther.)

Can a Kia Sportage have its keys locked inside?

The lock button on your Kia key fob serves a variety of purposes when you’re conducting errands in Boynton Beach, including: To lock all of the doors, simply press this button once.

Why won’t my key open the door of my car?

Lack of lubrication, freezing, worn or dirty lock cylinders and tumblers, or a damaged tailpiece (turn piece) of the lock are the most frequent causes of jammed automobile doors.

What should you do if your car locks you out?

It’s increasingly likely that you’ll lock your keys in your automobile at some point. According to the American Automobile Association, it receives calls from more than 4,000,000 locked-out drivers annually. That is an increase from the 500,000 or so only a few years ago. Keyless ignition and increasingly sophisticated technological anti-theft systems are to blame, according to AAA.

You might be even more prone to lock yourself out now that the hectic holiday shopping season is here. Here are some things you can do to remain composed and summon assistance.

Dial 911

Safety comes first, so if you believe you are in danger, dial 911 right away. The cops can frequently open the car’s door. If they are unable to, they will most likely request a tow truck, which you will be responsible for paying for. You will, however, be secure.

Call for roadside assistance

These annual auto-club dues start to make sense in this situation. Although it might take them some time to come to you, roadside assistance companies like AAA, Allstate, and others can get you inside swiftly. You might still be in luck even if you don’t use such a service. The majority of new cars come with roadside assistance for the duration of the basic warranty. The information should be in your owner’s manual, but of course, it’s locked in the car with the keys. There might be a window sticker with the phone number on it. If it isn’t, you can contact a dealership to learn more. You should save the number in your phone or write it down and put it in your wallet or purse if you want to be ready. What happens if you don’t have a new car or if you’re not a member of an organization like AAA? Ask your auto insurance provider about adding roadside assistance to your coverage. Additionally, trucks providing emergency assistance patrol certain main routes. Be on the lookout for one.

Get a temporary key

In order to get your permanent keys back, a dealer might be able to make you a cheap key that will unlock the doors but not start your car. You’ll probably need to show that you are the car’s owner and provide your vehicle identification number, which is visible through the lower edge of the driver-side window. Undoubtedly, you’ll also require transportation to the showroom.

Keep an extra key handy

Keep a spare key in your wallet, purse, or a secret location on your vehicle. You can purchase a tiny magnetic key holder that can be mounted to the underneath of an automobile. Or give the extra to someone who could come to your aid.

Buy a car with benefits

If the key is in the ignition and a door is open, some automobiles won’t lock with the power-lock button. Additionally, a keypad located on the door of many Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury vehicles allows you to enter a code to unlock the door. Driving a car equipped with a telematics system, such as Mercedes-Mbrace, Benz’s Hyundai’s Blue Link, or GM’s OnStar, entitles you to a toll-free number that will allow you to remotely unlock your car. Additionally, those systems give away free apps that allow smartphone owners to open doors. For details and a list of compatible phones, visit OEM websites.


Things become more challenging if you’ve misplaced the key. You’ll require a locksmith. You should budget up to $200 for a replacement key. Some higher-end model keys might cost hundreds of dollars, and you can only get them from a dealer who will also need to program your remote for you. And that necessitates an expensive flatbed ride to the dealer. (See this fantastic advice for using your keyless remote. It will be useful on a hot day.)