How To Open Kia Soul Without Key

Contact a locksmith, but be ready to re-bend your door. In order to get a tool inside and unlock your Kia Soul, locksmiths will lift the door away from the body using a wedge and a pump-up tool.

A slim jim would work if you had a general manager, but you would also have to deal with the GM’s easy steal features.

Simply take the top of the door away from the body if you wish to DIY. As I said before, locksmiths will first use a plastic wedge to pull the door out a little at the top, and then they’ll use a pump-up wedge to open it further without harming the paint. If I were you, I’d use a wood wedge to prop open the top of the door, providing you have 24s handy, then sneak inside and deactivate the power door lock using a coat hanger. If you decide to do it, open the door on the side you wedged before opening the other to prevent any damage to the latch. Given that the sill at the top of the Kia Soul door is constructed to restrict simple access, you might even have more luck pressing the hatch release button.

I am a locksmith with AAA. There are three approaches you can take. As everyone has mentioned, the long rod (extension tool) can be used with the door wedge. It is much simpler to pull the handle back than the lock mechanism itself. You may also use this to open the handle if you have a tool that is designed to go inside the Kia Soul and come up through the interior of the window. The handle only needs to be opened about 1/4 of the way before it unlocks. IL man, I wish I was there. Only an L-shaped tool (L tool), which is nearly impossible to find unless you’re lucky, will function inside the actual door. If you want to try the L, the internal door mechanism is about 6 inches below the handle, near to the back of the door. Once you’ve located the Bellcrank, you must fumble with it and then turn it clockwise. The hardest route is the last one.

Ask if lockout assistance is available by calling the local police non-emergency line.

What is contained in your lockout kit for the Kia Soul? Don’t even attempt it if it’s the slim-jim. If you don’t perform it correctly, you risk breaking the lock and being completely helpless.

If you have a wedge of some kind and the long metal bar (not a flat piece, that’s the slim-jim), you can drag the top of the door back and gain approximately an inch (enough room to get the bar through). Once the bar is in place, you can either attempt to push the manual lock or, if you have power locks, press the lock button. Another option is to try pulling the handle.

I’ve managed to lock my keys in the car six times this year, so I’m good at it. Asking the dealer where you purchased the Kia Soul if they can produce you a key without the cip is a good idea. I keep the free one in my wallet because it is thin.

Without a key, how do you unlock a car door?

When you’re locked out, Bright Side has discovered a few workarounds that can let you back in.

  • Tennis ball is the first technique.
  • Use your shoelace for Method #2.
  • Utilize a coat hanger as method #3.
  • Utilize a rod and a screwdriver for method #4.
  • 5th Approach: Apply a spatula.
  • Use an inflatable wedge as method #6.
  • Use a plastic strip as Method #7.

Do Kia vehicles have an app to unlock them?

With the help of remote features and services like lock/unlock, climate control, charging, Find My Car, stolen vehicle recovery, and much, much more, Kia Connect technology takes your Kia to the next level.

Most Popular Features

In the palm of your hand, you may remotely start your vehicle’s engine, modify the climate, and check comprehensive vehicle information. You can transmit remote orders from your mobile device when you sync your smartwatch with it via the Kia Access App.

You’re about to leave? Before you go, make sure your automobile is the ideal temperature. Set the temperature remotely with the Kia Access app to avoid sitting in a hot seat or a chilly interior ever again.

If you forget Fido in the second or third row, get a reminder. After the doors have been secured, movement can still be detected by sensors built into the seats. You can even get an alert on your smartphone with the Kia Access app!

Uh oh. Did you overlook to lock the vehicle? When you can lock and unlock from your smartphone, you won’t need to worry even if you’re far away. And you can manage it quickly if you accidentally lock your keys in the car.

By offering improved routing, more accurate arrival times, and real-time traffic information, this innovative and potent navigational function promotes efficiency, accuracy, and timeliness.

Do Kia Souls lock by themselves?

After the car reaches a speed of over 15 km/h, all doors will lock automatically. The auto door lock/unlock functions of the car can be turned on or off.

What should I do if my keys got locked in my car?

It’s increasingly likely that you’ll lock your keys in your automobile at some point. According to the American Automobile Association, it receives calls from more than 4,000,000 locked-out drivers annually. That is an increase from the 500,000 or so only a few years ago. Keyless ignition and increasingly sophisticated technological anti-theft systems are to blame, according to AAA.

You might be even more prone to lock yourself out now that the hectic holiday shopping season is here. Here are some things you can do to remain composed and summon assistance.

Dial 911

Safety comes first, so if you believe you are in danger, dial 911 right away. The cops can frequently open the car’s door. If they are unable to, they will most likely request a tow truck, which you will be responsible for paying for. You will, however, be secure.

Call for roadside assistance

These annual auto-club dues start to make sense in this situation. Although it might take them some time to come to you, roadside assistance companies like AAA, Allstate, and others can get you inside swiftly. You might still be in luck even if you don’t use such a service. The majority of new cars come with roadside assistance for the duration of the basic warranty. The information should be in your owner’s manual, but of course, it’s locked in the car with the keys. There might be a window sticker with the phone number on it. If it isn’t, you can contact a dealership to learn more. You should save the number in your phone or write it down and put it in your wallet or purse if you want to be ready. What happens if you don’t have a new car or if you’re not a member of an organization like AAA? Ask your auto insurance provider about adding roadside assistance to your coverage. Additionally, trucks providing emergency assistance patrol certain main routes. Be on the lookout for one.

Get a temporary key

In order to get your permanent keys back, a dealer might be able to make you a cheap key that will unlock the doors but not start your car. You’ll probably need to show that you are the car’s owner and provide your vehicle identification number, which is visible through the lower edge of the driver-side window. Undoubtedly, you’ll also require transportation to the showroom.

Keep an extra key handy

Keep a spare key in your wallet, purse, or a secret location on your vehicle. You can purchase a tiny magnetic key holder that can be mounted to the underneath of an automobile. Or give the extra to someone who could come to your aid.

Buy a car with benefits

If the key is in the ignition and a door is open, some automobiles won’t lock with the power-lock button. Additionally, a keypad located on the door of many Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury vehicles allows you to enter a code to unlock the door. Driving a car equipped with a telematics system, such as Mercedes-Mbrace, Benz’s Hyundai’s Blue Link, or GM’s OnStar, entitles you to a toll-free number that will allow you to remotely unlock your car. Additionally, those systems give away free apps that allow smartphone owners to open doors. For details and a list of compatible phones, visit OEM websites.


Things become more challenging if you’ve misplaced the key. You’ll require a locksmith. You should budget up to $200 for a replacement key. Some higher-end model keys might cost hundreds of dollars, and you can only get them from a dealer who will also need to program your remote for you. And that necessitates an expensive flatbed ride to the dealer. (See this fantastic advice for using your keyless remote. It will be useful on a hot day.)

How do I get inside my car?

You might need to break into your car to get your keys out if you’ve locked them inside. A coat hanger or thin metal implement can be used to unlock a locked car door. It is extremely simple to lock yourself out of your automobile, and you will run into serious trouble if your key is locked inside the vehicle or is lost without a backup key nearby. Sometimes people are compelled to take drastic means to retrieve their keys that have been locked inside of their automobile; others even break a window to gain entry. When shattered, tempered glass is specially treated to shatter into thousands of pieces. In an accident, there won’t be large pieces of flying glass that way. Knowing the right technique for breaking into a car will save you the money and effort of breaking a window open and cleaning up the broken glass. Several approaches are available for you to test out because they don’t require any specialized tools or prior locksmithing experience. The option to call a professional Houston locksmith expert is typically available, but there might not be one nearby or you can have a long wait. Auto locksmiths are crucial.

Method 1: Unlock A Door From The Inside Of A Car With Manual Locks

Open the top of the automobile door just wide enough with a tool as a wedge (a strong airbag is used by professionals) so that a metal rod can be wrapped around the locking pan and pulled up to release the pin and unlock the door. It is crucial that the method utilized takes into account the unique type of lock on the car.

Step OneUse A Tool Or Wedge

To hold the door’s space, use your tool or wedge. To create a space between the car’s body and the window or door frame at the top of the door, use something thin.

Step TwoSlide Tool In The Door Gap

Enter the door gap with your tool. After that, insert your tool into the area between the car’s body and the top of the door’s side opposite the hinge (that corner is one the will put out the most). Pull open a gap with your finger to make room for the tool to pass through.

Step ThreeInsert Tool Until Visible

Insert your tool further till it is visible. As soon as you can see it through the automobile window, slowly lower and insert the tool into space.

Step FiveUse Hook To Open Lock

To unlock the lock, use the hook. To create a space large enough to fit the tool inside the car, use your wedge. Using the tool, grasp the door’s locking pin and pull up until the door unlocks.

Method 2: From The Inside, Unlock A Car Door That Has Automatic Locks

The same steps that are utilized with manual locks are employed to separate the top portion of the car door from its body. Simply make a space with a long, narrow object like a wedge. Next, use a different tool to push the “unlock button.” How easy or difficult it is to pull the door away from the car’s body and where the switch or button regulating the locks is positioned both affect how challenging it is to open an automated lock from the outside.

Step OneHow Are The Car Locks Activated?

Find out how to operate the car’s locks. The activation of automatic locks can be done in a variety of ways. Verify where the car’s unlock button is located to see if it is on the console or the driver’s side.

Step Two: Press On Car Button

To press the button, make a loop or hook tool. Some automated locks feature a simple button on the driver’s side armrest. Using a tool like a straight metal rod, one can reach this button and press it to unlock the door. You might require a tool to seek for or a hook at the end if the button is difficult to reach or if it is a switch. Trial and error is the greatest way to learn what works.