How To Open Kia Optima Key Fob

The circuit board and buttons can be removed by opening the key fob. Use a tiny flathead screwdriver to remove the old battery once you can see it. Install a fresh CR2032 3V battery, making sure the positive side is in the same spot as the outgoing one. You’re all set once you replace the key fob parts you removed!

Why won’t my Kia key fob work?

The battery that powers your key fob is most likely to blame if it stops functioning. Typically, watch-sized batteries that are skillfully hidden inside the casing of key fobs are used. With a little screwdriver or key, you can easily peel the key fob apart and change the battery by yourself.

Finding out what kind of batteries they require and keeping one on handeither at home or in your glove boxis a good idea. If you have the batteries on hand, it will save you some effort and they are cheap, costing between $5 and $25. Finding them is not difficult. They ought to be in stock at your local Kia dealer. Additionally, you can locate them in grocery stores, hardware stores, and other stores. Make sure you choose the proper kind. The voltage output of many of these batteries varies despite their similar appearance.