How To Contact Kia Motors

Our toll-free hotline is open to all Americans and staffed around-the-clock, every day of the year. Additionally, it’s easy to remember the number: 1-800-333-4KIA.

How can I file a grievance with Kia Motors India?

Based on input from other customers, we’ve determined that the best Kia customer service number is 1800-108-5000. The majority of customers who contact Kia customer care do so because they are having an issue with their Kia vehicle and need to speak with a representative about any service-related issues, such as servicing, repair, painting, or bodywork for the company’s vehicles and SUVs.

Best way to Contact Kia

Please let us know if you believe this information is incorrect or if you are aware of any more ways to get in touch with Kia customer service so that we can inform our other consumers.

About Kia

The Indian arm of the Korean automaker Kia Motors Corporation is called Kia Motors India Private Limited. The business was established on May 19, 2017. The automobile industry in India has undergone a transformation. Its production plant, which manufactures 300,000 vehicles a year, is located in the Andhra Pradesh district of Anantapur. The Seltos SP2i variant and the sub-4-meter SUV Sonet are two models that Kia Motors India is creating particularly for the Indian market.

How do I submit a claim to Kia?

You can have a varied deadline to submit your claim depending on the type of claim. Please look over the following table:

Payment for a rental car, towing, or other expenses related to a qualifying repair

90 days after the expense is paid or 90 days after the expense is incurred, whichever comes first.

90 days after the incident occurred, if the engine compartment fire happened after August 28, 2020.

If an engine failure or fire happened after August 28, 2020, it must have happened no later than 90 days after that date.


Except in cases where you paid cash for specific Claim benefits, documentation must be given to substantiate your Claim. To understand the kind of paperwork needed to effectively substantiate your Claim, please check the chart below.


Documentation needed:


a receipt or other record containing the date of purchase, the item(s) purchased (such as a rental car or towing service), and the price.

a duplicate of the original receipt or other proof of payment (such as a bank statement, credit/debit card statement, or receipt from a credit/debit card).

Date and details of the associated repair, if it wasn’t done at a Kia dealership.

If you paid in cash, you must attest under oath that you (or a friend or family member) did not have any proof of the rental car, towing, or other fees because you made the payment in cash.

evidence showing how many days were delayed (e.g., repair order identifying open and close date).

A diagnostic from the repair shop and/or any documentation demonstrating the compensation you received for your car as a result of the engine fire.

Rebate scheme for trading in a current Kia and buying a replacement because of diminished confidence

a diagnostic from the repair shop, the documentation of your trade-in or sale of your car, and/or the documentation of your purchase of another Kia car.

Due to the fact that nothing will be returned to you, documentation needs to be in clear, readable copies. The following file types and file sizes are acceptable for online filing: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, tif, tiff, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, pdf, txt, rtf, or zip.

Online Filing Procedures:

Before you start filing, please make sure you have your VIN and the necessary paperwork ready.

how to mail a form:

Download a copy of the Claim Form if you want to submit your claim by mail. Please carefully read the form, complete it, and attach any necessary supporting materials. Next, send the Claim Form, completed, to the following address:

What does the Kia warranty cover?

Kia is unbeatable with one of the best powertrain warranties available. By putting a strong statement of faith in the quality, workmanship, and materials used in its products, Kia conveys a positive message about the efficiency of its automobiles.

For 10 years or up to 100,000 miles, the Kia powertrain guarantee will cover any damage or flaws from the manufacturer. This guarantee covers all of the critical components of the vehicle, including the engine, driveshaft, propeller shafts, differential, axle, and transaxle.

How can I get in touch with Kia Motors India?

Customers of Kia can get relief from roadside assistance if their vehicle breaks down. The service often offers advantages including on-the-spot vehicle repairs, fueling, towing to a certain garage or area, extending medical support, and much more.

For three years following the date of purchase, roadside assistance is provided for all Kia automobiles.

Kia Care Roadside Assistance

  • Simply dial Kia Care Roadside Assistance at the toll-free number 1800 108 5000 in the event of a breakdown or accident. then take the following actions to receive help:
  • Use the VIN (Chassis Number) on your registration certificate (or smart card) or insurance document to identify your car.
  • Explain where your car is located (along with nearby landmark)
  • Describe the issue you’re having with the car.
  • Your next steps will be recommended to you by our customer service.


Turn on the warning lights and leave the car parked on the side of the road for your safety.

If you’re on a highway, position the warning triangle that came with your car about 3 meters (9 feet) away from it, facing the direction of oncoming traffic.

  • The service is valid for the length of the vehicle’s basic warranty.
  • Roadside support is offered around-the-clock up to the closest Kia authorized dealer workshop.
  • When a car is immobilized, the services for vehicle recovery and/or taxi arrangements are applicable.
  • Towing of a vehicle is contingent upon the vehicle being parked in a place where the towing vehicle can tow and all tires being in a rolling and straight position; otherwise, it may be necessary to break a side window to tow the vehicle, in which case the customer will be responsible for the cost of glass repair.
  • Costs for replacing parts are not included, unless they are covered by the Kia Warranty.
  • If a repair isn’t covered by the Kia Warranty, it’s not included in the price.
  • As long as the vehicle has broken down on a motorable gazetted, concrete, or bitumen road, assistance will be given. The expense of special equipment for extracting the car from the pit, ditch, or valley will be reimbursed if the vehicle goes off-road or falls into one, but any subsequent damage would be the responsibility of the customer. The customer is responsible for obtaining all necessary local authority approvals for towing in these situations.
  • If the police are involved, the vehicle won’t be towed.

Who is Kia USA’s CEO?

Key Executives at Kia America. Currently, Kia America’s CEO and President is SeungKyu (Sean) Yoon. Kia America’s Vice President, Sales Operations, is William Peffer.

Who is Kia Finance’s CEO?

Kia Motors America’s Chief Financial Officer is Scott Hahn. In addition, Scott Hahn previously worked at Kia Motors as the General Manager, International Finance.

What country makes Kia?

Where are Kia automobiles made? While the majority of Kia’s production facilities are in South Korea, a few of the models you see here in the United States were made at North American factories.

What will my share of the Kia settlement be?

To the extent that it was not already extended as part of a servicing campaign, the Powertrain Warranties for the Class Vehicles will be upgraded to a Lifetime Warranty for the engine short block assembly. The short block assembly, which consists of the engine block, crankshaft and bearings, connecting rods and bearings, and pistons, will be covered by the warranty extension for Class Vehicles owned by private consumers who have finished the knock sensor program software update. The Lifetime Warranty shall otherwise endure for bearing wear or damage regardless of the Class Vehicle’s mileage, ownership duration, or prior warranty engine repairs and/or warranty replacements, with the exception of cases of Exceptional Neglect (defined below) and subject to the existing terms, limitations, and condition of the original Powertrain Warranty.

The warranty is extended to include all inspection and repair expenses for the engine short block assembly, including materials, labor, and diagnosis. It is advised that class members keep all records of their vehicle maintenance after August 18, 2020. If Kia suspects exceptional neglect, such class members might be asked to show documents of their vehicle maintenance from after August 18, 2020 in order to get Lifetime Warranty repairs.

The warranty extension may be refused for “Exceptional Neglect of the Vehicle,” which is defined as (a) when the vehicle clearly evidences a lack of maintenance or care for a significant period of time of not less than one (1) year, such that the vehicle appears abandoned, beyond repair, and/or (b) when a Class Member has failed to have the KSDS (“Knock Sensor Detection System”) installed.

Regardless of mileage or previous repairs, Kia will offer a free recall inspection for up to 90 days following the Final Approval Order for any vehicle where recall inspections were not finished.

If necessary, Kia shops will offer a complimentary loaner car of equal value up until repairs are finished. Kia will fully compensate you for reasonable rental car costs up to $40 per day if a loaner car is not available. (How to submit a claim for reimbursements for a rental car is described below.)

For this extension of the Powertrain Warranty for the engine short block assembly under this Settlement, you DO NOT need to submit a Claim Form.

To acquire the Lifetime Warranty extension, a Kia Dealer must complete the KSDS Product Improvement Campaign.

Reimbursement for Rental Cars, Towing, Etc.

The following conditions must be met in order for you to receive a complete reimbursement for any fees you paid for towing, rental automobiles, or other services:

  • The cost was legitimately connected to getting one of the qualifying repairs listed below.
  • any maintenance work on the short block assembly of the engine, which consists of the engine block, the crankshaft and bearings, the connecting rods and bearings, and the pistons.
  • Repairs to any other parts (such as the starter, battery, or long block assembly) if the documentation demonstrates that the work was done in an effort to solve one of the following issues: engine seizure, stalling, noise, or oil lamp illumination. (Repair expenses won’t be covered if the documentation shows that they were obviously unconnected to the short block assembly.)
  • Repairs brought on by collisions with Class Vehicles are not included, unless the collision was directly brought on by a Class Vehicle breakdown that would otherwise be covered by a Qualifying Repair, like as engine fire.

Compensation for Vehicle involved in Engine Fire

If the cost of the repair was too high or you had to sell your car at a loss due to an engine fire that would have otherwise been resolved by a Qualifying Repair, you may be entitled to reimbursement for the value of the vehicle as well as an additional $140 goodwill payment. To be eligible for this benefit, you must submit a timely claim within 90 days of the engine compartment fire.

If you submit a Claim proving the fire started in the engine compartment and was unrelated to any form of collision, the amount of compensation will be determined by the vehicle’s maximum Black Book value.

Before the repair diagnosis, the vehicle’s maintenance history, or lack thereof, shall not be a justification for denying or reducing reimbursement under this provision (excepting limited Exceptional Neglect circumstances). Exceptional Neglect includes the following situations: (a) when the vehicle clearly demonstrates a lack of maintenance or care for a significant period of time of not less than one (1) year, such that the vehicle appears abandoned, beyond repair, and/or (b) when a Class Member has neglected to have the KSDS (“Knock Sensor Detection Software”) installed in the vehicle in accordance with the KSDS Product.

Rebate Program

If you buy a replacement Kia car after losing faith in your Class Vehicle due to an engine failure or engine compartment fire, you might be eligible for a rebate. To be eligible for any rebate, you must submit the Claim Form. You may be eligible for up to the following sums: $2,000 for model-year 20112012 Class Vehicles; $1,500 for model-year 20132014 Class Vehicles; $1,000 for model-year 20152016 Class Vehicles; and $500 for model-year 20172019 Class Vehicles. To be eligible for this benefit, your claim must be submitted in a timely manner within 90 days of the engine failure or fire.

Informational Pamphlet

According to the Settlement, KMA will supply Class Members with an instructional leaflet that offers additional advice on how to maintain the engines in the Class Vehicles and notifies Class Members of the available inspections and repairs.