How Many Seats In A Kia Sorento

Depending on the model level, the 2021 Kia Sorento has two seating arrangements that can accommodate up to 7 passengers. The two top trims include 2nd-row captain’s chairs to maximize passenger comfort, while the lower trims come with 60/40 split-folding 2nd-row bench seats and 50/50 folding 3rd row.

Does the Kia Sorento have eight seats?

Vehicles with third-row seats have been more and more popular recently, and they are ideal for expanding families or people who lead active lifestyles. Buyers looking for the perfect balance of functionality and adaptability should take into account a vehicle with three rows of seating as it provides capacity for up to seven passengers when necessary and plenty more cargo space.

The Kia Sorento is a midsize crossover with standard seating for up to seven passengers, while the Kia lineup is full of family-friendly choices. The Kia Sorento starts at $29,490 MSRP* and gives your choice of eight grades to suit every lifestyle and budget. It sits below the larger Kia Telluride and above the Kia Sportage.

Are there third row seats in every Kia Sorento?

There is a third row in every 2019 Kia Sorento. Depending on the settings, it might or might not if it’s from 2018 or before. In general, the Kia Sorento should meet your needs if you’re seeking for an SUV with a third row.

What Sorento trim has seven seats?

The L, LX, S V6, EX, and SX are the five model levels for the seven-seat 2020 Kia Sorento SUV. All of these trim levels provide a variety of basic to opulent comfort options, making them suitable for the entire family.

The Sorento’s third row is it?

The 2021 Kia Sorento comes standard with third-row seating that can accommodate up to seven passengers. The third row seats in the Sorento split 50/50 and fold to increase cargo capacity if you aren’t carrying a full passenger load.

Kia Sorento

What is Australia’s top SUV? The Kia Sorento, which won CarSales Car of the Year 2020 and Drive Car of the Year 2021, makes a strong case for itself.

The ideal modern 7-seater car combines cutting-edge handling capabilities, futuristic safety features, and really empowering connection. Both inside and out, the Kia Sorento is breathtakingly beautiful.

This 7-seater SUV was created into a sophisticated package that was intended to assist you travel through life in luxury and style, making it ideal for a growing family. Now available in Plug-in Hybrid and Hybrid models.

Which Kias have a third row?

The new Kia Telluride and the Kia Sorento are the two SUVs in the Kia lineup with third rows. There is also the brand-new Kia Carnival MPV, which has three rows of comfortable seating.

What SUVs have a third row?

Which Vehicles Will Have Third-Row Seats in 2021?

  • Audi: SQ7 and Q7.
  • Bentayga from Bentley.
  • BMW: X5, X7.
  • Enclave from Buick.
  • Escalade, Escalade ESV, and XT6 from Cadillac.
  • Chevrolet: Tahoe, Traverse, and Suburban.
  • Chrysler: Voyager, Pacifica, and Pacifica Hybrid.
  • Durango, from Dodge.

Is there a second row captain’s chair in the Kia Sorento?

A: Yes, some Kia Sorento grades come with second-row captain’s chairs. The standard split-folding bench seat in the second row is replaced by these captain’s chairs. For instance, second-row captain’s seats are standard on the EX trim and above of the 2021 Sorento.

What is the Kia Sorento’s rival?

The top 10 rivals to the 2019 Kia Sorento

  • Honda Pilot for 2019.
  • Toyota Highlander for 2019.
  • Nissan Pathfinder for 2019.
  • Dodge Durango for 2019.
  • Ford Explorer 2019,
  • Subaru Ascent for 2019.
  • Volkswagen Atlas for 2019.
  • Mazda CX-9 for 2019.

Is Sorento larger than Telluride?

Both cars have three rows of seats, but the Telluride is longer overall and has more room for both passengers and freight.

While the second-row headroom and legroom in the two SUVs are comparable, the third-row variations are more noticeable. The Telluride’s third row seats three people, compared to the Sorento’s two back seats.

Although the third row of neither SUV is especially spacious, the Telluride’s 31.4 inches of legroom seems larger than the Sorento’s 29.6 inches. With 43.7 inches of hip room compared to the Sorento’s 42.5 inches, the Telluride’s third row is also wider. The extra inch and a half of headroom in the Telluride also contributes to the third row feeling less crowded.

Each SUV has advantages and disadvantages when it comes to car-seat accommodations. Thanks to its generous legroom and convenient access, the Sorento’s second row aced our car seat check. Small hands can operate the latch anchors and simple buckles independently. However, a fixed head restraint and floppy buckles in the third row hindered the booster grade. Learn more about the Car Seat Check.

The second-row baby seat in the current-generation Telluride fared less well due to difficult-to-reach Latch anchors, while the second-row booster received a B because the buckle stalks sunk into a pocket in the seat upholstery, which might make it difficult for children to use it independently. The buckles in the third row have floppy bases, which could make them difficult for young hands to use. Learn more about the Car Seat Check.