How Big Is A Kia Soul Trunk

Look at this: Volume of the cargo: 62.1 cubic feet. Volume of the trunk: 24.2 cubic feet.

What measurements does a Kia Soul trunk have?

The Kia Soul is without a doubt a well-liked car. However, one of the frequent queries is “how long is a Kia Soul?

We’ve done a lot of research, so in addition to answering your query, we’ll also tell you about the Soul’s trunk measurements. We sincerely hope that you find this material useful.

The dimensions of a Kia Soul are 163 inches long, 70 inches wide, and 60 inches tall. When all seats are up, the trunk has a capacity of 36 cubic feet, but when the back seats are folded down, the capacity rises to 61 cubic feet.

How much space does a Kia Soul have in the back?

The Soul has plenty of room for cargo. The space behind the back seats is 24.2 cubic feet, and when the back seats are folded down, it is 62.1 cubic feet.

In what can a Kia Soul fit?

The process of measuring an SUV’s trunk space can appear simple. However, there are a few things to take into account before you decide on a car that might or might not suit your luggage demands.

What exactly does 62.1 cubic feet mean? Due to the fact that an SUV’s cargo area is not separate from the vehicle’s interior, manufacturers often determine the amount of cargo space available in one of two ways:

Cargo volume with the back seats up: This measurement takes the area under the back seats into account.

When the back seats are folded down, the usable cargo volume includes the entire area behind the front seats.

The entire height, width, and depth that are available in each of these scenariosincluding the area from the vehicle’s roof to the bottom of the cargo bedwill be measured by the manufacturers. To increase the total amount of cargo space available, certain vehicles, like the Kia Soul, have an additional well built into the floor.

The cubic feet of available cargo space, however, do not fully convey the situation. Even though the Kia Soul is tall and box-like in shape, there are still curves and irregularities in the interior that limit the amount of goods that can be stored there. Despite the deep well that maximizes cargo space, there is a hump at the base that can make putting heavier goods along it difficult when the seats are folded down.

You should also consider the average number of travelers. While the Kia Soul promises that the cargo hold can accommodate 20 carry-on suitcases when the seats are down, with all the seats upright, the cargo space can only accommodate about seven carry-on-sized suitcases.

Key Learnings More than just a number, cargo space The utility of the available space will depend on the cargo area’s design and the number of seats being used.

Can a couch fit in a Kia Soul?

Cargo Area in the Backseat This makes it simple to carry heavy objects like king-size bed frames and big-screen TVs. Even large objects like a family-sized couch fit readily inside this car when the third row is folded down.

Can you sleep down in the Kia Soul’s backseat?

By folding down the seats, passenger automobiles enable you to sleep in either of the front seats, in the back, or in the trunk. It is a workable and affordable solution, and more and more adventurous souls are adopting this way of life. It is so prevalent that numerous items, such specially built inflatable beds, have been created for it.

However, if we intend to travel a long distance and stop at several locations, the car can be a bit too tiny for us, which will make the journey stressful. Due to their bigger space, various possibilities exist, including campers, motorhomes, and caravans, which will make it easier for us to stay mobile.

It is true that many towns forbid the parking of these cars in urban areas because they believe that they produce a lot of sludge and take up residents’ parking spaces. You must carefully examine the rules of every venue you intend to visit in order to avoid issues.

If you have any inquiries or suggestions on slumbering and camping in a Kia Soul, do let us know.

Is there a lot of space in the Kia Soul?

The Soul has a ton of cargo space. With the back seats folded down, it can fit up to 24.2 cubic feet behind them and an astonishing 62.1 cubic feet. This subcompact SUV has more space than the majority of others.

Is the Kia Soul roomy?

The upright body of the Soul creates a roomy cabin with lots of space for passengers and cargo. The interior of the Kia Soul has been given just the right amount of young cheekiness to complement its stylish exterior. This includes colorful trim and textured door panel inserts. Additionally available features include heated seats and a heated steering wheel, ambient lighting, a smartphone charging pad, a head-up display, push-button start, and keyless entry. With its variety of interior color schemes and two-tone paint possibilities, Kia also offers owners a degree of customization. The tall-roofed ute’s cargo area has room for seven carry-on baggage when the back seats are folded, though it should be noted that they don’t fold completely flat. 20 cases could fit, so we did. Only four people could fit behind the back seat and 17 people with the seats down in the Venue due to its smaller hold and lower rear seat room.

A Kia Soul is it a full-size vehicle?

No, a Kia Soul isn’t quite large enough to be classified as a full-size vehicle. Even though this automobile has 62.1 cubic feet of cargo space when the back seats are folded, it would need to be roughly twice as large to be considered a full-size vehicle.

That so, you won’t have as much space as you would in a larger, full-size SUV or crossover car. You can still fit the entire family or your surfboard inside a Kia Soul.

What Class Of Vehicle Is A Kia Soul?

The subcompact SUV class of automobiles includes Kia Souls. This basically implies that, although having enough space to qualify as a compact SUV alternative, it isn’t the same as a full-size SUV.

You can anticipate getting more use out of a Kia Soul than a standard sedan given that it will feature five seats, a hatchback style, and lots of storage. However, it won’t replace one of Kia’s larger vehicles because it lacks the necessary luggage room for a real full-size SUV.

Can a Kia Soul accommodate 5 adults?

The 2019 Kia Soul has five seats, and four adults may fit within the cabin without difficulty. However, five people may feel a little crowded inside. Front seats with manual adjustments and cloth upholstery are standard.