Can You Flat Tow A Kia Soul

If it has a manual transmission, the 2021 Kia Soul can be flattowed with all four wheels down, claims Kia. The EZ5 Base Plate Kit is a perfect match for your Soul and will provide you detachable arms for a neat appearance when it’s not being towed.

Since the DCT may disengage and shift into neutral, the Kia Soul GT is the best solution for flat towing. In addition, it has a weight of 2,800 pounds, making it lightweight enough to be readily pulled by any RV.

Can you flat tow a 2012 Kia Soul?

With the base plate kit part # 522112-1 that you mentioned, a 2012 or 2013 Kia Soul with a manual transmission can be flat-towed. Almost everything with a manual transmission can be flat towed in general.

To flat tow your vehicle, you will also want the base plates, an appropriate tow bar, safety wires, illumination, and additional braking. The Falcon 2, model number RM-520, is the most popular compatible tow bar. You can use # RM-643 to purchase safety cables. The cables are kept off the ground thanks to the coiled design.

You can utilize the diode kit, # RM-15267, for lighting without worrying about removing the taillight housing. By splicing this into your taillight wire, your tow vehicle will be able to control the towed vehicle’s taillight assemblies. This includes enough coiled wire to connect from the front of your towed car to the RV as well as a round 6-way connector.

Finally, the vehicle being flat-towed must now have additional braking, as required by the majority of states. The Blue Ox Patriot # BRK2019, which applies the brakes in accordance to how much the tow vehicle is braking, is the simplest system to set up and use. The two vehicles will endure less damage and are stopped in the safest manner possible.

For the tow bar to be level when flat towing, you’ll probably also need a high low adaptor. I provided a link to a page listing every one we stock.

I’ve provided you with a few useful links to our posts on flat towing. For detailed instructions on flat towing your car, make sure to refer to the owner’s manual.

Can you flat tow a 2011 Kia Soul?


A 2011 KIA SOUL TO TOW BEHIND IT AND A 2013 E450 Class C Motorhome were just purchased by us. Can you recommend the ideal setup and any other equipment I’ll need to flat tow? The KIA IS A STANDARD FLAT TOWABLE TRANSMISSION.

Expert Reaction:

A few items are necessary when flat towing your 2011 Kia Soul. Base plates, a tow bar, safety cables, wiring for the lights of the towed vehicle, and an additional braking system are required.

The Blue Ox Base Plates, part number BX2715, are the base plates I suggest. The car has a clean appearance when not being towed once this bracket kit is installed because of the removable tabs. During installation, the bumper fascia must be taken off and replaced. Additionally, the bumper, fascia, air dam, and possibly the grill need to be trimmed. Additionally, some small drilling is necessary.

The Blue Ox Alpha Tow Bar, part number BX7380, is the tow bar I advise. This readily attaches with two easy-access pins and fits perfectly into the 2 inch by 2 inch hitch receiver on your RV. This system comes with safety cords.

I suggest a lighting package like the Roadmaster Tow Bar Wiring, part # RM-155 if you anticipate towing frequently. Bypassing the entire electrical infrastructure in your car, this technology operates via plugs and sockets built inside the tail lights. This comes with all the required wiring, plugs, lights, and instructions.

If you don’t anticipate towing frequently, I advise Optronics’ LED Tow Light Kit, part number TLL21RK. These lights do not connect to the wiring of the towed vehicle; instead, they feature magnetic bottoms that stick firmly to any metal surface on your towed car.

The majority of states now mandate additional braking systems for towed vehicles. In order for the brakes on the Kia to operate proportionately with the brakes on the tow vehicle, I advise the Roadmaster Even Brake System part # RM-9400, which will work with the tow vehicle.

The Roadmaster Seat Adapter (part # RM-88122) and the Roadmaster 12 Volt Outlet Kit (part # RM-9332) are the only additional components that are suggested while flat towing your car.

To provide electricity to the Even Brake braking system, the # RM-9332 outlet is linked to the towed vehicle battery or towed vehicle fuse box.

The braking system in your Kia Soul must be connected to the driver’s seat using the RM-88122 seat adapter.

I’ve included a link to some frequently asked questions about flat towing a car. These articles provide some useful details on what is required for flat towing a car.

Can you tow a 2010 Kia Soul flat?

Can a 2010 Kia Soul be flat-towed using the Blue Ox Patriot Supplemental Braking System? The Blue Ox base plate BX2715 and the Blue Ox Alpha tow bar are other items I’m considering buying. Do they all allow the towing of a Kia Soul with a manual transmission?

Your 2010 Kia Soul with the manual transmission can be flat towed, according to my study. Models with automatic gearboxes must be flat-towed with a tow dolly, such as part number RM-2050-1, and cannot be flat-towed. I suggest consulting your owner’s manual’s section on towing to see if Kia has any additional flat-towing instructions or restrictions.

The Commander Tow Bar, # DM9511012, the Delta Force, # SM99242, and the Demco Base Plate Kit, # DM9518246 are all compatible with your Soul and will function well for you. The wiring for your taillights is the last thing you’ll need. If you won’t be towing often, I advise the Magnetic Light Kit, model number RM-2120. I advise a more long-term fix, such as the Roadmaster Bulb and Socket Wiring Kit, # RM-155, if you plan to haul frequently. Bypassing the wiring for your vehicle’s tail lights, this kit eliminates the need to splice or otherwise modify the electrical system of your car.

I’ve attached a few FAQs about flat towing for you to read if you’re new to the practice.

Can a 2021 Kia Soul be flat-towed?

Just purchased a manual-transmission Kia Soul 21. I see that you offer accessories for flat towing this vehicle, yet the owner’s manual says that older model years were designed for flat towing. Could you vouch for the safety of flat-towing a 2021 Soul with a manual? I tried a few dealerships, but they weren’t sure. When I contacted corporate Kia, they were unable to connect me with a professional. Thanks.

Because some vehicles can be flat-towed depending on their individual specifications, we have equipment available for flat towing a Kia Soul. We always follow our neighbors’ advice to adhere to their vehicle-specific rules. I wouldn’t try to flat-tow your 2021 Kia Soul if your vehicle’s owner’s manual specifically for that vehicle says you shouldn’t.

According to the information I have, a 2021 Kia Soul with a manual transmission can be flat-towed under particular circumstances and must be a FWD vehicle. All other configurations are not permitted.

The following is a list of the tow packages we have available if you need one:

The Blue Ox Base Plate Kit, # BX2727, is what I advise because it is known to fit 2021 Kia Soul models.

An excellent tow bar with self-aligning arms that telescopic to automatically center and lock in place is the Blue Ox Avail Tow Bar, # BX7420.

I advise the Roadmaster Diode 7-Wire to 6-Wire Flexo-Coil Wiring Kit, #RM-15267, for illumination. Please take note of the product installation video that is provided. By splicing this into your taillight wire, your tow vehicle will be able to control the towed vehicle’s taillight assemblies. This includes enough coiled wire to connect from the front of your towed car to the RV as well as a round 6-way connector.

The Blue Ox Patriot # BRK2019, which will apply the vehicle brakes according to how much the tow vehicle is braking, is my recommendation for additional braking that is mandated by law. The two vehicles will endure less damage and are stopped in the safest manner possible.

For the tow bar to be level when flat towing, you’ll probably also need a high low adaptor. Please refer to the help articles and links attached.

Can you flat tow a 2014 Kia Soul?

You may flat tow your 2014 Kia Soul with a manual transmission behind an RV, but you’ll need a few accessories first, starting with base plates that are suitable. The Roadmaster EZ4 Base Plate Kit #RM-522114-4 is what I advise. Given how simple it is to attach the tow bar to the base plates and how easy it is to move when towing, I advise choosing the Roadmaster Falcon 2 Tow Bar # RM-520. You will also require safety chains # RM-643.

The Roadmaster Universal Hy-Power Diode Wiring Kit # RM-154 is a wiring kit that enables your Kia’s lights to operate when being towed. Most states require an additional brake system, and I highly advise the SMI Stay-IN-Play # SM99251 for this. This proportional braking system only needs to be installed once, after which you may leave it in place without ever needing to deactivate or reactivate it. In order to stop your Kia’s brake signal from overriding the turn signal from the RV when using the brakes during a turn, you will also need to install Roadmaster Brake-Lite Relay Kit # RM-88400.

Finally, to maintain your Kia level with your tow vehicle, you probably need a high-low adapter like # RM-076. You’ll need to take certain measurements in order to determine the type of adapter you require. Along with a link to our website with our range of adapters, I’ve added a link to a help article on high-low adapters that describes the measurements you’ll need. For your viewing pleasure, I’ve included links to videos that review and demonstrate how to install the other aforementioned components.

Which automatic vehicles are flat-towable?

The kinds of automobiles that can be flat hauled depend on a few distinct parameters. It all depends on if they have particular manufacturer-installed features like a steering lockout override or a transmission disconnect. AWD and 4×4 cars are more common and preferred for flat towing, in general.

The most well-known flat-towable cars are listed below. Always refer to your owner’s handbook as the ultimate authority when determining whether a vehicle should be flat-towed.

Can a car dolly be used to tow a Kia Soul?

What position do you leave the transmission in when towing a 2021 Ka Soul with the front wheels attached to a tow dolly?

When towing, I always advise you to refer to the manual for your particular vehicle that contains the towing instructions. Having said that, you will often tow with the vehicle in park when using a tow dolly like the Roadmaster Tow Dolly, # RM-2050-1, to tow a front-wheel-drive vehicle like your 2021 Kia Soul. Ensure that your front-wheel-drive car is in park before turning off the ignition, removing the keys, and locking the steering wheel. Utilizing wheel nets and chains, secure the vehicle to the car dolly according to the tow dolly’s instructions. Make sure the parking brake is not in use.

A Kia EV6 can you flat tow?

Can the EV6 tow? might be on your mind if the EV6 has caught your attention. Without a doubt, the answer to this query is yes! The Kia EV6’s ability to tow shows that electric cars are not only cost-effective but also extremely capable.

Can a flat trailer transport a Mini Cooper?

It’s time to take your RV or motorhome outside for some outdoor recreation once more. It is usually convenient for motorhome owners to bring a second car with them in case they want to visit locations that are inaccessible to their vehicle. Due to their excellent fuel economy and mobility in congested areas, small cars like the Mini Cooper may be enticing to pull behind. Consumers, however, enquire as to whether they can flat-tow a Mini Cooper without using a dolly or trailer. In order to determine whether and how the Mini Cooper can be flat towed, we did the investigation for this post.

Customers will be relieved to learn that a manual transmission Mini Cooper can be flat towed if they already possess one or decide to buy one. Mini Coopers with automatic transmissions cannot be flat towed without causing the transmission severe harm. Note that a front-wheel-drive vehicle is required in order to flat-tow a Mini Cooper with a manual transmission.

Now that you know your alternatives, you can flat-tow a Mini Cooper. The Mini Cooper is a compact vehicle that can maneuver through tight areas, living up to its name. Although it doesn’t have as much power as other compact cars, it nonetheless accelerates well enough to be useful in most situations. Continue reading as we go over how to dinghy tow a Mini Cooper safely if you’re still interested in pulling a tiny car behind your RV.