Can You Add Uvo To Kia

No matter where you’re going, Kia UVO technology makes sure you and your group can stay amused and informed. This is due to the fact that you can connect your suitable smartphone to your Kia for greater convenience and assurance when driving.

Can my Kia have UVO installed?

The UVO app by Kia Motors offers a platform that is integrated and links cellphones with the media and the car’s infotainment system. It has excellent features that allow the driver to operate their vehicle with the help of modern, linked technology.

Information system and Kia UVO app connection:

1. Turn on the ignition and Bluetooth on your phone.

2. An “I” will appear on the touch screen infotainment system of the vehicle. Just click it.

3. After that, choose Set Up and then Phone. Choose Bluetooth connection, then select Add New.

4. When prompted to make a connection on the infotainment screen or phone, enter the PassKey.

The Kia UVO app can be downloaded by Android users by visiting the Playstore and doing so on their smartphone. The software is available for download on iPhones through Apple’s app store.

How it works: The UVO app links the user’s smartphone with the Kia model they are driving. Optima, Soul, Sorento, and Seltos are among the Kia models that the UVO supports.

1. Turn on the car’s infotainment system after installing the KIA UVO app.

2. Users should choose the All Menu option, followed by the UVO icon, and then UVO settings.

3. To enable the UVO app’s fundamental features, click Agree to Terms.

The Kia UVO in Kia cars offers a whole ecosystem with a variety of driver-friendly smart features. Any smartphone running the Android or iPhone OS can download and use the app.

These features can be controlled with the Kia UVO app:

1. There are available navigation services such as “live automobile tracking,” “car position sharing,” and “discover car location.”

2. The vehicle can be started or stopped remotely using the remote control. Additionally, the AC, Pure Air, horn light, door lock, vehicle status, tire pressure status, and fuel level information are shown.

3. Auto Collision Warning, SOS, Road Assistance, Stolen Vehicle Warning, Tracking, Geofencing, Time Fencing, and many other functions are included in Safety & Security.

How much does Kia UVO cost?

Kia UVO Intelligence: What is it? The answer is straightforward: UVO Intelligence is a group of infotainment systems from Kia that includes remote starting, car diagnostics, and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The UVO system comes in four different packages from Kia: UVO Lite, UVO Care, UVO Plus, and UVO Ultimate. With the purchase of a new, qualified Kia vehicle, UVO Lite is provided without charge for 5 years. UVO Care costs $9.99 per month or $99 per year, followed by UVO Plus at $22.50 per month or $225 per year, and UVO Ultimate at $29.79 per month or $297 per year. If options like Roadside Assistance, Find My Car, and Remote Climate Control interest you, Care, Plus, and Ultimate all have many more features than the Lite plan.

Does every Kia have UVO?

For a very long time, Kia has been setting the standard for automotive technology. Actually, the company started putting its UVO infotainment system in its cars about 2011. The majority of Kia’s lineup now has UVO technology for the current model year.

Activating UVO eServices in Your Kia Vehicle

By following these easy steps, customers can activate UVO eServices in their Kia vehicles:

  • On the steering wheel, press the “Mode” or “Information” button.
  • Select “Setting up with a touch screen
  • Select “On the touch-screen, UVO eServices
  • Select “Touch-screen activation of UVO eServices
  • Select “On the touch-screen, activate
  • Now available is UVO eServices.

Connecting to Bluetooth in Your Kia Vehicle

By following these easy steps, customers can pair their smartphone with their Kia vehicle’s Bluetooth wireless technology:

  • In the settings of your smartphone, enable Bluetooth.
  • A touch-screen phone should be selected.
  • On the touch screen, select “Bluetooth Connection.”
  • Pick “Add New” from the touch-screen menu.
  • In the Bluetooth settings on your smartphone, choose your Kia vehicle.
  • If necessary, enter the password shown on the touch-screen into your smartphone.
  • When prompted, choose that choice if you want to make this phone your primary phone.
  • Your smartphone and the Bluetooth in your Kia vehicle are now connected.

If my Kia has Kia Connect, how do I know?

If my car has connected services, how can I find out? If your automobile has Kia Connect, you can activate it by selecting the Kia Connect option on the home screen of the vehicle.

Is UVO the same as Kia Connect?

The Kia Connect app must be downloaded to the user’s smart device from the Apple App Store or Google Playstore in order to use the Remote Control feature.

  • There are remote controls to turn on or off the car or to change the interior temperature using a smartphone from home or work during the chilly winter or hot summer months!
  • Use your smartphone to look up the location on a map if the parking spot is unclear.
  • Without returning to the parking lot, use your smartphone to verify the door lock.
  • Accidents are handled automatically without a report.
  • Any vehicle intrusion notifies the smartphone through SMS.
  • helps the police and location tracking in the event of a stolen vehicle to retrieve the vehicle.

UVO is it free for Kia?

All new Kia leases and car purchases come with a free one-year subscription to UVO Link Ultimate, a subscription-based system. The most complete set of connectivity functions for the car is included in this bundle.

Owners can choose from a variety of subscription plans after the free trial period has ended, including Ultimate as well as Lite, Care, and Plus in addition to Ultimate. After the initial year’s trial, subscriptions are available for a monthly or annual price that may be reduced.

The Lite package will be available and free for an extra four years if an owner decides not to continue with a UVO Link subscription. Trip history, emergency services, maintenance alerts, and EV charging status are all included in Lite. However, higher-tiered packages only have access to remote services, vehicle diagnostics, and safety and security warnings.

In spite of this, new Kia owners actually enjoy a five-year, cost-free trial of UVO Link because to the prolonged use of UVO Link Lite. In addition, the Kia Access app is still free to use and offers features like user manuals and a planner for dealer appointments.

Kia navigation is it free?

UVO, which stands for “your voice,” was created using the Windows Embedded Automotive software from Microsoft. UVO’s key functionality is the hands-free voice commands that let drivers use their cellphones to make calls, play music, navigate, and more. UVO eServices, a subscription-free service that requires a smartphone connection to the vehicle through a USB cable, is available on some older Kia models. UVO Link is an embedded system that includes all of the capabilities of UVO eServices and is available in 2019 and newer Kia vehicles.

There are three different types of UVO systems in 2019 or newer models:

  • UVO Play: You may access radio presets and more by using the touchscreen. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility are included as standard with UVO Play.
  • UVO Link: In addition to the functions of UVO Play, UVO Link also offers remote starting, maintenance notifications, and vehicle diagnostics. You can use your smartphone to access these extra services.
  • UVO Link with Navigation: As the name implies, this version includes all the functions of the UVO Link in addition to built-in navigation, allowing you to use your data without a smartphone.

Your unique preferences and the features you value will determine the best UVO for you.

Does Kia Connect need payment?

After your complimentary 1-year Kia Connect ULTIMATE subscription ends, you will need to renew your subscription to continue using the full range of Kia Connect capabilities on your Kia. If you don’t, your use of some Kia Connect functions may end abruptly.

How do I update the infotainment on my Kia?

1. The engine should be running while updating the navigation; be careful, as this utilizes the battery of the car. Just make sure the battery is fully charged before beginning an update.

2. If the vehicle engine is started during an update, power to the system may be briefly cut off, which might affect data transfer and file integrity. If the portable device containing the update is removed during the update, the navigation system may not function properly.

3. Please be aware of your local traffic laws before updating your navigation because doing so could violate the applicable traffic rule.

Referring to the navigation update guide, continue with the car update.

Please proceed with the update process in your car using the USB-connected portable device.

On the General Settings screen, select “SW Info/Upgrade,” and then “Update” to begin the update.

Please proceed with the update process in your car with the portable device (SD Card).

To begin the update, click “Update” on the General screen, then “SW Info/Update.”

Please proceed with the update procedure in your car with the USB portable device.

In the General Settings page, select “SW Info/Upgrade,” and then “Update” to start the update.

On the General Settings screen, select “SW Info” and then “Update” to continue with the update.

How can I link my Kia app with my vehicle?

You should do the following to connect your phone:

  • Visiting the Google Play Store
  • Visit to get the Android Auto App.
  • Start the App.
  • On your dash, press the setup button.
  • On the screen of your car, press the phone or connectivity button.
  • Switch on Android Auto.
  • Use the USB cable to connect your device.