How To Use Infiniti Pro Curler?

Prior to using the curling iron, your hair should be clean, completely dry, and combed.

  • To smooth hair, start by carefully combing through it. Next, remove a 1/2- to 1-inch section (Fig. A).
  • Please be aware that the curl chamber entrance must be pointing toward the head when the styler is positioned into the hair (Fig. B).
  • Put the styler in the desired starting position for the curl. The hair segment must be straight and perfectly positioned through the hair guide’s center (Fig. C and D).
  • To automatically send the hair into the curl chamber, hold the hair section in position, then release it and close the handle (Fig. E).
  • To release a perfect curl, open the Curl Secret(r) 2.0 and gently move it away from the head (Fig. F)! To set the curl, allow it to cool in place for a minute. You can simply create flawless curls, one after the other, thanks to Curl Secret(r) 2.0’s completely automatic curling technology and quick heat-up and recovery times. It’s a brand-new, revolutionary method of hair curling. Quick, simple, and perfect curl after curl
  • The ceramic curl chamber automatically draws the hair inside, where it is gently held and evenly heated to create the curl.
  • The automatic beep indicator will begin as soon as the handles are brought together if you are using the timer option. There will be numerous distinct beeps. Hold the styler still and keep the grips clasped until all of the beeps have ended. The selected timer setting will determine how many beeps are heard. When you may take the styler out of your hair since the time is up.

NOTE: To liberate the curl, always open the handles first; if you pull away before doing so, the curl will straighten out. • Wait until the hair has cooled before combing or brushing it to allow the curl to set. • Continue until you have the required number of curls all over the head. NOTE: Avoid using this style tool on extensions of hair.