How To Turn Off Weather Alerts On Infiniti Qx60?

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Turn off voice announcements by going to Settings > Navigation > Weather. The ones that are on-screen can be left on since they only show text at the bottom of the map or other object you are viewing.

Regarding the voice announcements, I always turn them off when I sell a new car. They really annoy me, too.

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I greatly appreciate it. We skipped over the XM-related items. I couldn’t find a precise explanation of how to disable it in the handbook, but I’m assuming it’s found in one of the options mentioned. We usually have two weather conditions around here: raining or about to rain. And believe me, if the third possibility—a large yellow object appearing in the sky—happens, we won’t need the radio to let us know.

Can I receive weather alerts?

-Click on “Notifications.” -After that, enable “Allow alerts.” – Ensure that each alert type is turned on. When activated, you will always be informed anytime a WEA is received by a loud tone.

One of the various ways you can get emergency notifications is through WEA. The Emergency Alert System on radio and TV broadcasts, news media coverage, social media, and other alerting channels provided by local and state public safety authorities are other sources.

Gale Warning: A warning for sustained winds that are expected to reach 34 to 47 knots (KT) or higher, and are not related to tropical storms. A gust is a sudden change in wind speed that has changes of at least 10 KT between peaks and lulls.


The 2015 QX60 I recently bought has a persistent, inaccurate “weather alert” that appears as soon as the engine starts. Although the weather is great where I am in California, it warns “storm warning in 10 miles.” Is the software having some issues?

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On my qx80, how do I off weather alerts?

the procedures listed here to disable weather notifications on your INFINITI; Navigate to settings and then settings. Turn off the voice announcements by going to Weather.

How can I stop the Chrysler Pacifica from receiving weather alerts?

  • Visit APPS.
  • Choose TRAVEL LINK.
  • Choose WEATHER MAP.
  • To turn off each of the alert buttons on the right, click.
  • Pick the center car on the map.
  • Access SXM radio.
  • To the right, scroll down and choose Weather.
  • Choose your city

How can I stop getting alerts from the weather channel?

Given the degree of customization offered by Android, you can completely alter what you see when using the Google App. The Google App can be used to disable weather notifications in the following ways:

  • The Google App can be found on your Pixel.
  • Tap your profile photo in the app.
  • Tap Settings near the bottom of the new menu that displays.
  • Notifications will be the second choice. Tap it.
  • Again, tap Notifications.
  • To view the current weather, scroll down. Switch it off.

I want to activate weather alerts.

  • Access Wireless Emergency Alerts by going to Settings > Connections > Safety and emergency.
  • Turn on the notifications setting.
  • You can select the kinds of emergency alerts you want to receive there.

On my iPhone, how can I disable the weather channel alerts?

  • Launch Settings.
  • Opt for Notifications.
  • Pick the weather.
  • Go to Weather Notification Settings and tap it.
  • Tap Done after turning the settings on or off.

The remainder of our article, which includes images of these procedures, provides more details on how to enable or disable the rain and snow notifications on an iPhone.

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How can I disable Android’s severe weather alerts?

  • Launch the Settings window.
  • Select Safety & emergency from the menu.
  • Press the Wireless emergency alerts button.
  • Locate the Amber alerts setting and turn it off.

How do I disable weather notifications on the Google app?

One of the easiest ways to disable weather notifications is to make a few changes to the Google app’s settings on your Android phone. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Tap Settings, then choose “Apps and notifications” from the menu.

Step 4: Tap Notifications in the new window to bring up a lengthy list of notifications. To turn off weather alerts, you must toggle off three notifications linked to the weather.

  • weather conditions right now
  • weather warnings for major changes
  • daily weather predictions

The weather alerts on your Android smartphone will stop working after these three options are toggled off.

How do I activate rain alerts?

Do you want to be informed if snow or rain is expected to fall on you in the next hour? Here’s how to configure next-hour precipitation notifications for your current iPhone, such as the iPhone 13 Pro, in the Weather app.

  • Activate the Weather app.
  • Select the List icon. This is in the bottom right corner and appears as a list with bullets.
  • Click the icon.
  • Click Notifications.
  • For the areas where you want to receive notifications, flip the status switches to the green on position. Your current location or a specific region from your location list can be used here.
  • Click Done.

As stated, you will now receive notifications of impending precipitation. Sadly, the feature is once again only accessible in the United States, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.

Why am I unable to disable emergency alerts?

On Samsung Galaxy devices (like the A51 handset used for this guide), disabling government and emergency alerts works similarly to stock Android. Samsung, however, adds the alert settings to the Notifications settings. You must first launch the Settings app in order to access them; you can do this quickly by tapping on its icon in the app drawer.

Then select Advanced options. If you can’t find them, scroll down; they’re near the bottom of the list.

The last option on the screen, which should be Wireless emergency notifications, should now be selected.

The Wireless emergency alerts screen will then appear. The first switch, Allow alerts, is switched on, as you can see. Unless you’ve previously turned off emergency alerts, that is the default setting.

If you no longer wish to receive any form of official or emergency alerts on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone, toggle the Allow alerts switch off.

You can leave some alerts on and only turn off the ones you don’t need if you think they’re important and want to keep getting them. For instance, you might like to receive Extreme threat warnings rather than Test threat notifications. To achieve this, toggle off the alerts you don’t want while leaving the Allow alerts main switch on.

Note that some alerts may still be sent out depending on your government. For instance, in Romania, it is impossible to turn off presidential alerts. Furthermore, while the switch for these warnings isn’t even visible on our Samsung Galaxy A51, it is on our Samsung Galaxy S22 and S20 FE.

How do I modify the iPhone’s weather alerts?

  • To access your weather list, press Open Weather.
  • After tapping, choose Notifications.
  • Turn on notifications for Severe Weather and Next-Hour Precipitation by tapping a location beneath Your Locations (green is on).
  • Hit “Done”

How can I stop the emergency alert sound from playing?

Open the “Emergency Alerts” app by tapping the app slider on the Home screen. Opt for “Menu” > “Settings.” Choose “Receive alerts.” The alerts you don’t wish to hear can be unchecked.

How can I add the current weather to my notification center?

If a weather widget does not appear in the notification center, it has probably already been taken out of the notification center.

On your iPhone, swipe left to right across the screen. On the next Widgets screen, scroll to the bottom and hit the Edit option.

Tap the Plus icon in the top-right corner of your screen on the Edit screen.

To add the weather widget to your device’s notification section, touch the Add Widget button on the weather screen.

Go to Settings > General > touch on Shut Down to Power OFF your device if weather information has not yet appeared there.

Wait 30 seconds after the iPhone has completely shut down before tapping the Power button to restart it.

On my iPhone, how do I turn off rain?

To block out distracting outside noise and make it easier to concentrate or relax, you can play soothing noises like the ocean or rain.

Turn on Background Sounds by going to Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual > Background Sounds.

Set one or more of the following:

Use While Media is Playing: Change the background sound’s volume while music or other media is being played on the iPhone.

On my iPhone, where can I find weather alerts?

1. Launch the Weather application and click the three dots in the upper right corner. Tap “Notifications” after that.

2. Tap the toggle next to “My Area” until it becomes green to enable notifications for rain or snow in your current location. If you’d like, you can enable notifications for any more saved locations in the Weather app.

I want Google Weather to appear on my notification bar.

Greetings from Android Central! Open the Google app, go to Menu > Settings > Notifications > Your Feed > Current Weather, and make sure that Current Weather is selected as an option.

Will a silent mode be used for emergency alerts?

[image-1] Make sure you receive emergency notifications overnight because severe weather is predicted as Hurricane Dorian moves closer to the Carolina coast.

The Charleston area may experience tropical storm-force winds as early as Thursday morning, according to the most recent National Hurricane Center forecast. Although you’ll certainly be tossing and turning, you should make sure you receive alerts if any are sent.

Wireless Emergency Alerts are available for iOS and Android-powered mobile devices. Both operating systems offer choices to fine-tune the alerts you wish to view, and governments can give updates on a variety of subjects, such as severe weather, public safety, and AMBER Alerts.

You won’t get the updates, though, if you have your phone’s alerts completely or partially disabled.

Here’s how to ensure that you get emergency warnings on iOS during severe weather:

-Confirm that mute is not selected on your ring/silent switch. NOTE: If Do Not Disturb is activated, your phone may receive alerts, but if your iPhone’s Ring/Silent switch is turned off, you won’t be able to hear the alerts.

With Android:

-Swipe to Settings > Apps & Notifications > Emergency Alerts (Depending on your Android version, this location may be different. According to Android Central, you can also try looking up “emergency” or “cell broadcasts.”

– Verify that alarms are activated. NOTE: On Android, even if your phone is on mute, alerts should still be audible if the proper alerts are enabled.

Your results may vary because it appears that different cell providers can choose which warnings will override user mute settings for both OS systems.

The lesson of the tale is:

Your best chance is to just check that your phone is not set to mute or Do Not Disturb before you go to bed tonight to ensure that you will receive the alerts.

How can I remove the iPhone’s weather shortcuts?

Select Edit in the Shortcuts app on your iOS or iPadOS device. Once one or more shortcuts have been selected (a tick will appear in the upper-right corner), hit Delete.