How To Open Rear Window Infiniti Qx56?

click on your five-button key fob and push the button on the instrument panel (if equipped),

or operate the control on the left rear quarter panel by pressing and releasing it (Figure B). removing the latch

the button) located in the middle of the license plate lamp shield, or

push the five buttons on your key fob. Keep the liftgate and liftgate glass closed.

in a garage or another small, enclosed space. When using the liftgate, stay away from it.

the switch in back. Pull the handle on the liftgate to release it to manually operate the liftgate.

the automobile’s liftgate. When you release the, the power system will take control.

handle. To close, close the back window first, then slowly lower the liftgate.

To activate power closing, add inches. The gate may become activated if it is shut quickly or more than a few inches.