Can You Use The Infiniti Pro Conair On Wet Hair?

When my hair styler finally broke, I had it when it was originally released, and I was upset since I couldn’t get it or something similar locally. I was very happy when I finally located it on Amazon! Since it works so well for me, I’m overjoyed to have it. Although I have short hair, I do not believe that hair length matters. My hair has body and is a little coarse, but it is not curly. It tends to frizz a little bit when it rains or when I’m in a humid atmosphere. My hair can be smoothed out with this hot air styler while also adding volume and direction, eliminating the need for a separate brush. Recently, a friend saw me using it at the beach and wanted one too. It may be used quickly and simply. Beware that it is the same product if you see one similar to it online for more than $100. The realistic cost for this is in the $45 to $45 range. Be not deceived. This hair styler’s one and only limitation is that it cannot be used abroad, yet it is still valuable to have and excellent for daily use. When I don’t have time to wash my hair, which happens seldom, I may lightly spray my hair with this and it “freshens” and improves the appearance of my hair. I may use it to dry or damp hair. I use this after washing my hair and letting it air dry for a while. On a typical workday, I take a shower, wash my hair, towel-dry it, brush it into the style I want it to have when it is dry, run my fingers through it to lift it above my scalp, eat breakfast, put on my makeup, and by the time I am done with all of that, my hair is ready to be styled with this; it is still damp but not dripping wet. I’ve used a lot of stylers and dryers, but this one is the best! This works so much better for me than using a round brush and a blow dryer; I would never think of going to the hassle. It is highly advised! Without it, I’m not sure what I would do.


Today I used it on my medium-length, slightly damp hair, and, like with a flat iron, I heard the sizzling sound of my wet hair boiling, which is not a good thing even when a heat protector is used. Wait until the hair is completely dry or nearly dry because damp hair is more likely to sustain damage.

On damp hair, I haven’t tried it yet. The directions state to use on dry hair, but I suppose you could give it a try on damp hair just like you would with a standard flat iron. I’m concerned that applying this product on damp or wet hair—in contrast to using a flat iron—might harm the product or your hair. Hope this was of some use.


  • How should my hair be styled to get the best curls? Simply ensure that your hair section is tidy, dry, and combed, and hold it straight when you insert it into the hair guide in the curl chamber.
  • How will I know when to use Conair FashionCurlA(r)?
  • The red indication light will blink as soon as you turn on the power. Conair FashionCurlA(r) is ready for use once the temperature reaches its predetermined point and it solidifies.
  • Do I need to hold the Conair FashionCurlA(r) in a specific manner?

Yes. The curl chamber’s entrance must be facing your head. You’ll understand how that works once you perform your first curl.

  • Could my long hair get tangled in the curling iron? To ensure that it doesn’t, Conair FashionCurlA(r) included an additional safety function! When it detects a tangle, the styler actually pauses. Simply let go of the thread and begin again.
  • Can I style my hair with styling products while using the Conair FashionCurlA(r)?
  • Yes. Conair FashionCurlA is compatible with styling products, just as conventional styling appliances. We do not advise using any adhesive products, even though residue can be cleaned from the equipment using the easy-twist chamber cleaning. Instead, use items like oils and sprays made to withstand heat.
  • My hair is textured or curly. Do you recommend Conair FashionCurlA(r) as a style product for me? Absolutely! Any hair type or texture can be given the ideal curl with Conair FashionCurlA(r). Additionally, the tourmaline ceramic gives a stunning luster.
  • How does the Conair FashionCurlA(r) return to the pre-set temperature when it is in sleep mode?
  • Simply press the handles closed and then open to bring the styler out of sleep mode. The Fashion CurlA(r) will be ready for use when the red indication light turns solid.
  • How do I clean the Conair FashionCurlA(r)’s curl chamber?
  • An instrument for simple chamber cleaning has been given. It’s easy. Simply place it inside the curl chamber and turn it with the handle.
  • Can I apply hair extensions with the Conair FashionCurlA(r)?
  • No! Some hair extensions may be damaged by high heat. Use of any hair extensions with this styling tool is not recommended.
  • Is it suitable for shorter hair?
  • Yes. Any length of hair that is long enough to be dragged into the curl chamber can use it.
  • Does the Conair FashionCurlA(r) work on kids?
  • The Conair FashionCurlA(r) is more suited to younger customers because it is a lighter and smaller device. However, it is advised to have parental supervision when using any heating appliance.

Can damp hair be used with a Conair Hot brush?

By allowing you to smooth, volumize, dry, and straighten your hair in one step, a heated brush shortens the style process!

This multipurpose, simple-to-use equipment combines a blow dryer, flat iron, or both (or both!).

Simply select your preferred setting and go carefully through damp or dry hair. The heated airflow or heated plates smooth and shine the hair’s cuticle while the hairbrush bristles help regulate and direct your hair. There’s no need to juggle a brush and a heat tool in one hand; it’s the ideal approach to get sleek, shining hair with less time and effort.

NOTE: A heated brush should NOT be used on damp hair because it lacks the same drying ability as a standard blow drier.

Prior to using your hot brush, make sure to air dry or blow dry your hair at least 80% of the way.

Can damp hair be straightened using a brush?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could step out of the shower, use your Hot Brush, and have dry, straight hair by the time you got outside?

We’re sorry to break your bubble, but the Hot Brush should not be used on hair that is completely wet or that is only slightly damp.

Always use the Hot Brush only on completely dry hair. As a flat iron, which you should NEVER use on wet hair, it functions similarly. This is due to the fact that styling damp hair at high temperatures makes it more vulnerable to harm. You won’t get the intended effects and will simply harm your hair by straightening wet hair.

Since water expands when heated, this also holds true for the water in your hair. As the water molecules in your hair swell, they can seriously harm the structure of your hair, leading to split ends or even burning your hair.

Except for a blowdryer, none of the styling equipment are intended to be used on damp hair. That includes wands, straightening brushes, crimpers, curling irons, flat irons, and so on.

While the Blow brush uses the same drying concept as a drier, it is safe to use on damp hair. The Hot Brush is not, though.

In conclusion, it’s a big no-no to use a hot brush on wet or damp hair! To obtain smooth and secure straight tresses, make sure your hair is completely dry and free of any buildup or residue.

How should my Infiniti Pro Conair be cleaned?

Your dryer requires almost no maintenance. Lubrication is not required. The dryer needs to be maintained clean in order to operate properly. When cleaning is required, unplug the cord, let it cool, and then use a small brush or the brush attachment of a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and lint from the air intake ports. Only a cloth should be used to clean the dryer’s exterior.

Is applying heat to wet hair bad?

  • Damage over time may result from straightening moist hair.
  • Wet hair becomes coarse or frizzy and breaks when it comes in contact with the hot straightener.
  • Your hair care routine can help reduce the damage by utilizing a microfiber towel, chilled air for blow drying, and conditioner.
  • Consider applying a heat protectant on your hair if you plan to use hot tools on it.

In other words, avoid straightening damp hair. Wet or damp hair becomes more porous, making it more prone to damage. Heat damage, frizz, and texture changes result from heating damp hair. You might find that your hair feels coarse and brittle. However, if you need to blow dry your hair quickly, use a low setting. In a pinch, you can also use a dry shampoo to add volume and texture to your hair. To read the extra advice on how to straighten your hair without harming it, scroll ahead.

What happens when wet hair is curled?

The Fix: Avoid doing this at all costs! Curling irons are made to provide dry hair beach waves and curls. They heat up your hair strands in the process, and wet or even slightly damp hair is much more prone to hair damage. Therefore, let your hair totally dry on the air before turning on the curling iron. Blow-dry your hair in the overall shape and direction you want for your final hairdo for greater hair hold and gloss. The stage is now set for the ideal hairdo!

What happens when damp hair is flat ironed?

The issue isn’t so much whether you can straighten damp hair or not, but rather what occurs when you do. The fact is, even while using a flat iron on wet hair is technically possible, it doesn’t follow that you should. You probably already know that when your hair is damp, it is most brittle. Therefore, it is easy to picture the harm that straightening wet hair can bring to your strands. You can tell everything you need to know if you’ve ever tried to straighten wet hair because you’ve undoubtedly heard your strands sizzle as the iron passes over them.

Perhaps you’re thinking, “What about hair blowers? They are applied to damp hair.” And while that is accurate, there is a distinction between the two! Hot air is blown into your hair strands during a blowout to dry them at a distance. Your hair is sandwiched between extremely hot plates that quickly dry and shape your hair when you use a flat iron on wet or even barely damp hair. This can harm your hair considerably more than heat styling currently does, and heat protectant won’t be able to reverse it.

Is it necessary to totally dry your hair before straightening it?

Harry Josh, the hairstylist responsible for the flawless locks of models like Taylor Hill, advises stopping and taking stock of the situation if you see steam or hear sizzling. The hair should be completely dry before straightening.

If you are confident that the hair is dry, product build-up may be to blame. Before using a flatiron, you should be picky about the items you use, Sarah admonishes. “Straightening is distinct from curling in that you shouldn’t apply anything to dry hair. The product cannot be used since the iron clamps down on the hair. It’s not a good idea to essentially boil the product into the follicle, especially if it contains alcohol.”