Can You Get An Infiniti Serviced At A Nissan Dealership?

The good news is that you can get Infiniti services at Nissan dealerships and get the same high-quality care you get at an Infiniti dealership – frequently for less money. You expect high-caliber work, and you should. You should, and you should want, someone qualified and skilled to work on your car. That does not imply that you want to spend more money on it.

All Nissan vehicles can be serviced by the professionals at your local Nissan dealerships. That unquestionably includes the Infiniti range of luxury cars from Nissan. Just as you should be able to expect GM-trained technicians to be fully competent to operate on Cadillacs and the entire Nissan line up of cars, trucks, SUVs, and crossovers, you should be able to expect Nissan-trained technicians to be fully competent to work on Infiniti vehicles.


I’m going to buy a Q50. Dealer, though, is 40 miles away. It is five miles to the Nissan dealer. I was able to confirm with the Nissan dealer that they would take care of the Infiniti’s routine maintenance but that the Infiniti dealer would be responsible for any warranty or recall work. So, I want to know whether anyone here thinks it’s a problem that Nissan keeps the Infiniti in good working order.

No, parts are interchangeable, and the majority of Infiniti maintenance parts will be stamped NISSAN. In addition, Nissan is a registered independent car store with a license.


Why not relax in the Infiniti lounge rather than fight for free donuts at Nissan when Infiniti typically matches Nissan servicing costs?

Man! Over the past ten years of owning an Infiniti, I wish I had known that! Because of the extra services, free loaner cars, nicer lounge, and willingness to undertake warranty repairs, I always take my car to the Infiniti shop.

For instance, when I brought my ONE WEEK OLD QX60 to the Nissan store, I was informed that the issue was “simply typical.” When I took it to the Infiniti dealer, they replaced the part without asking any questions.

Experience with Infiniti Services

Visit your Retailer for specialist INFINITI service when your INFINITI is due for maintenance. Our INFINITI-trained specialists treat your vehicle like the work of art that it is, from oil changes to warranty repairs. Guests can unwind in our relaxing waiting spaces while taking use of these unique amenities*.

Because we value your time and provide free Wi-Fi while you wait, you can work, browse, or have fun.

We invite you to take advantage of our complementary assortment of cold beverages, fresh-brewed coffee, and tea to make your visit with us as enjoyable as possible.

Participating Retailers are committed to offering you a free INFINITI Courtesy Vehicle anytime your INFINITI is in for warranty maintenance in order to make your experience as convenient as possible.

Simply give your INFINITI Retailer a call to make your reservation, or use our online service scheduling tool.

In order to provide you with the same degree of contemporary elegance you’ve come to expect from your INFINITI vehicle, we created our waiting areas with your comfort in mind.

You will receive a complimentary car wash as the last stage in our precisely planned service experience to make sure your car is in top condition.

Nissan does Infiniti warranty work, right?

I’ve owned enough Infiniti vehicles to be aware that it is Nissan’s high-end division. However, the connection between the two prompts a significant query. My Infiniti needs some warranty work, but the dealership is completely booked for months. Can a Nissan dealership service my Infiniti under warranty?

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While an Infiniti can be serviced by a Nissan dealer, warranty work on an Infiniti cannot be done by a Nissan dealer. The Nissan dealer is prohibited from performing warranty work because it violates the terms of the Infiniti warranty agreement. Any Infiniti work must be completed at an Infiniti dealer, according to the warranty. Therefore, while a Nissan dealer can certainly complete maintenance, warranty work is not an option.

You can always take your Infiniti to a Nissan dealer in an emergency if you ever need routine maintenance or out-of-warranty repair done on it. Both will be understood by mechanics, ensuring that your car is in capable hands.

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Are Nissan parts used in INFINITIs?

The fact that the dealership has the necessary parts on hand, as opposed to, say, Bob’s Garage, is one advantage of having your car serviced there. As you are probably aware, the majority of non-dealer mechanics will typically give you the option of either the genuine article or a knockoff. Although imitations could initially seem alluring, you need to be cautious. It’s usually preferable to utilize a part that was created especially for your Infiniti; in fact, that part was used when your Infiniti was first constructed.

You can rely on your Nissan dealer to have the genuine, factory-approved parts for your Infiniti—not a less expensive knockoff. You spent money on a high-quality car. Make sure all the components installed on it are high-quality components. You may be sure that the Nissan dealership will only use factory-approved replacement components while servicing your Infiniti.

What distinguishes Infiniti and Nissan from them other?

Many of our Dayton clients have inquired, “Who manufactures INFINITI?” Many of them are interested in the manufacturing locations of INFINITI vehicles.

Many Cincinnati locals are unaware of who or where INFINITI vehicles are created, despite the fact that Evans INFINITI of Dayton frequently receives inquiries regarding our cars’ characteristics. This article will change that!

Vehicles for INFINITI are produced by Nissan. Nissan is a Japanese carmaker, and their luxury line is known as INFINITI. Because of this, some INFINITI models are based on the Nissan portfolio. They have been significantly updated, though, and contain much more upscale features. Nissan builds INFINITI automobiles all around the world, from little sport sedans like the INFINITI Q50 to big SUVs like the third-row QX80. The INFINITI models offered here in Dayton, Ohio, are made in Japan, Tennessee, or Mexico, depending on the model. The locations of the individual INFINITI models that are produced for sale in the USA are examined here.

What features do Nissan and INFINITI share?

Vehicles from Nissan and Infiniti may not appear to differ all that much at first glance. As the performance and luxury brand, Infiniti cars do, however, come with certain notable enhancements. Nissan creates more affordable vehicles.

One of the most important distinctions to take into account is comfort. Due to the fact that you get what you pay for, the interiors vary. The interiors of Infiniti vehicles are made with higher-quality materials with the comfort of the driver and passengers in mind.

Better sound insulation for a peaceful interior, leather upholstery, real wood trim, more electronics, more cutting-edge technology, and a higher-quality finish are examples of premium materials.

It’s also possible that Infiniti automobiles have better engine and component specifications. Driver assistance technologies including blind-spot warning, distracted driver alert, lane-keeping assistance, and more are available on both Nissan and Infiniti vehicles. However, Infiniti cars frequently have the most advanced and superior technologies.

Additionally, Infiniti automobiles often feature stronger engines for improved performance. All-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive are frequently combined with Infiniti vehicles to create a sportier ride that can manage snow. Nissan automobiles normally have front-wheel drive, while some options allow for 4×4 or AWD.

Are INFINITI vehicles dependable?

With a reliability rating of 3.5 out of 5, INFINITI is ranked 16th overall out of 32 automobile brands. This evaluation is based on the average of 345 different models. The average cost of repairs for an INFINITI is $638 annually, which indicates that its ownership expenditures are higher than normal.

Are Infiniti vehicles sold in the UK?

As part of its exit from western Europe, Japanese luxury automaker Infiniti has announced that it will stop selling its cars in the UK as of early 2020. Nissan’s Infiniti brand, which competes with upscale names like Lexus and Mercedes, was first launched to the UK in 2008.

According to the company’s restructuring strategy, it will concentrate on the US and Chinese markets while it works toward electrifying every model in its lineup by 2021.

According to a corporate representative, the decision to withdraw was influenced by low sales in Europe and the investment needed to comply with new CO2 regulations.

The Nissan facility in Sunderland, which presently manufactures the Infiniti QX30 and Q30 in the UK, will stop doing so in July 2019.

Maintaining value of INFINITI vehicles?

The performance of an INFINITI resale relies on the time frame being measured. Early on, INFINITIs rank towards the bottom and lose a lot of value, but with time, they gain some ground and now rank in the middle of the pack. INFINITI values have demonstrated to be more consistent and dependable than those of certain other manufacturers whose vehicle models are dispersed throughout the rankings. Although you may not be completely satisfied with how they uphold their beliefs, at least you are aware of where they are going, so you won’t be shocked when they arrive.

Our top choice for the INFINITI model year with the best value is the 2018. With the 2018, you would only spend, on average, 63% of the price as new, and the vehicle would still have 67% of its usable life.

The INFINITI vehicles are also appealing in the 2020 and 2017 model years, and they offer a fair price. Our rankings take into account a number of variables, such as the original new price, the current price, maintenance expenditures, and the remaining years of anticipated overall spending. The top-ranked model year on our list offers the most vehicle for the dollar among INFINITI models.

Who produces the Infiniti engines?

With a few exceptions for unique vehicles, Nissan produces the majority of Infiniti engines. They are Nissan engines, it is true, but they should not be confused with the ones that are used in Nissan automobiles. The parent company is Nissan, and its luxury segment is Infiniti. Its higher-end luxury brand can only use the best and highest performing engines. When you get in the driver’s seat, you can tell the difference. The performance of Infiniti engines is superior to that of ordinary Nissan engines. A very unique engine that would be the first of its kind has been in development by Infiniti for decades. The variable compression engine for Infiniti took twenty years to develop. The lightweight V6 twin-turbo engine has a 300 or 400 horsepower option. Infiniti will soon adopt yet another cutting-edge technology. According to rumors, they intend to switch to all-hybrid or electric vehicles in the upcoming years. They are contributing to the effort to rescue the environment. For those who support cleaner energy and improved fuel economy, the transition will be exhilarating. Infiniti has a solid record of developing cutting-edge automobile technology.

What does the Infiniti warranty cover?

INFINITI Limited Warranty for New Vehicles Depending on which comes first, your standard New Vehicle Limited Warranty is available for 48 months or 60,000 miles. All required repairs to address flaws in the materials and workmanship of all parts and components of your new INFINITI car are covered by this INFINITI guarantee.