What Size Gas Tank Does A Hyundai Santa Fe Have?

How far can the Hyundai Santa Fe go on a full tank, then, in 2022? With an 18.8-gallon fuel tank, the 2022 Santa Fe models can travel up to 518 miles on a single tank of gasoline when driven on the highway. In other words, if you have a full tank of gas, you may travel from St. Augustine, Florida, to Miami and beyond without stopping at a gas station.

The fuel tank on the Hyundai Santa Fe (2011–2019) holds 64 gallons.

The two base types of the Hyundai Santa Fe, a high-end SUV from Hyundai Motors, each include a huge 65-liter fuel tank and a 2WD drivetrain. This sleek and intimidating-looking car is also available in a 4WD drive version with a 70-liter fuel tank. This figure of 65 liters is also met by the Renault Koleos, another strong competitor in this market. Another one of its primary competitors, the Isuzu MU7, has a gasoline tank size of up to 76 liters.

The Toyota Fortuner is a stylish SUV in the similar price range that has a much larger gasoline tank, measuring 80 liters. The CR-V luxury SUV from Honda Motors has a smaller gasoline capacity of only 58 liters. The Skoda Yeti has an even smaller capacity of only 50 litres. Therefore, while the Hyundai Santa Fe is far behind some of its competitors in this regard, it is ahead of some.

How big is the Hyundai Santa Fe’s gasoline tank?

The 2022 Santa Fe trims have an 18.8-gallon fuel tank, so you can travel up to 518 miles on a full tank of gasoline when driving on the highway.

What type of fuel can a Hyundai Santa Fe use?

Shutterstock Warning: Driving with low fuel or an empty tank might harm your car and potentially cause an accident. Your car or truck’s fuel gauge is deceiving you. About a gallon (3.8 liters) of reserve fuel is added by automakers after the “empty” line.

How far can a Hyundai Santa Fe travel on a single tank of gas?

The 18.8 gallon petrol tank on the Santa Fe allows it to travel farther. The 2022 Santa Fe can be configured in ten different ways.

How fuel-efficient is a Hyundai Santa Fe?

The Hyundai Santa Fe’s standard engine achieves good fuel economy for a midsize SUV at 25 mpg in the city and 28 mpg on the highway.

Is the Santa Fe fuel-efficient?

The three-row Hyundai Palisade will be larger when compared to the Hyundai Santa Fe. Compared to the Santa Fe’s 188.4 inches, the car is 196.1 inches longer. Additionally, the Palisade is taller at 68.9 inches and broader at 77.8 inches.

Which model, the Hyundai Tucson or Santa Fe, is superior?

The Hyundai Santa Fe has a flawless reliability rating prior to the last two years. The vehicle received a 5-star dependability rating for the years 2017, 2018, and 2019.

What Hyundai vehicle has the largest engine?

Three rows of seating are available in the Hyundai Santa Fe of the third generation (2012-2019). In the regular SE trim and six in the Santa Fe XL trim, it can fit up to seven passengers.

What is the largest SUV produced by Hyundai?

With four models (Accent, Kona, Sonata, and Venue) all boasting above 30 mpg combined fuel economy, even the entirely gas-powered cars in the 2022 Hyundai portfolio are hitting new heights in fuel efficiency.

Santa Fe: a dependable vehicle?

The most frequently reported problem with the Santa Fe, according to Car Problem Zoo, a website devoted to gathering owner feedback, is engine-related. Model years 2017, 2014, 2013, and 2012 all have a lot of these problems.

When did the Santa Fe start having engine issues?

The Palisade, which has a length of 4,980 mm (196.1 in) and a wheelbase of 2,900 mm (114.2 in) inches, is Hyundai’s longest passenger car to date.

Are there 7 seats in every Santa Fe?

Palisade’s main attributes: No matter the size of the group, the Palisade, the largest Hyundai SUV debuted in 2020, is an attractive family hauler and the perfect vehicle for a road trip.

What volume of gallons does a reserve tank hold?

When you are running short on fuel (1 gallon remaining, IIRC), the light flashes, and when it is solid, you should fill up right away (1/2 gallon left). Now, if your tank is full (i.e., contains more than 1 gallon) and it is still flashing, your tank level float is probably the cause of the issue.

How far can a Hyundai engine travel?

Such a fun query! Your results may vary when it comes to gasoline (no pun intended). The typical fuel efficiency for a modern American sedan or truck is roughly 25 miles per gallon.

How far can a gallon of gas take you?

Up to 25 mpg in the city and 28 mpg on the highway are the typical fuel economy ratings for the 2022 Hyundai Santa Fe. Different drivetrains, engine types, and trims have varying fuel economy.

Why does my gas light come on even when my tank is full with fuel?

Yes, generally speaking. Due to its capacity to maintain a constant pace, cruise control can help you become more fuel-efficient and can help you save on gas on average by 7–14%. In contrast, the driver’s foot on the pedals can consume more gas due to the constant acceleration and deceleration.

Can cruise control reduce fuel use?

While the Hyundai Tucson models have superior predicted highway fuel economy, the Hyundai Santa Fe lineup has more horsepower capacity. Although the Hyundai Tucson has more cargo space than the Hyundai Santa Fe, the Hyundai Santa Fe offers better passenger space.