What Is The Symbol For Hyundai?

The current Hyundai logo is a clean, appealing style. The picture has an oval border with a stylised, slanted “H” in it. The term “Hyundai” is typically printed beneath the Hyundai symbol when it is used in marketing materials. It is written in an angular, sans-serif font.

The Hyundai logo is as straightforward as it gets in the eyes of many. Similar to the Honda logo, the majority of people mistakenly believe the “H” in the Hyundai logo stands for the “H” in the company name. While to some extent this is true, the Hyundai logo actually has a deeper meaning, standing for acceptance, community, and cooperation.

Finding the Hyundai Logo’s Origins

While the “H” in the Hyundai automaker’s emblem does represent the name of the business, it also represents a stylized image of a pair of people holding hands. The first person is a company representative, while the second is a happy client. Their interaction is a handshake of confidence and happiness between a business and a customer. Additionally, rather than leaning passively to the left, the “H” is angled forward and to the right.

The ellipse that surrounds the figures represents Hyundai’s aspiration to succeed outside of Asia in the global market.

The color silver, which is used to emboss the logo on a vehicle’s grill, represents sophistication, originality, and excellence. It is frequently blue when you see it in print or online, which stands for dependability, excellence, and superiority. The typeface used in the logo was created especially for the business.

Even though the Hyuindai logo hasn’t undergone the same changes as other companies (like Mazda), it still conveys the values of the business.

Did you know that each of Hyundai’s vehicles has a unique typeface and text style? View the gallery down below!

Meaning and background

The badge Hyundai selected at the start of the 1990s is among the oddest used on vehicles. The company’s logo appears to be just a simple letter inside an oval frame at first glance, however the inspiration for the design was actually a stylized illustration of two individuals shaking hands. The recognizable “H” is made up of the silhouettes of the buyer and seller expressing their happiness with the transaction. Although the business modified multiple styles before coming up with the emblem we all recognize today.

Hyundai, one of South Korea’s leading automated firms, was founded in 1967 and currently successfully competes not only in the Asian market but also all over the world. In addition to mass-market models, the company’s portfolio also includes premium automobiles, trucks, electric cars, and engines.


What might be concealed on H-letter? If someone brings up hidden connotations while mentioning the Hyundai logo, you should bring it up. In actuality, the South Korean company’s emblem contains more than simply a single letter. The phrase “Asian values” gives away the logo’s secret meaning. If you look closely, you can see the outline of a handshake in the H-letter. A happy customer and a compassionate business equal the ideal logo.