Is The State Farm Guy In A Hyundai Commercial?

You want to know the truth, right? Recall the new State Farm Jake from the Super Bowl ads from last year?

It turns out that Kevin “Miles” Mimms, the actor who plays the new Jake, has been in numerous other ads both before and after the recent State Farm advertisement.

He has been in advertisements for brands like Taco Bell, T-Mobile, and Bose, according to a different report on Twitter.

It’s odd that the man is best recognized for playing Jake from State Farm, yet he has appeared in other commercials. The man needs to make money in some way.

A seasoned commercial professional, Kevin Miles

You might also recall Miles from a time when he was attempting to sell you something than insurance with his charming face.

Miles has made an impressively large amount of advertisements. When he first moved to Los Angeles, he told Forbes, he was earning money as a food delivery driver while also establishing his résumé and income by applying for any acting roles he could find. Which means there’s a high chance Miles has attempted to sell you something at some time if you can drive it, eat it, drink it, or even listen to it. Coors Light, psoriasis treatment, Hyundai, Panera Bread, Pepsi, Henry’s Hard Sparkling Water, Jersey Mikes, Straight Talk Wireless, 5-Hour Energy, Slim Jims, Fantasy Football, McDonald’s, Bose, Ford, eBay, and Taco Bell are among the brands he has starred in commercials for.

Despite all of this expertise, Miles claims that it was the wife of State Farm CMO Rand Harbert who chose him above the other “New Jake” candidates and persuaded her husband to give him the job that has made him so well-known. And he’s overjoyed to have been chosen: “Actually, they’re really, really lovely people. For as long as I can, I want to do it “said he.

You shouldn’t anticipate a new New Jake from State Farm any time soon, even though Miles hopefully has greater opportunities ahead of him.

Kevin Miles, who plays Jake from State Farm, went from sleeping in his car to appearing in Super Bowl commercials.

The Super Bowl game on Sunday may not have been as exciting as many had hoped, but the advertisements never fail to draw in the crowd. State Farm Insurance produced a remarkable commercial in which “Jake From State Farm” amusingly learns that his on-set stand-in is none other than music superstar Drake. The public was first introduced to the “Jake from State Farm” character on Super Bowl Sunday, one year ago, and the very real man who wears the red shirt and khakis is undoubtedly savoring the occasion.

Chicago’s South Side is home to actor Kevin Miles. He says he was happily reared during the Michael Jordan era and that he liked sports as a young child. At the age of nine, the 30-year-old fulfilled his childhood dream of becoming an actor when his father observed his son’s interest for what he was viewing on television. “As you see all these TV programs with these people accomplishing amazing things, you wish you could do the same. You can be anything as an actor, “Miles talks about the things his father may have said to him. After that, Miles started acting in primary school productions like Romeo and Juliet. Miles recalls his youth by saying, “I was a bigger kid, I was like 240 [pounds].” “So I was given the role of “Lord Capulet.” I just remember thinking that I was Marlon Brando in The Godfather up there because it was my first time performing on stage. The response was fantastic, and I could see that acting chances were infinite.”

After graduating from the Chicago Academy for the Arts, Miles continued his studies in theatre at Webster University in St. Louis, where he furthered his craft. After earning his BFA in acting, he concentrated on getting good employment although initially unsure of which city would be the most fortunate for him. I was undecided as to whether I should stay in Chicago, where I was born and raised, and save money and establish some credit, or move to Los Angeles or New York. Miles continues. “I simply wanted to travel to Los Angeles. I thus bought that one-way ticket. My mother accompanied me and assisted me in purchasing this used Mustang before leaving the following day. I lacked an apartment. I brought a pillow and two bags.”

The then-aspiring actor recalls spending a week sleeping in his car before finding housing that, in his opinion, was way too pricey given his meager income. “It was challenging for me for a while to earn all these degrees in theater while also working as a foodrunner while wearing your graduation gown. It was very intimidating.” Miles’s friends started advising him to sign up for casting networks so he did. As a result, he started applying “obsessively” for both large and minor acting roles. “Definitely difficult. I continued. Brick by brick, I made sure to put in my best effort and go for it.”

For its future branding, State Farm has huge ideas.

State Farm has grand intentions to increase awareness of its brand through advertising at both offline and online gaming events. In many of these efforts, Jake from State Farm will play a significant role. In a recent “Battle of the Khakis” Twitch livestream, Jake from State Farm participated among other NBA2K streamers.

It’s true that Kevin Miles is most recognized for his role as Jake from State Farm and his happy demeanor. However, he has a substantial career as a commercial actor and has worked with numerous brands. He has appeared in advertisements for Pepsi, Slim Jims, Taco Bell, and other brands.

One of State Farm’s Super Bowl-themed television advertising campaigns targets sports fans. At the major event, Miles’ Jake from State Farm character made an appearance with Drake, Aaron Rodgers, and Patrick Mahomes from the NFL. A

Most certainly, Jake from State Farm will continue to appear on television and in the newest sports action video game. The majority of us don’t mind that.

Introducing State Farm’s new Jake

Prior to the coronavirus upending everything in early 2020, State Farm was undergoing a major shift.

Actor Kevin Miles took over for the original Jake from State Farm. When State Farm unveiled a shot-for-shot recreation of the original, popular commercial with Miles standing in for Stone, viewers were astounded.

According to Fraser’s Medium essay, Jake was replaced with a trendier model. Miles is more in tune with the Twitter crowd, younger, and cooler.

However, this extended job is exceedingly difficult and is better handled by a professional actor, according to State Farm, who offered a different justification. “The original Jake was fantastic at delivering his famous linea,” they said.

Jake Stone is portrayed as the new Jake’s cubicle neighbor in the remake, which is a good touch.

Who Played “Jake From State Farm” in the first film?

Jake Stone, an actual State Farm insurance agent who worked in Bloomington, Illinois, was the man originally cast in the role of Jake from State Farm. His roommate, a State Farm coworker, announced a casting call for future commercials for the business in March 2011. Stone gave it a try and checked it out while juggling his insurance call center work and a bartending job. The 26-year-old was soon traveling to California to film commercials for his job.

Stone was picked to say just two words in State Farm’s “State of Unrest” commercial (“Uh, khakis”). He had no idea that the line would eventually give rise to a popular meme and a company mascot.

Along with Stone’s newfound celebrity came some shady rumors. A bogus claim that Jake from State Farm had been killed by his wife over suspicions of infidelity surfaced in October 2015. Stone wrote on Twitter to dispel the hoax: “In spite of recent allegations, I am still alive. We appreciate your care, everyone.”

Stone’s life didn’t, however, substantially alter as a result of the advertisement. When he presented himself to callers as “Jake from State Farm,” he claimed that he did occasionally get recognized in an interview with The Pantagraph from 2011. He said, “As I described it to a friend, I’m just putting on my khakis, one leg at a time,” in reference to everything else.

What Has Been Happening To State Farm’s Original Jake?

State Farm Insurance revived “Jake from State Farm,” one of its most popular television advertisements, for the 2020 Super Bowl. In the original commercial, a lady discovers her husband chatting to their insurance agent on the phone in the middle of the night. According to Medium, the real-life State Farm employee who starred in the first TV advertisement. What happened to the original “Jake from State Farm” if they changed the employee in the 2020 commercial reboot?

With attractive actor Kevin Miles portraying Jake, the insurance company’s Jake 2020 ad has been a great success. The viral reboot commercial put Jake in fresh predicaments. With Patrick Mahomes, Aaron Rodgers, Paul Rudd, and even Drake, Miles has appeared in ads. Drake served as a stand-in for “Jake from State Farm” in the 2021 State Farm Super Bowl commercial, which went viral on Twitter.

So why did Jake get replaced by the insurance company? Continue reading to learn more if you’re curious in what happened to the first “Jake from State Farm.”

Is Jake from State Farm the man in the new Hyundai commercial?

State Farm brought back its well-known “State of Unrest” campaign in 2020, but with a modernized twist. Kevin Miles, a trained actor, recast the part of Jake. Miles received acting and theater training at the Chicago Academy for the Arts, according to his LinkedIn profile. He earned a bachelor’s degree in fine arts from Webster University in 2012. Fun fact: He was also a DJ when he was a student and secured Girl Talk’s opening slot at a Webster performance in 2011—the same year Stone made his debut as Jake.

Miles has established a little career for himself and is currently based in Los Angeles. His IMDb page reveals that he has a regular stream of short film parts booked. Additionally, he has appeared in minor roles in the hit CBS dramas Criminal Minds and S.W.A.T.

Even so, the majority of us will identify him as Jake 2.0. Early in 2020, in a Super Bowl pregame appearance, he unveiled his first commercial for the business. Miles still makes mention of the khakis as the updated Jake. Check out the updated version of the classic commercial and pay attention to the appearance of Jake from the original!

Who appears in the newest State Farm ad?

Aaron Rodgers, the quarterback of the Green Bay Packers, and Patrick Mahomes each appear in three separate advertisements for State Farm’s Personal Price Plan, which is being promoted in a new campaign. In the advertisements, Mahomes says to Jake from State Farm that he greatly enjoys bath bombs as he prepares to take a relaxing bath.

The man in the Hyundai squeegee advertisement is who?

The actor in the No Gas No Squeegee (Squeegee 2022 SANTA FE Plug-in Hybrid EV Hyundai) commercial is James Tate Ellington, also known as Tate Ellington.