Is Hyundai Blue Link Available In Uk?


We don’t actually have Bluelink for any of our vehicles in the Irish market, according to Hyundai Ireland.

So why not? When will owners have it in the UK or the USA? I’m looking for a response.

I’m pleased to inform you that Bluelink is unquestionably accessible in the UK. The only drawback is that it feels like a complete waste of time. It just allows you to remotely open and lock the doors, and even that is ineffective. Locks properly, however mine won’t open. Depending on the model you own, the functionality could vary. I have a hybrid Ionic premium se. You could be more successful with different models.

Services for Hyundai’s Connected Cars

In order to transmit real-time data, such as weather and traffic updates, real-time parking updates, and local fuel and charging station information, Hyundai’s Connected Car services use telematics. Thanks to an incorporated in-car modem and SIM card, as well as a companion app that connects to a mobile network and OEM backend, this technology enables customers to always be linked to their automobiles in such a simple way without consuming their smartphone’s data plan.

Through its innovative Bluelink technology, Hyundai provides a variety of linked car services that give considerable customer benefits in terms of safety and security, control, connectivity, and LIVE Services.

A new 10.25-inch split touchscreen is used to display a range of valuable information when consumers choose Hyundai’s optional Audio Video Navigation (AVN) system. This enables users to search for locations like restaurants and service stations by speaking to their automobile. It also includes SMS dictation in six languages with cloud-based voice recognition.

Hyundai’s Bluelink Connected Car Services will be made accessible on all of the brand’s models in a few European markets later this year, and then to all markets in the region over the course of the following two years, beginning with the IONIQ family.

By extending our Bluelink Connected Car Services to all Hyundai models, we are improving the driving experience for our European consumers, especially in terms of connection and safety. Hyundai drivers should anticipate even more fascinating Bluelink features in their vehicles in the upcoming years as technology advances.

Vice President of Marketing and Product of Hyundai Motor Europe, Andreas-Christoph Hofmann

What this app does

[IMPORTANT: Models built to UK/Irish specifications have door deadlocks. The key fob is required to unlock any remotely locked vehicles.

Hyundai Bluelink Europe, winner of the 2021 iF Design Award, advances the relationship between your smartphone and your Hyundai: The new Bluelink app improves your Hyundai driving experience even more with a completely new style and even more Connected Car capabilities. Locate your Hyundai, or use the map tool to look for nearby dining options, parking, and other attractions. Then just send the destination to your car’s GPS system.

Additionally, if you drive a Hyundai electric vehicle, the app allows you to regulate charging as well as cooling and heating. You can also use your phone as a remote to lock or unlock your car.

The following is a list of our top-selling linked car features: 1. Find my car: Don’t ever lose track of where you parked. Your Hyundai’s precise location is marked on a map. 2. Transmit to car: Locate parking spots, gas or charging stations, restaurants, or other local attractions and send the address to your car’s navigation system. 3. Vehicle report: An analysis of each month’s vehicle starts, driving time, and idle time. 4. My trips: View a list of my journeys, including the duration, mileage, average speed, and top speeds. 5. Check the condition of the vehicle’s doors, windows, heating and cooling system, battery, and lamps. 6. Lock and unlock your vehicle using a remote. 7. Remote climate control: Control the temperature and turn on the air conditioning from a distance (EV only). 8. Remotely controlled (EV & PHEV) charging: Monitor and manage the charging procedure. 9. Alarm: Be informed when the door locks are insecure. 10. User Profile: For backups and transfers to a new Hyundai, save your profile and vehicle settings to the Bluelink-Cloud. 11. Valet Parking Mode (certain models): Keep track of your vehicle’s location, driving time, distance traveled, and top speed while it is being driven by someone else. 12. Last Mile Navigation: If you can’t drive to your destination, the app will guide you there on foot. Calendar: Sync the app’s calendar with the one on your phone. 14. Personalization: Customize the home screen of your app and toggle features on and off. 15. Widgets: Without opening the app, you may access the vehicle remote and the vehicle status on your phone’s lock screen.

Does every Hyundai possess Blue Link?

Currently offered on the majority of Hyundai cars from 2013 and beyond, Bluelink first debuted on the 2012 Sonata. Bluelink is not available in vehicles manufactured after 2013, including the 2013 Tucson, 2013 Elantra sedan, and 2013 Accent. These brief “how to” movies will explain each Bluelink feature in further detail.

What model Hyundai has Blue Link?

Currently, both Apple and Android mobile phones and devices support downloading the Hyundai Blue Link app (including Alexa and smartwatches). Both the Apple Store and the Google Play Store have the application. The program works with the majority of modern devices, but Hyundai provides a handy list so you can check just in case.

Blue Link began with the Sonata and Veloster models in 2012, and it has since extended. The Sonata, Sonata Hybrid, Veloster, Veloster Turbo, Azera, Genesis Coupe, Elantra GT, Santa Fe, Santa Fe Sport, Genesis, and Equus vehicles currently have Blue Link as an optional feature. For a limited time and for three years, certain Hyundai automobiles come with a complimentary subscription to Blue Link Connected Car Service.

A compatible device, Hyundai vehicle, and an app subscription are required in order to use the Blue Link app.

Three options are offered: Connected Car, which offers full emergency help, Remote Package, which grants access to capabilities like remote starting and remote climate control, and Guidance Package, which includes route search. Currently, each plan costs $99 per year.

Hyundai’s navigation will it function without Blue Link?

According to a letter delivered to dealerships, Hyundai will stop supporting its Blue Link telematics technology in older vehicles after 2021, as was first revealed by CarsDirect. The business plans to disable the Blue Link systems in Hyundais with model years 2012 through 2016 on January 1, 2022.

The letter states that the 2G cellular service that drives the system will no longer be supported by the system’s network supplier, Aeris Communications. In effect, this implies that many of the Hyundais’ safety and security measures will be turned off. Roadside assistance, SOS emergency assistance, stolen car tracking, and automated collision warning are some of these services.

All 2012-2014 Hyundai models, the majority of 2015 models (apart from the Sonata and Genesis sedans with navigation), and the 2016 Sonata Hybrid, Equus, Elantra, Elantra GT, Santa Fe, and Veloster models without navigation are on the list of Hyundai vehicles with Blue Link that are affected.

The automaker responded to our request for comment with the following statement:

These wireless service providers, who are not under the authority of Hyundai or Hyundai Blue Link, maintain the cellular networks. The wireless service provider of the network that permits the use of 2G Hyundai Blue Link devices recently announced that it will stop providing 2G cellular network service by December 31, 2021, as a result of advancements in telecommunications technology throughout time. Any trouble this may create is much regretted.

It is, to put it mildly, intriguing that contemporary technologies in our vehicles, which we depend on every day, might be overnight judged obsolete. To that aim, a complimentary three-year Blue Link membership is included with all current Hyundai cars. It offers features like remote car finder, on-demand diagnostics and alarms, and remote start with climate control.

For how long in the UK is Blue Link free?

Hyundai LIVE Services, another Bluelink feature, is accessible to drivers who select navigation with the most recent Hyundai cars. This gives drivers real-time access to weather, traffic, speed camera warnings (where permitted by law), the closest gas stations’ locations and prices, on- and off-street parking information, live dealer information, and live POI search. Customers obtain a free subscription to this function for a period of five years.

Without Blue Link, can I remotely start my Hyundai?

No, only Hyundai vehicles with push-button start key fobs and either an automatic transmission or a dual clutch transmission are eligible for the remote start option (DCT). Even said, not all models provide Remote Start. In addition, using Remote Start requires a Blue Link Remote Package membership.

How far can you reach with Hyundai Blue Link?

Auto Remote Finder Blue Link(r) can show you exactly where you parked if you’re within a mile of your Hyundai and makes dropping a pin much simpler for the following time.

What is Blue Link’s annual cost?

Bluelink offers the Connected Care, Remote, and Guidance packages. Each package is offered after the trial time for $9.90 per month or $99 per year.

Is there WiFi at Blue Link?

Your Hyundai Blue Link(r) system might provide Wi-Fi connectivity depending on the version. Updates to the operating system have been known to alter how this function can be accessed and used.

Follow these steps to check if your Hyundai Blue Link(r) can connect to Wi-Fi:

  • On the infotainment system’s home screen, click the gear symbol to access the “Setup Menu.”
  • In this menu, there will be a Wi-Fi choice if your system is compatible with it.
  • Selecting the Wi-Fi option will display a list of available networks. To connect, pick one and enter the relevant password.

Your machine cannot connect to Wi-Fi if your copy of Blue Link(r) lacks the Wi-Fi menu or if it is grayed out. Instead, it will keep using the cell signal to connect to the internet. This is how Hyundai Blue Link typically operates (r).

Even if your Hyundai Blue Link(r) system does connect to Wi-Fi, it probably won’t use the signal for much of the time; probably only for updates and downloads from the Hyundai App Store.

Is Blue Link a spy gadget?

The MyHyundai with Bluelink Mobile App is used to access the Car Finder feature. If your GPS signal is within a mile of your vehicle, this feature enables you to locate your car on a map and allows you to bookmark the location of your car for later use.

Which mobile devices work with Blue Link?

Which mobile devices work with Blue Link? The MyHyundai with Blue Link app is compatible with the following supported devices: Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+, S8, S8+, S7, S7 Edge, S6, LG V30, Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 XL; Apple iPhone X, 8, 8 Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 6, 6s, 6s Plus, and 6, 6 Plus; and

Does the Hyundai navigation system require a membership?

Hyundai Blue Link is a free standard feature that comes with most new Hyundai vehicles and is typically free for the first three years. After that, the driver will need to begin a paid subscription to continue using the service’s capabilities.