How To Turn On 4 Wheel Drive Hyundai Santa Fe?

  • Deactivate the AWD LOCK mode when traveling on paved surfaces by pushing
  • When the AWD LOCK mode is turned off, the drivetrain may experience a shock.


When the 4WD lock button was pressed during a test drive, the light turned on but the driving did not change significantly. I’m aware that this is a horrible test, but I attempted a tight turn on somewhat loose ground, expecting to hear one wheel skip or leap as one might anticipate in lock, but it turned smoothly instead.

At low speeds, the awd lock should give you the same sensation as a conventional 4WD.

When the speed reaches 30 km/h, the split with the awd lock engaged is 50/50; at 40 km/h, it shifts back to automatic mode.

Hyundai’s 2017 Tucson, 2017 Santa Fe, and 2017 Santa Fe Sport all have


The manual for my AWD 2022 Calligraphy refers to a 4WD Lock Button, but I can’t find it among the other switches! Does this model have one or is everything automatic?

To the right of the gear selector buttons, near the center of the sizable spherical knob. When you interact, it will change colors as you press in.

How does a Hyundai Santa Fe’s four-wheel drive system operate?

All-wheel drive that is automatic. TorqTransfer System ITM-I by BorgWarner (interactive torque management I). The system detects front-wheel slippage in a vehicle and switches power automatically to the rear wheels using electronic sensors and microcomputer controllers. The system then decreases or shuts off power to the back wheels once the front wheels are no longer slipping.

The decreased slippage raises efficiency levels that improve traction, handling, and fuel efficiency of the vehicle. To further improve traction and stability, the ITM-I can integrate with additional systems including antilock brake systems and electronic stability programs.

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How can you stop a Hyundai Santa Fe’s all-wheel drive?

Selecting the ALL Wheel Drive (AWD) transfer mode when operating your car with all four wheels. By pressing the AWD LOCK button while on a regular road, the AWD LOCK mode can be turned off (the indicator light goes off)

The Hyundai Santa Fe has four wheel drive, right?

Would you like to see how far Korean automakers have advanced in terms of quality and appeal? There is no need to look past the Hyundai Santa Fe. Although the second-generation model went upscale with a smoother design and plenty of equipment, it is the current car that has elevated Hyundai to a premium level. Its attractive lines are a long cry from those of the boxy original from 2001.

With its prominent chrome grille, sharp headlights, and limited window area, the design is appealing. Black plastic trim provides an air of off-road sophistication. Additionally, the premium inside has a sleek design and is fully equipped. Choose a Premium variant to enjoy extras like leather seat coverings, climate control, auto lights and wipers, a reversing camera, and satellite navigation. There is a seven-seat model as well, but we would only advise this if the additional space was really necessary because the claustrophobic last row is really only appropriate for little children. Additionally, the five-seater has a boot that is 585 liters larger than the seven-seat version, or 69 liters more.

The Santa Fe is a useful family vehicle that feels secure in slick driving situations thanks to its sophisticated 4WD technology. Hill descent control aids in maintaining order, and a 4WD lock improves its off-road capability. Additionally, the Hyundai is just as simple to drive when towing a maximum 500kg load thanks to the Trailer Stability Assist feature of the included ESP.

Do Hyundai vehicles have four wheel drive?

Hyundai AWD vehicles are designed to get you there, regardless of the state of the road. Most SUV models come with our most sophisticated system, HTRAC AWD (Hyundai TRACtion All Wheel Drive). For each wheel, HTRAC measures 50 inputs from the vehicle over 100 times per second to determine how much torque is required. This clever mechanism helps you retain traction by rerouting power between the front and back axles and applying light braking pressure to the left and right wheels if it notices slippage.

which Santa Fe model does AWD?

Hyundai Santa Fe XL AWD, 2019. The SE and LIMITED Ultimate trim levels of the 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe XL are available, with the SE starting at $32,600 MSRP with AWD. The Santa Fe XL’s 3.3L V6 engine produces 290 hp and can get up to 18 mpg in the city and 24 mpg on the interstate.

A Hyundai Santa Fe HTRAC is what?

Hyundai’s HTRAC(r) All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) system is standard on the 2019 Santa Fe. An electronic, variable-torque-split clutch with active torque control between the front and back axles is provided by the multi-mode HTRAC AWD system.

How can I know whether my Hyundai Santa Fe has all-wheel drive?

While your car is off, check underneath for the axle shaft. The shaft simply has the appearance of a broad bar running from the front to the back axle. You have an all-wheel drive car if you observe an axle shaft connecting the front and rear axles.

What drives Hyundai AWD?

Hyundai HTRAC(r) AWD is an innovative multi-mode technology that offers all the advantages of all-wheel drive traction when more traction is required while maintaining front-wheel drive’s effective fuel-economy ratings under regular driving situations. An electronic variable-torque-split clutch with active torque management technology is used in this cutting-edge system to transfer power to the front and rear axles as needed while continuously monitoring traction.

To maximize fuel efficiency, the Hyundai HTRAC(r) AWD system will run in front-wheel drive under normal driving circumstances. Torque is sent to the rear axle to increase traction and performance when a loss of traction is detected by the sensors or when you opt to use the driver-selectable modes. Hyundai HTRAC(r) AWD’s driver-selectable modes provide you more control over performance and torque distribution than many rivals. There are three drive modes available to drivers in a few Hyundai vehicles with Hyundai HTRAC(r) AWD: Normal, Sport, and Smart.

Hyundai’s AWD is it always on?

The Hyundai AWD system offers the driver three alternative driving modes while remaining “always on,” which boosts efficiency. Comfort. Smart. Sport

Can AWD be activated while driving?

This article is for you if you want to know when it is safe to engage 4-wheel drive and when it is not. We’ll go over the precautions to take and the right way to convert your 4WD from 4H to 4Lo. This article goes into detail on what happens to the drivetrain and other parts of the car when you put it in 4H while you’re driving.

You can go from 2H to 4WD safely when traveling at speeds lower than 60 mph. You must slow the car down to 5 mph without depressing the gas pedal and put the transmission in (N) Neutral before changing from 4H to 4-Lo. Older 4WDs without automatic locking hubs necessitate a complete stop, egress, and manual engagement of the front hubs. When finished, can you activate 4H from the cabin?

For a safer, more controllable driving experience, let’s look at when it is definitely safe to use your 4WD and which surface conditions require it. We’ll go into further detail on dangerous driving conditions like snowy roads, ice surfaces, damp surfaces, and soft loose sand, among others.

Are all Santa Fe models AWD?

Hyundai is regarded as one of the best automakers in the world. One of Hyundai’s hallmarks is the union of technological innovation and dependability. These characteristics are seen in their Santa Fe series of small SUVs. If you’re looking for one, we consulted authorities and reliable reviewers to assist you in determining whether the Sante Fe is the right vehicle for you.

The fourth-generation (2018-present) Hyundai Santa Fe is available with an All-wheel Drive (AWD) configuration. Customers may also choose the typical Front-wheel Drive (FWD) setup. The Santa Fe vehicles that come with All-wheel Drive are listed below:

  • All trim levels for 2018
  • All trim levels for 2019
  • All trim levels for 2020
  • All trim levels in 2021
  • All trim levels in 2022

Knowing that Hyundai’s Santa Fe is capable of all-wheel drive (AWD), you may be curious about all the trim options or the technological advancements it may bring to the road. Go read the remainder of the article for additional information on this.

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In snow, is 4WD or AWD preferable?

While many people mistakenly believe that AWD is sufficient to handle treacherous ice and snow, there is essentially no difference between vehicles with AWD and regular cars when it comes to steering, braking, and handling in wintery conditions.


People who believe AWD and four-wheel drive (commonly abbreviated as 4WD or 4X4) systems are fundamentally the same thing are surprised by this. They don’t are. A

4WD systems deliver power to all four wheels equally, independent of their traction, in contrast to AWD systems’ flexible nature. One of the main distinctions between AWD and 4WD is this “always-on” power. Contrary to popular belief, tires alone—not even 4WD—create traction. 4WD could not be sufficient to maintain control of the vehicle if the tires are traction-limited (either by design or due to severe wear).

What distinguishes 4WD from all-wheel drive?

In contrast to AWD, 4WD locks the front and rear driveshafts together while still sending power to both the front and rear axles. This indicates that the power applied to the two axles is equal. This provides the car with more traction whether it is off-roading in mud, snow, and sand.

How can I turn on my AWD?

There is often no need (or ability) to manually engage one’s all-wheel drive system because it is not meant to be engaged that way. There is a “AWD Lock” button on some cars. By pressing this button, the system will be locked into a 50/50 power distribution between the front and rear wheels.

What does the AWD light imply when it illuminates?

These are the symbols for the All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) Trouble Indicator. When All-Wheel Drive is deactivated and the drivetrain is switched to Front Wheel Drive for maintenance or if there is a fault with the system, these indicators will be illuminated. Front-wheel drive is a safe mode of operation for the vehicle.