How To Turn Off Valet Mode Hyundai?

By entering your password, the valet mode can be turned off.

You can’t turn off the system’s valet mode if you input the wrong password five times in a row. To disable the valet mode, reset the password on the Bluelink app or call the Bluelink Center at (855-2-BLUELINK or 855-225-8354).

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I’m assuming you’ve already resolved your problem, but just to keep track of the exact repair, here’s what I did to get it back to function.

My lock/unlock button would operate as expected. Additionally, the trunk would open.

When I looked at the pin underneath the hood, it appeared to be in good shape; nothing suggested that it had been broken.

The following instructions are provided in the original manual for the remote starting system, which I eventually located:

Turn the ignition on with the key. From the OFF position to the IGNITION/RUN position, turn the key five times in a row within 10 seconds, starting at OFF.

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Overview of Bluelink Safeguard Alerts

The Bluelink Remote package includes a number of features called “Vehicle Safeguard Alerts” that you may choose to enable so that you can get alerts when your car goes beyond preset boundaries like a speed limit, a distance, or a curfew. These features keep you updated about your car and provide you peace of mind that your car and everyone inside it are safe and secure, making them perfect for parents of young drivers.

You may need to download the Vehicle Safeguard App to your vehicle in order to use the Vehicle Safeguard Alerts, and you will need a current membership to the Bluelink Remote Package. On the Bluelink page of your MyHyundai owners account, you can monitor and set all of your alerts. You may select to get notifications for each alarm by text, email, or the MyHyundai app.

You can instruct the Valet Alert to alert you each time you drop off your Hyundai with a valet driver if it goes beyond the predetermined distance. The permitted distance is measured from the spot when the alert was raised. You can turn on this alert from your vehicle, the MyHyundai app, or your MyHyundai account.

You can use this function to define the boundaries between regions where your car is permitted to drive and those where it is not. If your car enters or leaves a prohibited location, you will be informed. You must configure this function in your MyHyundai account.

You can pre-set a speed limit for your car with this option. If your car violates this speed restriction, you will be informed. You may configure and modify this alert from your MyHyundai account.

You can use this tool to set the times when your Hyundai vehicle can and cannot be driven. Should these curfews be violated, you will be informed. Your MyHyundai account has settings for and management of this alert.


Valet mode didn’t function when the most recent version was made available, as I tend to recall. Okay, so it does now. From the main menu, choose Valet mode. Choose a pin for this Valet session. Confirm the pin a second time. It locks the infotainment system and restricts access to contacts, locations, and other information for a valet. To end the valet session after receiving your car, enter the pin.

The Blue Link app allows you to view the mode’s status. If you’d like, you may switch it off and on again through the app. The more helpful aspect is that you receive a report at the conclusion of the valet session that details the top speed obtained, the distance traveled, and the duration of the session. For the last three valet sessions, the app keeps reports. Check out the image below.

In the Vehicle Safeguards, I also configured the Valet Alert with a range that made sense for the location where I would be using this feature.

How can I exit valet mode on my Hyundai?

By entering your password, the valet mode can be turned off. You can’t turn off the system’s valet mode if you input the wrong password five times in a row. To disable the valet mode, reset the password on the Bluelink app or call the Bluelink Center at (855-2-BLUELINK or 855-225-8354).

How can I activate valet mode?

Both the smartphone app and the vehicle’s controls may switch on Valet Mode. Tap your profile name on the display screen inside the car to turn it on. You will be asked to enter a four-digit PIN the first time you enable Valet Mode; to do this, open the drop-down menu and choose the final option marked “Valet Mode.” The screen will indicate that Valet Mode has been activated when the PIN has been entered. If the car is parked, you can also use the mobile app to activate and deactivate Valet Mode by selecting “Security” and then “Valet Mode.”

How can I tell if the valet mode is on in my car?

Start the engine completely by inserting the key into the ignition. Within 10 seconds, depress and release the foot brake 10 times. When the parking light flashes or clicks twice, the valet mode is over.

What takes place when your automobile is in valet mode?

The valet switch makes it unnecessary for you to provide your transmitter to parking attendants or garage personnel by momentarily disabling all alarm functionalities. All alarm features are disregarded when the system is in valet mode, but the remote panic feature and remote door locks are still functional. The system must first be disarmed before the valet mode can be used. You can do this by using the key chain transmitter or by turning on your unique manual override code.

  • Turn the ignition key to the on position before getting inside the car.
  • Turn the valet switch to the off position or press and hold the valet pushbutton switch. The valet mode of the system will not be changed.
  • Make sure the ignition is turned to the on position, depress and release the pushbutton switch, or turn the valet switch to the on position to resume regular operation.

NOTE: Never forget to switch off valet mode. This will guarantee that the car is always kept safe.

How can remote starting be disabled?

After the car has started, there are three potential ways to end a remote start:

The remote keyless entry (RKE) transmitter can be used to turn off the remote start from outside the car. Once you see the parking lights turn off, press and hold the remote start button (which resembles a circle with an arrow on the end) for roughly two seconds.

Turn the key to the on position from inside the car, then turn it back to the off position.

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On a remote starting, where is the valet button located?

The VALET switch’s location will vary since the installer chooses the location. Rarely, the installer might choose not to install the VALET switch.

Typical valet switch locations:

  • beneath the driver-side dashboard (mounted in the under-dash covering trim panel or wire-tied to a harness)
  • mounted in the kick panel on the driver’s side.
  • mounted inside the plastic body of the steering column.
  • behind an access panel or door to a fuse block.
  • On the back of a pocket, low in the center console.
  • adjacent to the fuse block.
  • within the glove box.
  • Additionally a push-button, the LED itself (select model systems)
  • More recent systems will have an antenna installed on glass. This antenna contains the valet switch.

If you are unable to find your valet switch, contact your installer or dealer and ask them to do so.

How can I reset the remote starter for my valet?

  • Take hold of all of your car’s remote starters.
  • Place your ignition key in and select Accessory (or press the start button once without pushing the brake pedal).
  • Your remote car starter’s Lock button should be pressed.
  • After turning it on for five seconds, turn the key back to the “off” position (or press the start button again).
  • The on-off cycle should be repeated a total of four times.
  • You’ll hear a sound (a “ding,” “ping,” or “buzz”) on cycle number four when you choose the Accessory position. Right now, programming mode is active.
  • Lock the remote by holding down the button (s).
  • Turn off the car in ten seconds.
  • Shut the door, exit the vehicle, and then try the remote.
  • If so, that’s excellent!
  • It’s time to call the dealership if it doesn’t.

What is Smart Park Hyundai used for?

  • Put your car in front of the parking space you want to use.
  • Place the car in park.
  • Put your finger on the center console’s RSPA button.
  • Leave the car.
  • Place yourself safely within 13 feet of the car.
  • Hold the forward or backward button on the smart key.

Will the alarm be activated by a valet key?

For a few minutes, your Subaru alarm won’t go off. Use your valet key to open it in order to turn it off for the front door. To accomplish this, place the key into the driver-side door’s keyhole. Turn the key to the right after inserting it; you’ll know when it unlocks.

What is valet parking?

The pace of a valet parking business is frequently fairly quick. You can apply The Art of Manliness’ advice to become a smooth, astute valet parking user.

  • At the car drop-off area, be cautious. You should heed the directions of the valets who may be directing traffic. Verify you’re heading the right way before entering the location in a cautious and cautious manner.
  • When you get to the valet stand, tuck valuables away or carry them with you. Put them in the trunk if you can’t bring them with you, but make sure to do this out of sight of curious onlookers.
  • Take only what you require for the night. Remember to bring your wallet, phone, handbag, tickets, etc. If not, the valet attendant will have to return to your car to get it for you, which means you’ll have to tip them more.
  • Keep your vehicle running. Removing the keys from the ignition could cause a hiccup and slow things down.
  • Hand over the remote control fob to them. This is essential for cars without mechanical locks. By flashing the lights or blaring the horn, it may also aid locate a car in a congested lot.
  • Wait for the valet attendant at all times. In the drive lane or the valet space, never leave your car unattended.
  • Describe the car’s idiosyncrasies to the valet. Only if there is a potential problem for them, such as a delicate alarm system, delicate brakes, or a faulty door lock, is this necessary.
  • Safeguard your claim ticket. This is necessary. It will take longer to handle your ticket if it is lost so that they can get your car back.
  • Pay the valet a tip once they park your car. Even if not everybody does this, it could encourage better service, such as a closer position for a quicker pick-up or additional care with the vehicle. The customary amount to tip valet parking staff is between $2 and $5. They depend on gratuities, much like waiters.