How To Start 2011 Hyundai Sonata With Key?


Simply insert the key fob (keychain end out) into the center console slot when the battery is low, and the start button should function normally. Additionally, if you blow the dome light fuse (which is obviously not your issue), you will need to do this.

Have you verified the battery voltage? I’m not sure how a low battery will affect the starter. Check the remote’s lock/unlock buttons as well. If the fob battery is dead or if there is another problem, this will be a clue.


Owners of Sonatas with push-button starts should be aware of this in case the brake switch fails.

The automobile won’t start when you try to start it, and the dash screen instructs you to depress the brake pedal to kickstart the engine. Your natural instinct is to press the pedal harder, but doing so won’t help.

Put your foot on the gas pedal first. After that, press the start button once. After that, hold down the start button for another 10 to 20 seconds. Then the automobile will start.

It’s important to keep in mind that if the switch is broken, you WILL have brakes but NOT brake lights.

Additionally, it appears that the switch will intermittently function before malfunctioning completely.

How can you use a key to start a Hyundai without a key?

Hyundai Digital Key, which enables the Sonata to be unlocked, locked, started, and driven with a smartphone, is a new feature that will debut on the 2020 Sonata. The technology also enables the main user to grant three additional users access to the Digital Key. A “shared key” can truly be sent to a recipient from a great distance away.

Holding your smartphone up to the driver or passenger door handle unlocks the car using Hyundai Digital Key. Simply put the phone in the wireless charger once inside, hit the starter, and drive away. Hyundai Digital Key uses Near Field Communication (NFC) technology for security, which, unlike Bluetooth, necessitates that the smartphone and scanner be a few centimeters apart in order to operate the vehicle. When you are nearby your automobile, nobody else can simply open the doors and start the engine because of the close proximity.

There is no Hyundai Digital Key for iPhones, however it is compatible with the majority of Android phones. The Hyundai Digital Key system may be configured using the free Digital Key App, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Although you can lock and start your car without the app open, it also has Bluetooth-enabled features that let you do other things like engage other features when the app is open.

Hyundai Digital Key eliminates the need for the Sonata’s two smart keys, which still come with the vehicle and allow for passive entry and keyless start. Additionally, you’ll get an NFC Key Card that you can keep in your wallet and use as a backup phone for iPhone users, for valet services, while you leave the Sonata for maintenance, or if your Android phone runs out of battery.

Hyundai Digital Key, the most recent development in car and smartphone connection, makes its debut on the 2020 Sonata and will likely be a feature on upcoming models that Hyundai introduces or redesigns.

Can you use the key to start a Hyundai?

Using your Android smartphone and the Hyundai Digital Key system, you may unlock and start your car. This article will walk you through the setup and usage of the Digital Key system if your Hyundai has it.

The following are the requirements for setting up a Hyundai Digital Key:

  • a smartphone running Android. The Digital Key system is currently only compatible with Android phones. The phone needs to fulfill the following criteria:
  • Android 7.0 or later operating system
  • 4.0 or later for Bluetooth
  • Near-Field Interaction (NFC)

NOTE: The utilization of Digital Key capabilities will be restricted if the device only supports NFC or BLE.

You have signed up for the Hyundai Digital Key service and have a MyHyundai account. The link between your phone and the Vehicle Identification Number of your automobile is formed through MyHyundai (VIN). Make sure your new Hyundai is listed in the car list if you are presently a MyHyundai member and it is equipped with a Digital Key.

Install the Hyundai Digital Key app on your phone after downloading it from Google Play.

with the aforementioned factors covered. The first step is to launch the Digital Key app and follow the on-screen instructions to enter the necessary data. The 4-digit PIN for your MyHyundai account will also be used by the Digital Key app.

Why won’t my Hyundai key turn?

If it isn’t, reopen the case and check to make sure the connections are intact and touching the battery in the proper location. Try reprogramming your Hyundai key fob after that. Hyundai key fob replacement may be necessary if the key fob is still inoperable.

How can my Hyundai key fob be reset?

  • As soon as you get inside your Hyundai, check that all the doors are closed.
  • Put your Hyundai’s ignition in the “ACC” (accessory) position using your key.
  • Keep pressing the “open” or “unlock” button on the key fob until the light on your car starts to flash.
  • Congratulations

How do you use keys to start a car?

Once you hear the starter motor spinning, turn the key clockwise. When this occurs, it will be obvious because the engine will begin to make noise and the vehicle will begin to tremble. The sound the engine is generating will often sharpen and smooth out after a short period of time. Release your grip on the key at this point to stop the starter motor. Repeat the procedure in case the engine stalls. If not, your efforts were successful.

NOTE: In some more recent vehicles, all you need to do is click a button after inserting the key into the ignition. If so, proceed as directed.

Additionally, the vehicle may have a dead battery or be out of gas if it won’t start or the starter motor doesn’t move at all. If none of these situations apply, a mechanic could be needed for your vehicle.

Hyundai vehicles can be operated without a key fob.

Once the engine is going, the automobile will still work without the key fob. Additionally, switching from park to drive is trouble-free even when the key is not available.

Without a transponder key, can a car start?

A burglar might be able to enter your car using a non-transponder key, but they won’t be able to do much else. Usually attached to an immobilizer area, transponders generate codes that must match in order for the engine to start.

The ignition of your car can be simply started and turned by auto thieves using car picking equipment. The majority of older automobiles without an immobilizer system use non-transponder car keys.

Why does my auto constantly indicating that the key is not present?

The key fob won’t be recognized by your car because the remote’s battery is dead. The actual remote is damaged or is no longer programmed to your vehicle. Low automobile battery voltage. The keyless entry system is broken.

Why won’t the key or remote work to open my car?

It can be quite aggravating and even hazardous if your key fob won’t open the door to your car, especially if you have a young child or pet locked inside. Here are a few explanations for why your smart or remote key fob isn’t opening the door, along with solutions.

Any of the following could be the source of your issue if nothing happens when you push the unlock button on your remote control or key fob:

Your remote control or smart key fob’s battery is either dead or too low to maintain a strong signal. Replace the battery by opening the fob.

Your vehicle’s receiver(s) for the keyless entry system may not be receiving the signal from the key fob. When pressing the unlock button, try holding the fob close to the door handle. If it opens the door, there might be an issue with the key fob’s battery, the keyless entry antenna, or the wiring.

The unlock button on the key fob itself can be problematic. Try the panic, trunk release, and lock buttons. If the other buttons function properly, a faulty unlock button is the issue. You’ll require a fresh key fob (which will have to be programmed to your vehicle). The fob may be damaged, the keyless entry antenna, or the wiring may be at fault if none of the other buttons function after you have tried a new battery in the fob.

Your key fob’s entry code is missing. Every time you use the key fob to unlock or start your car, the rolling code that many automobiles employ changes. It can be necessary to have the fob reprogrammed by a car dealer if a communication error has corrupted the coding inside.

The electric door locks might be broken. The power door locks could not be able to unlock due to a problem with the wiring or control circuitry or even a blown fuse. To find the defect, the electrical system will need to be further diagnosed.

Your car’s battery is nearly dead or very low. Before the power doors may unlock, the car battery may need to be changed or given a jump start. Of course, you won’t be able to open the hood until you find another way to enter the car.

Will a dead key fob prevent a car from starting?

If your key fob isn’t detected inside the car, the keyless entry system won’t start the engine. The system probably won’t be able to tell when the key fob is inside the car if it has a dead battery, which will prevent the engine from starting. By pressing down while placing the fob on the start engine button, you can get past this problem. Even though this should enable your engine to start, it is still beneficial to change the fob batteries whenever you have the opportunity.