How To Remote Start Hyundai Tucson?


My 2022 Tucson’s remote starter operates, at best, patchily. Nothing happens if I only press the bottom button on the key fob. It won’t start until I push the unlock and lock buttons, and I have to do this while standing outside rather than inside my house.

I’ll do the research for you to save you time. Press and hold the remote start button for three seconds while locking it. The signal yellow lights will flash three times to signal a successful start if you work 100% of the time for me. Bluelink constantly requests that the device be locked in order to run the app.

How does a Hyundai use remote start?

By simultaneously pushing the Lock and Remote Start buttons within three seconds, the Remote Start feature can be used. Your Hyundai will be inspected by the system to determine whether it is safe to start it. If it is, the engine will start after 5 seconds and run for up to 15 minutes. To turn off the engine, press and hold the Start button once more for two seconds.

Setting Up and Using the Hyundai Blue Link (r)

Are you constantly rushing? In your 2022 Hyundai Tucson, do you ever forget to lock the doors? Do you want remote starting for your Hyundai? With the purchase of certain Hyundai models, drivers will have access to Hyundai Blue Link(r) Connected Car Services on their smartphone. With Hyundai Blue Link(r), you can use your smartphone to remotely start, lock, unlock, regulate interior temperatures, and more. For the first three years, this service is completely free. This step-by-step manual from San Tan Hyundai in Gilbert, Arizona teaches you how to configure and use Hyundai Blue Link(r). Make a test drive appointment right away to get a hands-on look at Hyundai technology!

How to use the Hyundai key fob’s remote start

It could initially seem self-explanatory. Your key fob has a remote start button, but using it doesn’t just involve pressing a button. You must lock the doors with the key fob before pressing the remote start button (even if the doors are locked already).

Hold the remote start button after locking the door for 4 seconds. Holding the button down for at least two seconds is necessary for it to function. Your Hyundai’s parking lights will blink in response to each command.

The heating and cooling systems in your Hyundai will operate until the pre-set temperatures once it is started. If no additional action is taken after 10 minutes, the car will again switch off. The car will turn off once again if you press the remote start button once more.

Has the Hyundai Tucson remote starting?

Like many other cars on the market, the 2021 Hyundai Tucson doesn’t provide the standard push-button remote start via key fob. Instead, the Blue Link(r) Connected Car System—which is free for the first three years—offers remote starting.

Can the Hyundai Tucson Hybrid be started remotely?

You can remotely start your Tucson, lock and unlock the doors, activate the climate control and heated and ventilated seats, and more with our optional linked car service.

How is a Hyundai Tucson started?

  • Verify that the parking brake is engaged.
  • Check that P is selected using the shift lever (Park).
  • To stop, apply the brakes.
  • In the START position, turn the ignition key. When the engine starts, turn the key for no more than 10 seconds before releasing it.

Does the Hyundai Tucson’s key fob feature remote starting in 2022?

The Hyundai Tucson from 2022 has wireless charging capabilities. Additionally, the 15-watt charging pad uses a fan to simultaneously cool off and charge your Qi-compatible smartphone while simultaneously charging it in record speed. Your phone won’t heat up too much as a result.

Furthermore, a Hyundai Digital Key is included with the 2022 Tucson. As a result, you can use your smartphone to unlock doors and start your vehicle. You may start your 2022 Hyundai Tucson remotely with the Blue Link(r) Connected Car Service, lock and unlock the doors, activate the climate control, and more.

All trims of the Tucson come equipped with front dual USB outlets. On the other hand, the SEL and Limited trims come standard with the second row Dual USB outlets.

How can I tell whether the remote start on my Hyundai is working?

If your car has a remote starter, the owner’s manual will have information about your unique remote starter and how it functions. To see if this feature is present, look in the manual’s index.

Listed below are few well-known automobiles with a factory remote start option:

  • Accord, Civic, and Insight from Honda
  • GM automobiles (2003 – later)
  • Honda Accord
  • ZDX and TLX Acura (2010 – later)
  • Tribeca, Legacy, and Outback Subaru models (2007 – later)
  • Navara Altima
  • Fusion and the Ford Mustang
  • Corvette Camaro

How can I turn on remote starting?

  • To lock every door, press the Lock button on your key fob.
  • Two times on the Remote Start button. Each step must be completed in 3 seconds. When the external lights flash twice, the car will start.

Has the 2022 Hyundai Tucson a start-stop feature?

Press the Engine Start/Stop button while the gearshift is in P to shut off the engine (Park).

The gear will automatically shift to P if the Engine Start/Stop button is depressed while the car is in Drive or Reverse (Park).

When the gear changer is in N (Neutral), the Engine Start/Stop button will activate.

The warning chime will sound when you open the driver’s door if the steering wheel is not correctly locked.

When the button is in the OFF position, press the Engine Start/Stop button without pressing the brake pedal. The electrical accessories can be used in some cases.

  • The battery power will automatically shut off if the Engine Start/Stop button is in the ACC position for more than an hour to stop the battery from draining.
  • The Engine Start/Stop button won’t operate if the steering wheel isn’t correctly unlocked. While utilizing the Engine Start/Stop button

When it is in the ACC position, press the Engine Start/Stop button without pressing the brake pedal.

To stop the battery from being discharged, do not leave the Engine Start/Stop button in the ON position when the engine is not operating.

Press the Engine Start/Stop button when the gear selector is in the P (Park) or N (Neutral) position to start the engine. Depress the brake pedal.

Does Hyundai have a car-starting app?

The Bluelink App: What is it? Hyundai Bluelink subscribers can connect to their vehicle via their phone via the Bluelink Mobile App. With the help of this software, you can remote start your car, turn on the lights and horn, unlock and lock your car remotely, and do a lot more.

How can I tell whether my car has remote starting?

You must first check at your key fob to see if you have the remote start option. The remote starter button has an arrow-like form.

If your key fob has this button, your car has remote starting capability. Press the button that locks the car once to try remote starting. Your engine will start when you press and hold the remote-start button for at least four seconds.

The climate control and parking lights will turn on as soon as the engine begins. Additionally, the heated/ventilated seats and the rear window defroster may turn on. You must only move out of park after pressing the start button on the dashboard since this function starts the engine but does not switch on the ignition.

Press and hold the button with the curved arrow on it to turn the engine off if you change your mind. Parking lot lights will go out.

Can I use my key fob to remotely start my car?

With your original key fob, you can start your car remotely, yes. Customers of Auto Image from Brick and East Brunswick frequently inquire whether they may remotely start their car using the key fob that came with the car. In most cases, the response is a resounding yes.

Every key fob has remote starting, right?

If you spot a button with a clockwise-moving circular arrow, you’ll know it’s there. That is the remote engine start button, though the key fob itself does not have a label for it. For those who are already familiar with this button’s use, it involves hitting the lock button first, then the remote engine start button. No problem, isn’t it? Other key fobs include a button in the same location, but they have a different sequence for remotely starting the engine. For instance, Ford key fobs have the same circular arrow emblem with “2x” inside the circle (other key fobs are labeled “X2,” which implies the same). This informs you that in order to remotely start the car’s engine, you must click the button twice. This button is frequently seen in many key fobs, therefore it’s not really thought of as a hidden feature. However, certain automakers, primarily BMW, have introduced redesigned key fobs without the button. However, this does not imply that these key fobs lack these functionalities merely because there isn’t a circular arrow button to click. By rapidly pushing the “lock” button on the key fob, one can remotely start an engine in a new BMW by doing so. You don’t need to become daring and try out this sequence to test if the engine activates after pushing the lock button three times in a single second if your key fob has the circular arrow button. However, if it doesn’t, it won’t harm to try it out and see if it manages to complete the task in some way.

Blue Link Remote Start: What is It?

With the Remote Package, you may easily access functions using a web browser or mobile app. You can locate your car if you can’t remember where you parked it, use remote climate control (if it has it), open or lock your doors, or remote start your car.

Can I start my car with my phone?

With a digital vehicle key, you can lock, unlock, and start your automobile from an Android phone. Important: Digital car keys are only compatible with a few models of automobile and are compatible with Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro, and a few Android devices running Android 12. You need to be connected to the internet in order to set up a digital car key.

In a Hyundai key fob, what kind of battery is used?

A CR2032 battery powers the majority of Hyundai key fobs. Once you have a new Hyundai key fob replacement battery in your possession, insert it into your key fob exactly where the old one was. Check to see if the battery is in contact with each connection.

With your Hyundai key fob, are the windows able to be rolled down?

You might not be aware of all the functions your Hyundai key fob is capable of, like rolling down your windows while standing outside the car. Even better, if your battery dies, the mechanical key inside your key fob will still work.

You could become daunted by the quantity of features offered when you visit the showroom to buy a new car. It’s simple to overlook the functions your key fob is capable of, from user-friendly infotainment benefits to cutting-edge driver assistance technologies. A

Is there a cost associated with Hyundai Blue Link?

Currently, both Apple and Android mobile phones and devices support downloading the Hyundai Blue Link app (including Alexa and smartwatches). Both the Apple Store and the Google Play Store have the application. The program works with the majority of modern devices, but Hyundai provides a handy list so you can check just in case.

Blue Link began with the Sonata and Veloster models in 2012, and it has since extended. The Sonata, Sonata Hybrid, Veloster, Veloster Turbo, Azera, Genesis Coupe, Elantra GT, Santa Fe, Santa Fe Sport, Genesis, and Equus vehicles currently have Blue Link as an optional feature. For a limited time and for three years, certain Hyundai automobiles come with a complimentary subscription to Blue Link Connected Car Service.

A compatible device, Hyundai vehicle, and an app subscription are required in order to use the Blue Link app.

Three options are offered: Connected Car, which offers full emergency help, Remote Package, which grants access to capabilities like remote starting and remote climate control, and Guidance Package, which includes route search. Currently, each plan costs $99 per year.