How To Connect Apple Carplay Hyundai?

  • Go to Setup > Connectivity > iOS > Enable Apple CarPlay on the Hyundai infotainment system’s touchscreen.
  • Utilize an Apple Lightning to USB cable to connect your Apple iPhone to your Hyundai.
  • You should see a green Apple CarPlay emblem on your Hyundai’s infotainment screen.

Install CarPlay

  • Connect your iPhone to the USB port in your car if it supports CarPlay with a USB cord. There may be a CarPlay icon or a smartphone icon on the USB port’s label. Use an Apple Lightning to USB cable exclusively.
  • Connect your iPhone to the USB port in your car if your vehicle supports CarPlay both wirelessly and via USB cable. On your next drive, a notification on your iPhone will offer to link you wirelessly.
  • Simply press and hold the voice command button on your steering wheel if your car only supports wireless CarPlay. Ensure that Bluetooth or wireless mode is selected on your stereo. Next, make sure Wi-Fi is turned on by going to Settings > Wi-Fi on your iPhone. Activate Auto-Join by tapping the CarPlay network and then tapping it again. Select your vehicle by going to Settings > General > CarPlay. For more details, consult your car’s owner’s manual.

It might be necessary to upgrade in order to activate Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are pre-installed in the majority of Hyundai vehicles with Display Audio or Navigation that are 2017 model year or newer. Only a small percentage of cars do not have it installed, though. You do not need this update if your car already has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. To find out if your car qualifies for this upgrade, look at the list below.

Elantra wireless CarPlay

  • Before installing wireless Apple CarPlay on your Hyundai Elantra, make sure your iPhone is connected to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
  • On the dashboard, click the SETUP button.
  • Connectivity for Touch Devices.
  • after that click Phone Projection.
  • Press Add New.
  • Then select Bluetooth from the Settings menu on your iPhone.
  • On the iPhone’s Bluetooth discovery list, choose the name of your car.
  • Your iPhone will display a Bluetooth Pairing Request pop-up with a pincode. Select Pair on your iPhone after making sure it matches the code shown on the touchscreen of your car.
  • If you want to download your phone contacts to the car’s infotainment system, tap Allow on the Allow Contacts and Favorites Sync popup.
  • Use CarPlay with Elantra? will automatically appear on your iPhone after a brief delay. Touch Apply CarPlay.
  • In your car, adhere to or confirm the on-screen instructions.
  • CarPlay will start up automatically. Touch its symbol on the home screen if it doesn’t.

What Features Are Included in Apple Carplay and Android Auto?

The touchscreen of the Hyundai is intended to effortlessly connect the driver’s compatible smartphone into Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. In essence, the display in the car gives the driver instant access to phone information.

For instance, incoming phone calls, text messages, and contacts are shown on the screen when using Android Auto or CarPlay. These systems also incorporate a variety of smartphone apps and features. NPR One, iHeartRadio, and Spotify are accessible on both platforms. Additionally, both come with Google Voice or Siri hands-free voice commands and Apple or Google navigation apps. A complete list of features is available on the MyHyundai owner’s website.

Why won’t my Hyundai’s Apple CarPlay function?

I experienced exactly the same problems as user dcwarpath. In reality, dcwarpath and I have the same model year, trim level, and package (2021 SEL with Convenience Pkg), as well as the identical iPhone XR. I constantly had to use the hard reset button since the phone frequently lost connection (to the right of the Tune knob). Although I adore the car, the frequent audio and screen cuts off were annoying.

I discovered that turning off the Wireless’s automatic request to join other wifi networks helped a little, but the issue persisted. When I later upgraded to an iPhone 12 running iOS 15.2, the issue was resolved entirely. The firmware for the Hyundai infotainment system was also not updated by me. Since I’ve had the phone for roughly three weeks, the wireless car play has never disconnected while I’m driving.

I don’t understand why it now functions with the new phone. Despite the fact that I can’t think of any reason why this would be the case, I had read that the issue might potentially arise due to inadequate cell coverage. Maybe the iPhone 12 merely received some upgrades to the BT, Wifi, or cellular radios that are now making it functional.

Check to see if CarPlay isn’t restricted if it can’t detect your iPhone. Make sure CarPlay is turned on by going to Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions, tapping Allowed Apps. Navigate to Settings > General > CarPlay, choose your vehicle, and then select Forget This Car. Restart CarPlay after that.

What is the Hyundai Wireless CarPlay connection process?

It’s just as simple to set it up whether your Hyundai SUV or sedan supports wireless Apple CarPlayTM. While your phone is in Bluetooth(r) pairing mode, just press and hold the Voice Control button on your steering wheel.

How does Hyundai’s Apple CarPlay function?

Siri can be used to access a number of Apple CarPlay features. Touch and hold the home symbol to bring up Siri. You can also push the speech recognition button on the steering wheel as an alternative. You may use Siri to start calls, send texts, and start navigation while still keeping your attention on the road.

Why doesn’t Apple CarPlay connect to my vehicle automatically?

Initially, confirm that both your automobile and your country or region accept CarPlay. Get in touch with the car’s manufacturer if you’re not sure if your vehicle is CarPlay compatible.

Check to see if iOS on your iPhone is up to date. Follow these instructions, making sure you check CarPlay after each, if your iPhone has been updated to the most recent version of iOS:

  • Verify your stereo’s CarPlay connection.
  • If your connection is wired, try connecting once more using a different USB cable and, if you have one, a different USB port.
  • Make sure Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are turned on under Settings > Wi-Fi and Settings > Bluetooth if you’re using a wireless connection.
  • Check your car’s display for the CarPlay logo if it doesn’t start up immediately.

Why is my Hyundai and iPhone not communicating?

If you have added a new APP to your phone and it is now refusing to connect, the APP may be interfering with the phone’s capacity to connect to the car. Delete the phone and car profiles, if you can. Re-pair the phone after that. Try removing the APP and then pairing the phone to the car if this doesn’t work.

How can I link my iPhone via Bluetooth to my Hyundai?

When you’re out and about, Bluetooth makes it simple and safe to stay connected to the contacts, applications, and music on your mobile device. You must understand how to connect your smartphone to the multimedia system in your Hyundai before you can begin using Bluetooth.

A general, step-by-step tutorial for pairing your phone can be found below. Please visit Hyundai Bluetooth connecting instructions for instructions unique to your vehicle and device.

1. Click the Setup button, which is next to the LCD display controls.

2. Click the Bluetooth icon in the Settings Menu.

3. Choose Bluetooth Connection from the Bluetooth menu.

4. Choose Create New.

5. Ensure that your device has Bluetooth enabled.

6. Open the Bluetooth screen on your device, then choose the device name that corresponds to the one that is shown.

7. A Passkey can be needed on your phone. Put the number into your phone if asked.

8. The car will certify that the connection between your device and the vehicle was successful.

9. The car will acknowledge that it downloaded your contacts.

10. If you want to make your phone the primary device for Auto Connection, choose Yes.

Does Apple CarPlay only support USB devices?

The majority of vehicles on the market only support CarPlay when a USB cable is plugged in. There are presently just two “means” to connect to CarPlay wirelessly that I am aware of: BMW and one third-party stereo maker (Alpine?).

Even though wireless CarPlay initially seems appealing, I believe many people would still prefer to “plug-in,” if only to keep their iPhones charged.

A new story will emerge if and when “wireless” charging is made available for the iPhone.

What Hyundai models are CarPlay compatible?

  • 2015–2018 for Sonata.
  • Hybrid Sonata: 2016–2018.
  • the year 2018
  • 2019; 2016, 2017; Veloster
  • 2017–2018 Elantra.
  • 2016–2018 for the Elantra GT.
  • Kona: 2018.
  • Arizona: 2016–2018

Does Apple CarPlay require a plug to operate?

Apple has enabled wireless CarPlay setups since iOS 9. Unlike wireless CarPlay, which eliminates the requirement for a Lightning cable and enables an iPhone to connect to an in-car system wirelessly, many CarPlay arrangements demand that an iPhone be hooked directly into the in-dash system in order to connect.

In 2016, BMW became the first automaker to offer wireless CarPlay support, but over time, several other automakers have started to do the same, including Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, Ford, Fiat Chrysler, GM, Hyundai, Honda, and others.

Additionally, Alpine and Pioneer both have aftermarket wireless CarPlay systems that use WiFi rather than an iPhone that is connected to the vehicle using a Lightning connector.

How do I turn CarPlay on?

  • Connect your phone to the car’s USB data port using the Lightning cable that came with your iPhone or, depending on your model, USB-A or USB-C.
  • Get your phone unlocked.
  • To enable or disable Apple CarPlay, a consent pop-up will be displayed.
  • Touch the Apple CarPlay symbol on your infotainment screen to start Apple CarPlay if it doesn’t open automatically.
  • The screen will display the available iPhone apps when Apple CarPlay is turned on.

Why is iOS 15 incompatible with Apple CarPlay?

Check to see whether CarPlay isn’t restricted on your phone if CarPlay doesn’t recognize your iPhone. To enable CarPlay on the iPhone, navigate to Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions and press Allowed Apps.

Why does my phone charge but Apple CarPlay does not?

You must use Bluetooth or USB to link your device and vehicle. If you are using a wireless connection, you must make sure your phone is not in Airplane Mode. All wireless connections are disabled when in airplane mode. Additionally, in order to use CarPlay, Bluetooth and cellular data must be enabled. To repair it if you are already connected, switch between Bluetooth and cellular data.

If you’re utilizing a wired connection, inspect your USB cord for damage. Connect using a fresh USB cable. Make sure the USB is inserted into the proper port. Additionally, try replugging the USB to access CarPlay while connected to a car.

How can I tell if CarPlay is turned on?

Start by opening the Settings app.

2. Click on “General Settings.”

Choose “CarPlay” Settings in step 3.

4. If your Bluetooth is off, you will be required to activate it in order to “enable wireless CarPlay” from the CarPlay settings page.

5. Start the wireless pairing process between your device and the stereo system by pressing and holding the voice button on your steering wheel while your in-car stereo has wireless CarPlay active or enabled.

CarPlay employs Bluetooth, right?

Apple CarPlay wireless technology is replacing cords in an increasing number of automobiles. Wireless CarPlay uses Bluetooth technology in place of a physical connection between your phone and car to provide the same functionality. You’ll need to navigate through the Bluetooth settings on your iPhone and in your car for the slightly different setup. Once you’ve done that, it will function just like plugging in, pairing, and launching CarPlay whenever you enter the vehicle.

Wireless CarPlay has the disadvantage of not simultaneously charging your iPhone like a USB cable does. Though the wireless CarPlay connection will still function, you can still charge your iPhone by plugging it into a USB port. Or you could just place your iPhone on your car’s wireless device charger if it has one.