How To Check Hyundai Car Manufacturing Date?

Look for the 10th digit of the VIN in the chassis number only for the car manufacturers listed below. If trying to decode in 2022 Manufacturing Car (N) or 2021 Manufacturing Car, it would either be N or M. (M)

Look for the 20th digit of the VIN Chassis Number on Jeep Compass and Wrangler vehicles. You should focus on the 20th Digit, which is the last digit (MCAPQDBY0HFA90134*1N). Here, N stands for Manufacturing Year, which is 2022. Make would have meant 2021 make if it had been M.

>> MG Motor: In India, the MG Hector was produced and sold. The MZ7 Series is the first number in the VIN chassis number, and an example VIN is MZ7AD1DDF5H009310. For MG Astor, Hector, Hector Plus, and Zs Ev, look for the 10th digit of the VIN Chassis Number. If it is 5, the car is a manufactured one from 2022; if it is 4, a manufactured one from 2021.

  • If the 10th and 11th characters are zero or eleven, you must open the bonnet and look for the final two VIN digits after the 17th digit-x symbol. Year of Make is indicated by the last digit. Typically suited to New Age Dzire and Brezza or Maruti Suzuki Nexa Series (Ignis, Baleno, S Cross, Ciaz, XL6) vehicles. for instance, $MA3EYD32S00700400. $AN – Therefore, since the last digit in this case is G, the manufacturing year is 2022. Month is represented by the second-to-last digit, for Jan 2022 Manufacturing. The following two digits were AM, which denoted manufactured car for January 2021.
  • If the tenth and eleventh characters are NOT 00 or 11, then: According to revisions, this 10th digit will also assist in identifying Manufacturing years in which the 10th and 11th digits are NOT 00 nor 11, respectively. Your Maruti Suzuki car was manufactured in 2022 if the 10th digit is N, and in 2021 if it’s M.

Ford’s lineup of vehicles includes the Figo, Aspire, Freestyle, Ecosport, and Endeavour. Letter 11 will indicate the year of manufacture.

Etios, Glanza, Altis, Innova, and Fortuner VIN Decoded: Its 21-digit VIN combines the 20th and 21st letters to represent the manufacture year in numerical terms. In the same manner that 11 was for 2011, 12 was for 2012, 13 was for 2013, 14 was for 2014, and 18 was for 2018, 19 was for 2019, and 20 was for 2020

>> General Motors (Chevrolet India): Spark, Beat, Sail Hatch, Sail Sedan, Enjoy, and Tavera are all made in the year indicated by the ninth letter.

It differs from one Manufacturer to another. The location of the Maruti Suzuki VIN can be found next to the panel in front of the battery, as shown in Picture 1 above, or it can be found under the driver’s seat, on top of the dash, or on the driver’s side center pillar, as seen in Picture 2 below.

To see it for Honda, simply open the boot at the hinges. You can ask the salesperson at the dealership to display the car’s VIN location.

How can I determine a Hyundai’s production date using its VIN?

driving while at work and being without a car for a few days. wanted to order production-specific parts online. Vin should have that information, I thought.

wanted to order production-specific parts online. Vin should have that information, I thought.

Is ordering the right parts not sufficient in and of itself? For this 14-year-old automobile, the supplier has probably changed numerous times. You seem to be making things too complicated.

The final letter in the VIN is represented by the eleventh digit; the following numbers are sequence numbers. If the sequence numbers are mentioned in a bulletin, it may be possible to tell if it is an early or late build.

viewed the video again. Production month is the 19th letter following the asterisk. I only have 17 of course, and I need to use the car on the 19th. Lol. however, thanks

The year and month of manufacturing will be listed on the sticker on the door frame. All you really need to know is that.

Modern cars have many door jamb stickers, so the one he wants to see can be located on the front passenger door jamb rather than the driver’s door jamb. The OP merely needs to find the appropriate door jamb sticker on his car, which will show the month and year of manufacture.


Every vehicle has a unique VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) or Chassis Number that identifies the year and month of manufacture.

Hyundai cars typically have 19 characters in their chassis numbers, starting with MAL, with the 10th and 19th characters standing in for the year and month, respectively. If the VIN number’s 10th character is A, it indicates that the vehicle was manufactured in 2010, and if the 19th character is F, it indicates that the vehicle was manufactured in June.

The VIN/Chassis Number can also be found on the Vehicle Registration Certificate, which is often located on the driver-side door where the door latches when the door is closed.

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VIN decoder for Hyundai

The VIN is a special identification number for Hyundai vehicles. This number contains important details about the vehicle, including the manufacturer, the year of manufacturing, the factory where it was made, the engine type, the model, and more. As an illustration, if someone wishes to

When purchasing a car, you can check the VIN number against an internet database to make sure it hasn’t been destroyed, stolen, or illegally modified. The VIN number has a particular format that is accepted all around the world. The used this format as of the

ISO organization. Every automaker is required to mark all of its cars using this unique format. This online tool enables a user to search virtually any VIN number, confirm the legitimacy of the vehicle, and acquire complete information.

review the car’s history and search for Hyundai auto components. Using the VIN, a user may also obtain a build sheet for

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and Chassis Number (CHS)

I learned that dealers occasionally sell an old car under the guise of a new one while doing research for the purchase of a new vehicle. Without understanding the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and chassis number, which contain the manufacture month and year inscribed in them, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

I had to look up and read a lot of articles before I could fully comprehend these figures for my Hyundai i10 dream automobile. Here is more specific information:

Each car has a distinct VIN, which is often stamped in or near the passenger compartment or engine bay. We were able to find it for the Hyundai i10 on a sticker that was affixed to the rear window.

The manufacturer year will be entered into the 17-digit VIN number. The manufacture year is shown by the 10th digit of the VIN for the i10.

The manufacture year would be 2010 if the tenth digit was an A. 2011 is the manufacture year if the tenth digit is B. C and D correspond to 2012 and 2013, respectively. Visit this page to view the full “model year encoding” table.

The chassis number, which is found for the i10 at the bottom of the driver seat, next to the handle you use to push the seat back, must be examined to determine the month of manufacturing.

Following a * and a letter, the chassis number is the same as the VIN number. This letter contains the manufacturing month.

The manufacture month is January if this letter equals A, and February if this letter equals B. Similar to how M = December, C = March, D = April, E = May, F = June, G = July, H = August, J = September, K = October, L = November. Please not that there is no use of “I”.

How can I determine when my Hyundai was manufactured?

The production date has always been listed on the VIN sticker on the driver’s door jamb rather than the VIN (the 10th number indicates the model year but is a code, “M” for 2021, making it difficult for most people to decipher). In any event, the VIN label on the Pali is black. In the top left corner of that label, directly behind the Hyundai emblem, is the manufacture date. 02/21 is my. Hope this was useful.

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How can I determine what month my car was made?

Finding the Manufacturing and Production Dates of Your Vehicle Open the driver’s side door of your car and look inside the door jam for a big sticker to determine the manufacture date. The label ought to state the weight of your car as well as the month and year of manufacture.

How is the manufacture date read?

  • The plant code is represented by the first grouping’s three characters. The factory code is being changed from two to three characters as a result of recent legislation. The DOT code will now have a total of 13 characters thanks to this extra digit.
  • The second grouping consists of six characters that specify the tire’s size, type, or other vital details; unlike the eight to twelve-character TIN, the manufacturer is not permitted to omit any of these characters.
  • The manufacturer’s date is indicated by the final four digits. The week is represented by the first two numbers, and the year by the last two. (A tire with the number 2910, for instance, was created in the 29th week of 2010).

Every tire has a sidewall with the complete DOT code (including the date code component) visible. The opposite sidewall will, at the makers’ choice, either carry a partial DOT code (without the date code and any optional characters) or a full DOT code (with date).

The date code will only be 3 digits if your tires were built before the year 2000, with the first two digits once more indicating the week of the year and the last number being the final digit of the year the tire was manufactured. This means that a tire with the date code “529” could have been made in December 1999, December 1989, or even December 1979.

Noteworthy: The thirteen-character TIN requirement must be met by all tires produced after April 13, 2025.

How can I locate the date of manufacturing on a VIN?

The car model-year is indicated by the tenth character of the 17-character VIN. Vehicles manufactured in 1981 or later are subject to this standard.

When and in what month was my car made?

In between the door and the doorjamb on the driver’s side door, there is typically a sticker applied by the manufacturer that lists numerous vital details about your car. This label often includes the date of manufacture or production.

How is a Hyundai VIN number read?

  • Geographic Zone: Digit 1. Korea is represented by the letter K. M is India.
  • Manufacturer: Digit 2. Hyundai Motor India, or A = HMI. H is the Bromot Assembly Plant (Canada)
  • Digit 3: Type of vehicle. Trailer, or B. Special Car, or C.
  • Serial number four: H = Genesis Coupe (BK)
  • Body Style & Version, Digit 5.
  • Number six: Body Type. Limousine, or 1. 2 = 2DR Sedan

When was an automobile made? Can you tell the day of the week?

You cannot determine with certainty the day a car was built or the day it was delivered to the dealership. Finding out what month and year a specific vehicle was made in is rather simple. This information can be used to determine how long it has been on the property. When comparing the relative ages of two or more cars, the information is quite helpful.

Somewhere near the driver’s door, there will be a sticker with the month and year of manufacturing. It appears on the door or door frame depending on the situation. You merely need to open the door to find it in either case.

The month and year of manufacture are displayed on the label in the format mm/yy, often at the upper left. For instance, 12/15 will indicate that the vehicle was produced in December 2015. Normally, the car is delivered to the dealer one to two months after it leaves the factory.

The relative dates give you a decent notion of how long two or more cars have been on the lot in relation to one another when comparing them. You can infer that the latter has been on the lot one to three months less if one has a date of 08/15 and the other has a date of 10/15. It might only be a couple of weeks newer if the first was produced towards the end of August and the second at the start of October. It may be close to three months if one was in the start of August and the other towards the end of October.