How To Change Brake Light Bulb On Hyundai Elantra 2013?

  • Step 1: Open the tailgate or trunk.
  • Step 2: Remove the tail lamp assembly (if needed)
  • Step 3: Remove the bulb.
  • Step 4: Insert a replacement bulb after adding bulb grease.
  • Step 5: Reattach the component (if needed)
  • Repeat on the other side in step 6

What does the Hyundai Elantra’s brake light mean?

Braking System Alert Light indicates that the brake system is broken or that the brake fluid level is low. Additionally, when the parking brake is not released, this light illuminates.

How much does a new brake light bulb cost?

Anyone can learn how to replace a broken brake light. By changing the bulb yourself instead of going to the store and waiting for the service to be done, you can save $20 in labor costs and travel time. A replacement bulb costs about $10.

Why do my Hyundai Sonata’s brake lights not function?

The mechanic will bring a multimeter while inspecting the electric parts of your car, particularly the fuses and relays, to help them identify which particular part has failed. The mechanic will start by looking at the rear of the vehicle for any obvious damage, such as frayed or loose wiring and damaged tail light covers. The mechanic will next start to look at each component along the electrical circuit if there isn’t any obvious damage.

By checking at the fuses, the mechanic will start examining the various electrical parts of the car. He or she will take out the appropriate fuse for the tail lights to check if it is blown if they suspect a blown fuse. In such case, the mechanic will swap it out for a fuse that is properly rated for the amperage.

The mechanic should determine whether the unlit bulb is burned out if only one of the tail lights appears to be out. Bulb failure and replacement are inevitable over time. The mechanic will examine the unlit bulb’s filament to see if it is broken. In that case, a new bulb will be installed in lieu of the damaged one.

The mechanic will then examine the matching relay for the tail lights if it appears that the bulbs and fuses are in good operating order. The mechanic can measure the relay’s resistance using a multimeter. The mechanic will replace it and rewire it to the current connections if it is not operating properly.

The brake light switch should be checked by the mechanic if the tail lights appear to be operating OK but the brake lights are not. The mechanic will replace the old switch with a new one if the brake light switch is not reacting to the brake pedal. After that, the mechanic should ensure sure the brake lights are operational and responding to the new switch.

Any time a repair is required, the technician will see to it that all required work is done and that the new components work properly. A code reader/scanner will be used by the repair to erase any error codes that may have been set off by problems with the taillights.

Is the bulb used for both the brake and taillights?

The brake lights and tail lights on many cars use the same bulb. Inside the bulb, there are two filaments: one for the brake light and one for the taillight. Additionally, some automobiles feature a separate bulb for each circuit.

The bulbs in brake lights all the same?

While the brake lights only activate when the brake pedal is pushed, the tail lights turn on instantly when the driver turns on the headlights. Even though both lights are red, brake lights often have a red light that is significantly brighter.

Depending on the type of vehicle. Dual-filament bulbs are used in many automobiles to combine the brake and tail lights into one. Here, every filament is connected to a different circuit. The thicker filament, which provides a brighter light, is utilized for brake lights, while the thinner filament illuminates as a tail light. While in certain automobiles, the brake and taillights are lit by independent lightbulbs.

Let’s look at what those lights are and what they function in order to better comprehend the distinctions between the brake light and the tail light.

Why won’t the brake lights on my 2012 Hyundai Sonata turn off?

Due to a problem with the brake pedal assembly that, in certain cases, prevents the brake lights from turning off, Hyundai is recalling 304,900 Sonata cars from the 2011 and 2012 model years.

The brake pedal stopper pad, which can eventually wear down and allow the brake light switch to stay on after the driver lifts their foot from the brake pedal, is at problem. In these circumstances, the Sonata is capable of continuing to drive while the brake lights are illuminated in the “braking” position, which can give other motorists the wrong impression. Additionally, this issue can make it possible to shift out of park without depressing the brake pedal. Even while Hyundai reports that the second issue hasn’t resulted in any accidents, it is this second issue that is more concerning.

The Hyundai Sonata automobiles produced from December 11, 2009, to June 30, 2011, are subject to the recall campaign.

On January 11, Hyundai will begin the recall procedure, and dealers will apply the repair. Owners may bring their cars in to have this problem addressed at no charge; the fix simply entails installing a new stopper pad.

Owners should reach Hyundai customer service directly at 1-855-671-3059 and reference recall number 136 prior to the start of the recall. They can also visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) website at or dial the vehicle safety hotline at 1-888-327-4236.

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Are brake lights replaced by AutoZone?

AutoZone will they replace brake lights? Although AutoZone doesn’t really provide brake light replacement services, our staff can help you with any inquiries you may have, aid you in locating the necessary supplies to get started, and perhaps even lend a hand.

How is the third brake light cleaned?

The third brake light’s release tabs can be found in the back glass under the trunk when it is opened. Once it pops out from between them, you can remove it for cleaning.

Are the headlights on the 2019 Hyundai Elantra being recalled?

Several 2019 and 2020 Elantra (ADa) automobiles with halogen headlights may exhibit sporadic high beam activation. The service procedure to replace the left and right headlight assemblies and carry out aiming adjustments is provided in this advisory.

Should you swap out both brake lights at once?

According to logic, individual vehicle lights will eventually burn out and need to be changed the more you use them. Head lamp capsules need to wear out more quickly when driving at night or during the day. Right?

The manufacturer rates the lifespan of the lamps and bulbs in your car in terms of illumination hours.

Naturally, long-lasting, high-quality bulbs will endure longer than lights of lower quality.

Only when your car’s headlamp capsules and micro lamps burn out and stop working properly should you replace them.

As soon as your head lamp capsules burn out, you should replace them with a high-quality, durable capsule lamp, such those made by Champion lighting components. Considering that they are both the same age and level of deterioration, it is also advisable to replace the headlamp capsules, brake light, and taillight bulbs in pairs at the same time. Most likely, the opposite lamp capsule has significantly deteriorated and will also burn out shortly.

Find out more about high-quality lighting items, where to buy your car part, or how to locate it.

This article’s information is provided for educational reasons only and shouldn’t be relied upon in place of consulting a qualified technician or mechanic. We advise you to speak with a licensed technician or mechanic if you have any specific queries or issues regarding any of the subjects discussed here.

What does the Hyundai automobile with the key light mean?

If this light is solid, the immobilizer in your key has been recognized by your car, allowing you to start the engine. If this light is blinking, the immobilizer system isn’t working properly, and you should take your car to the nearby Hyundai repair center. Ignitor Light for the Immobilizer (With Smart Key)

How similar are 1157 and 2357 bulbs?

The 2357 bulb has a shorter life expectancy than the 1157. The high filament of the 2357 bulb is substantially shorter than that of the 1157, with the 2357 rated at 400 hours compared to 1200 hours for the 1157. The low filaments have the same life expectancy value of 5000 hours.

How can I clean my car’s back deck?

Edit: If there is a lot of tape, first use a heat gun to melt the tape, then rub or scrape the excess off. If there is a significant amount of it still present, products like Goo Gone and similar ones won’t perform very well.

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