How To Change Brake Light Bulb Hyundai Getz?

The two 10 mm (head) bolts holding the stop light must be removed. The tail light assembly and the weatherstripping on the tailgate are connected by this bolt. You don’t need to take anything out in order to see them.

Pry the entire tail light assembly “back” using a flat screwdriver that has been wrapped with masking tape. To remove and replace the bulb, just twist the brake light (or reverse, or turn signal) bulb plug.


To access the bulb, unscrew the lens from the exterior or remove the plastic cover from inside the trunk. You’ll need to simultaneously push in and turn. To assist you obtain an exact replacement, bring the bulb with you to the auto supply shop. If there is any corrosion, clean the connection using a wire brush and/or a rag. Incorporate the fresh bulb into the vacant socket. Once more, you’ll need to turn and push at the same time. To screw in the bulb, align the small raised bumps on the base. As a friend checks the new bulb to make sure it lights up, test your work by applying the brakes and turning on the headlights.

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Why do the brake light bulbs on my Hyundai Getz keep needing to be replaced?

The brake lights on the back of your Hyundai Getz shine brightly to signal to oncoming traffic that you are stopping or slowing down.

They may ultimately burn out, at which point a replacement bulb will need to be installed. You can get help with it from AutoGuru!

An auto electrician might need to inspect the socket if the same brake light continues going out. Power may not be regularly reaching the bulb because of rusted, filthy, or bad wiring connections at the connectors.

Failure of the brake lights can make collisions more likely since other vehicles may hit the back of your Hyundai Getz because they can’t see you when you’re braking.

Since bulbs are flimsy and not the most durable and dependable car parts, check them frequently and replace them if you detect one has blown.

What equipment do I require to replace a brake light bulb?

You can decide what equipment you’ll need now that you know how to get to the taillight bulb. Either a flathead or Phillips screwdriver will probably be required. To remove the screws keeping the taillight housing in place, gather the necessary equipment. You might not require tools if the taillight housing is accessible on your car. The cloth covering may easily be removed to reveal the bulb in its socket.

What is the name of the brake light bulbs?

Stop lamps and brake lights are both used to signal to other drivers that you are using the brakes and sloweding down on the road.

Is the brake light bulb the same in all cars?

It’s time to install the brake light bulb you choose after making your selection. If you’re feeling confident, you can replace the brake light bulb yourself at home on many cars because it’s not particularly difficult. Any queries you may have can be answered by your auto electrician.

Here is a step-by-step instruction manual for changing your brake light bulbs. Please remember that this is simply a general overview. Since every automobile is unique, some bulbs might not be able to be changed in this manner. We strongly advise you to consult the car manual or speak with your auto electrician if you have any questions.

In a brake light, how many bulbs are there?

The brake light is one of several lights that are typically located under the focal point of each taillight.

While you stand behind the car and examine the activity of the brake lights, have someone sit in the car and repeatedly squeeze and release the brake pedal.

Determine which bulb, hidden beneath the taillight cover, is the worn-out brake light. There may be several lights beneath each focus, but there is only one brake lightbulb. Finding the correct replacement bulb may be easier in the future if you know where the brake lightbulb is located underneath the focus point.

If you’re having trouble, ask the local auto repair shop for assistance.

Can I change a brake light on my own?

Anyone can learn how to replace a broken brake light. By changing the bulb yourself instead of going to the store and waiting for the service to be done, you can save $20 in labor costs and travel time. A replacement bulb costs about $10.

The bulbs in brake lights all the same?

While the brake lights only activate when the brake pedal is pushed, the tail lights turn on instantly when the driver turns on the headlights. Even though both lights are red, brake lights often have a red light that is significantly brighter.

Depending on the type of vehicle. Dual-filament bulbs are used in many automobiles to combine the brake and tail lights into one. Here, every filament is connected to a different circuit. The thicker filament, which provides a brighter light, is utilized for brake lights, while the thinner filament illuminates as a tail light. While in certain automobiles, the brake and taillights are lit by independent lightbulbs.

Let’s look at what those lights are and what they function in order to better comprehend the distinctions between the brake light and the tail light.

How do I fix my broken brake lights?

A fuse box is where the wires that power all the electronic components in your car pass through. You must search for two fuse boxes if your vehicle is modern. Using the manual for your automobile, find the brake light fuse. Blowing fuses can result in brake light issues. Replace it with a new one if it is blown. Make sure the new unit’s amperage is the same as the old one by checking it. If not, the issue can keep happening.

Are the brake light bulbs reachable?

YES! Halogen capsule bulbs shouldn’t be touched with your fingers. Instead of using regular glass, halogen bulbs, tubes, and capsules use quartz, which can endure higher temperatures. The salts and oils from your skin will harm the bulb and cause the heat to concentrate if you touch it with your fingers. The bulb’s lifespan may be drastically shortened as a result, or worse yet, it may shatter. The majority of halogen capsule bulbs you purchase will be sealed in plastic inside the package for this reason.

We advise using a paper towel to push a halogen capsule bulb into the light fixture and withdrawing it once it is properly placed. In the event that you accidently touch the bulb, methylated spirit can be used to clean it.

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Are brake and tail lights interchangeable?

The primary distinction between brake lights and tail lights is that the latter only come on when the brake pedal is depressed, whereas the former illuminates as soon as the headlights are turned on. Although both lights are red, brake lights often provide a more vivid red light.

How is the third brake light cleaned?

The third brake light’s release tabs can be found in the back glass under the trunk when it is opened. Once it pops out from between them, you can remove it for cleaning.

Why does one brake light not work?

The next step is to inspect the light socket itself if only one brake light is out and the bulb is functioning properly. A dirty or corroded socket’s connections or wiring that is so worn that it only occasionally makes a connection are also examples of brake light issues. Snipping the old wires and splicing in the new socket, which is normally a cheap part to buy, is all it takes to replace a socket.

The majority of brake light issues will be simple to diagnose and resolve on your own if you bear these suggestions in mind. Of course, if you prefer a hands-off option, the professionals at your neighborhood NAPA AutoCare are always prepared to address your brake light issues.

For routine maintenance and repairs, visit one of our 17,000 NAPA AutoCare shops or browse all the vision and safety goods on NAPAOnline. Visit your neighborhood NAPA Auto Parts store to speak with a trained specialist for more details on diagnosing and fixing brake light issues.

Is it possible to alter your own tail light?

Fortunately, changing the tail light bulbs isn’t hard and shouldn’t take you more than 45 minutes to an hour. Be careful that newer models could be a little trickier to disassemble than older ones because there will be more wires.

Have all automobiles two brake lights?

These may seem simple, but they are crucial for alerting drivers who are behind you as you brake. You are required to have two operational brake lights. The fact that they are mounted on the back of your car, though, means that it’s not uncommon for you to go a few days without realizing that one of your bulbs is dead.

Make sure to install a replacement bulb as soon as you realize one of your brake lights is broken. If you are stopped by the police, you can get

  • a polite warning
  • You have 10 days to rectify it after receiving a roadside prohibition notice.
  • a PS60 fine and three license points
  • In the worst situation, they might tow your automobile away!

Checking your brake lights once a week is a smart idea not only to avoid being caught off guard, but also because it could prevent an accident since if they aren’t working, there will be no indication to oncoming traffic that you are stopping.

Does the brake light have a fuse?

It’s unlikely that all three of your brake lights’ separate bulbs have burned out if none of them are functioning. The likelihood that you have an electrical system issue is much higher. Be at ease. It could appear difficult and pricey. Most likely, the electrical system issue is simply a blown brake light system fuse.

As each component of the car’s electrical system is protected by a fuse from amperage overload, the remainder of the car isn’t damaged if one goes out. If the fuse blows, electricity cannot reach the lights, even if everything else is in working order.

The power distribution center, which is either hidden behind the hood or under the dashboard, is where you’ll find the brake light system fuse, as well as all other fuses. The power distribution center is a new concept to you? It is merely another name for a fuse box. Locate the fuse that corresponds to the brake lights using the owner’s manual for your automobile.

For the next step, you must connect a test light (you can get one at any auto parts store). Turn the ignition of your car to the “on” position, take hold of the test light, connect it to a ground source, such as the dash or the car’s body, and gently touch the tester’s tip to each end of the fuse. Now, lightly depress the gas pedal. The test light should be on. If so, the fuse is working properly, and the broken brake light bulb is most likely the source of the issue. However, if the connection is only pressed on one side of the fuse and the test light turns on, the fuse is bad. No matter where the test light is linked to the fuse, if it doesn’t illuminate at all, you must replace the fuse. Verify that the replacement’s amp rating matches that of the original fuse.

But hold on—you’re not done yet! You must retest it after installing a new fuse. If both lights turn on, the fuse is operational, and the issue has been resolved. Be mindful that an electrical problem further up in the system may be indicated by a blown fuse. The replacement fuse will also blow in this scenario, therefore you need get in touch with an electrician to find the precise location of the problem.

When you press the pedal and the new fuse doesn’t light, the circuit is shorted out. That is a more difficult and expensive repair that must be done by a qualified mechanic.