How To Change Battery In Hyundai Ioniq Key Fob?


I questioned whether opening the key fob may be doable without a screwdriver and instead using something somewhat blunt. Because of my lack of coordination, there is a non-zero chance that I will gash myself or a delicate electrical component if the sharp screwdriver slips.

It turns out that the built-in key can be used to unlock the fob. Simply insert the tip of the key where the screwdriver should go according to the tutorials, then (gently) twist or lever the case open.


Hyundai Ioniq’s key fob is powered by one CR2032 battery. Depending on the type, size packaging, and brand you choose, the majority of CR2032 batteries cost less than $6. When shopping for a new battery, bring your old one with you.

You don’t always need to reprogram after changing the batteries in your keys. Don’t be afraid of this method because the user’s manual frequently describes it.

Yes, you can change the battery in your own key fob for a 2018 Hyundai Ioniq. The case of the fob is the hardest portion to open. With our guide, it’s fairly simple.

Depending on the brand, replacing the battery in a keyless entry remote might cost between $50 and $600.

The Hyundai Ioniq’s remote key fob batteries should be replaced every four years, though this will vary depending on usage and construction quality. Replace the batteries in your remote key fob if the signal strength has decreased before it stops functioning and causes you trouble.

If the buttons on your automobile key fob stop functioning, you have to press the lock or unlock button more than once, the signal is weaker, or the battery is older than four years, you probably need to replace the batteries within the key fob. Most likely, the current battery is weak; however, if it doesn’t help, a replacement or repair of the keyless entry remote is necessary.

A Hyundai key fob uses what kind of battery?

A CR2032 battery powers the majority of Hyundai key fobs. Once you have a new Hyundai key fob replacement battery in your possession, insert it into your key fob exactly where the old one was. Check to see if the battery is in contact with each connection.

What is the price of a Hyundai key fob battery replacement?

The battery in your Hyundai key fob is simple to change. A replacement CR 2032 3V battery is all that is required. They typically cost between $3 and $5 for a pack of 5. Wearing latex gloves is advised because you will be contacting a motherboard during this process, which could result in unintended harm.

  • Remove the emergency key from the fob’s base.
  • Between the release button and the key slot, insert the key.
  • Turn the key until the fob pops open as if you were unlocking a door.
  • Open the fob while facing the buttons downward (otherwise they will fall out).
  • Remove the barrier and motherboard, then set aside the button-side of the fob.
  • Remove the dead battery from its mount using the key.
  • Place the + side of the new battery in its bracket.
  • Replace the fob’s button-half, motherboard, and barrier.
  • Set the release button peg in the appropriate hole.
  • Reassemble the fob with a snap.

You’re done now! Press any button to put your Hyundai Smart Key to the test. If all was done correctly, a tiny red light should flash over the unlock button.

The location of the battery in a 2017 Hyundai Ioniq.

A quarter of all AAA roadside assistance calls are from customers whose automobiles are stranded due to dead batteries, and AAA responds to 7.5 million of these calls each year. We’ve all been jumped on, been jumped on, and had to change our batteries around every five years for $100 each. Hyundai believes that we are growing weary of it.

The first contemporary production vehicle without a conventional 12-volt battery is the hybrid Hyundai Ioniq from 2017. Instead, designers put a lithium-ion starter battery into the farthest left part of the main battery casing of the hybrid. An engineer compared this battery configuration to a hard drive with two partitions on a computer: both operate in the same box and use the same components, but they perform as distinct units. Battery hardware identical to that found in the Kia Niro.

Hyundai essentially hooked permanent jumper wires from the main 1.6 kWh lithium-ion battery to the 50-amp-hour starter battery, despite the fact that the 240-volt and 12-volt circuits are technically independent. If the primary hybrid battery discharges and the car’s engine won’t start, the driver can restart it by pressing a 12V Batt Reset button on the lower console next to the fuel-filler release button. If there are no other issues, the car will start straight up.

The starter battery is then fully recharged by the alternator, much like it would in an ordinary vehicle or, more specifically, like it would in a Porsche with a lithium-ion race battery. The Hyundai uses a 12-volt lithium-ion battery, similar to those found in 911s (or other vehicles that have adopted the technology), which is far lighter than a conventional lead-acid battery. That large weight in this instance is 26 pounds. In comparison to the Ioniq plug-in hybrid and Ioniq Electric, both of which use a lead-acid battery in the cargo area, the Ioniq hybrid may also claim a 2% advantage in cargo space. Hyundai refused to explain why it kept conventional batteries on those two models, but given that they sell for noticeably more money, containing production costs was probably the answer.

The Ioniq hybrid may be the only production vehicle in the history of the world that cannot jump start another vehicle because there are no accessible 12-volt battery connectors and the battery is sealed under the back seat.

Yet another valid worry is longevity. Hyundai offers a lifetime, unlimited-mileage warranty on the complete battery pack, which includes the 12-volt battery. Up to ten years or 100,000 miles of coverage are provided to all subsequent owners. After that, we anticipate that replacing a custom battery that wasn’t made to be easily swapped will cost much more than $100. Some drivers may feel uneasy trusting a computer to do a task—rebooting a dead battery—that most people can handle on their own, similar to automobiles that do away with oil dipsticks and only rely on electronic oil-level sensors. However, what appears to be a minor engineering footnote in a very low-volume car is crucial for both consumers and the automobile industry until the Ioniq hybrid’s long-term durability can be evaluated. Not just the few forgetful people who leave their lights on, but everyone would benefit from saving the money, weight, luggage space, and aggravation of conventional car batteries (which always seem to die at the worst possible time).

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How is a Hyundai key fob programmed?

  • As soon as you get inside your Hyundai, check that all the doors are closed.
  • Put your Hyundai’s ignition in the “ACC” (accessory) position using your key.
  • Keep pressing the “open” or “unlock” button on the key fob until the light on your car starts to flash.
  • Congratulations

Why won’t my key fob operate now that the battery has been changed?

A dead battery is the most frequent cause of a key fob not functioning. Having said that, your keyfob might be having more serious issues. You might require a key fob replacement or perhaps auto door lock repair if your key fob stops operating after a battery change.

The Hyundai Ioniq’s battery location is unknown.

Here, we’re looking at the Hybrid, which has an EPA fuel rating of 55 miles per gallon combined and a starting price of $24,195, including destination.

A 1.6-kWh lithium-ion battery is housed behind the back seats and powers the Ioniq Hybrid’s 32-kilowatt electric motor and 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine.

The 2020 Hyundai Ioniq hybrid is a solid option for anyone who seek great fuel economy at a reasonable price, even though the driving experience isn’t the most exciting. Scroll down to see more pictures.

After changing the battery, does the key fob need to be reprogrammed?

After changing the battery, you typically do not need to reconfigure the key fob. However, you might need to reprogramme it by re-pairing it with your vehicle if you’ve replaced not only the batteries but also some of the internal cabling and electronics.

How much does a Hyundai Ioniq replacement battery cost?

Best in Automotive Repair The typical cost to replace the high voltage battery in a Hyundai Ioniq hybrid ranges from $3,074 to $3,131. While materials are priced at $2,854 and labor costs are projected to be between $220 and $278.

How often should the key fob’s battery be changed?

Car key fobs are so practical that it’s simple to ignore them. But did you realize that regular maintenance is required for your key fob? Batteries for key fobs should be changed every three to four years, though this will depend on how frequently they are used and how well they are made.

You’d wish you had taken better care of your key fob if it were to abruptly cease working while you were far from home. Avoid being stranded and having to pay for a tow because your key fob isn’t working properly. Here are some red flags that could indicate that it’s time to replace your key fob batteries before it’s too late.

How is the Hyundai Smart Key pry opened?

To remove the metal key, push the metal button next to it. Open the Hyundai key fob by inserting this key into the little opening in the rear.

What occurs when the battery in your key fob runs low?

The transmitter’s range decreases as the fob battery gets weaker. This implies that for the key fob to operate, you must be close to the vehicle. When a smart key fob is in your pocket or handbag for automobiles with push-button starts, the car might not always detect it if the battery is low.

I need to reset my Hyundai.

more YouTube videos 2- Hold the volume down and power keys simultaneously in your Hyundai E551 for a few seconds. Depending on the Android version, the power key and the volume up key may be used in some devices. 3- Release the buttons once you see the Hyundai logo.

Can a key fob with a low battery prevent a car from starting?

Yes, a key fob with short battery life may prevent your automobile from starting. The key fob for your automobile is an electrical gadget with a battery inside that powers signals sent from the key fob to your car. Your car’s computerized systems get alerts in accordance with the key fob commands you press, and the vehicle subsequently reacts as necessary.

This function depends on the battery in your car’s key fob; if it runs out, you might not be able to start your car without a jumpstart. Your ability to start your car may be affected if the battery in your Honda keyless remote is low.

Can I change a key fob on my own?

Yes, a replacement automobile key can be obtained without the original. Since people frequently misplace their car keys, replacing a misplaced car key is an easy operation. Nevertheless, depending on the key type, it could be pricey.

A key fob is a little electronic gadget that you can use to remotely lock and unlock your car. Other capabilities of the fob could include a remote engine starter, a trunk opening, or a proximity system that allows you to open your car without taking the fob out of your pocket.

Depending on how sophisticated the key technology is, replacing car keys can be expensive. An old metal key can be duplicated for less than $10 at a hardware store. On the other hand, the most recent smart keys must be ordered from a dealer and might cost between $200 and $500.

Your car key’s battery can be changed easily by opening it up, identifying the battery type, and going to the store. If you’re unsure of how to open the remote, it pays to consult your owner’s manual because you don’t want to force anything open and break it.

Today’s automobile keys are more secure and capable thanks to technology, but the gain isn’t free. The majority of modern keys feature complex electronic parts that must be configured before usage.

You may be able to buy an after-market key fob via a locksmith or online if your automobile is more than five years old. These sorts of fobs range in quality, but they are less expensive than other options.

You might be able to program a replacement yourself, depending on the make and type of your vehicle. The steps for programming a key fob yourself can differ: Owner’s manuals from certain automakers include instructions. In many circumstances, information can be available online. The catch is that in order to complete the process quickly or at all, you might need two functional key fobs.

It’s wise to acquire and program a backup remote before you require it. Additionally, a lot of used-car buyers (particularly auto dealers) will pay more for a vehicle with at least two functional key fobs or sets of keys.

A misplaced automobile key can indeed be replaced by a locksmith. If you have the option of receiving your replacement key from a locksmith or the dealership, the latter may be less expensive. Before making a choice, be sure to inquire about prices with your nearby vehicle dealership.