How Much Is The Hyundai H350 In The Philippines?

Full-size commercial and passenger vans like the Hyundai H350 are available on the market for as little as Php 2.69 million. The H350 has a contemporary exterior with vertical tail lamps, a huge hexagonal grille up front, and projector headlamps with LEDs. The Hyundai H350’s engine, a 2.5-liter, four-cylinder diesel that produces 170 PS and 422 Nm of torque, is paired to a 6-speed manual transmission. Dual front airbags, ABS, keyless entry, reverse parking sensors, and vehicle dynamic control are all safety features.

Overview of the Hyundai H350 Philippines

Due of its enormous size, the Hyundai H350 is a commercial vehicle (CV) designed to be a passenger automobile in the nation. Hyundai H350 is no longer part of the Philippine portfolio, however prices range from Php 2,688,000 to Php 2,728,000. The car’s 2.5-liter CRDi turbodiesel engine produces 422 Nm of torque and 168 horsepower under the hood. An automatic transmission with six speeds is mated to this engine.

The H350 measures 6,096 mm in length, 2,865 mm in width, and 2,042 mm in height. This Hyundai vehicle faced out against products like the Ford Transit in its local market.

Sale of the Hyundai H350 (18)

At P1,958,000, the Hyundai H350 is the least expensive model. Hyundai H350 is the priciest model, priced at P1,958,000 after 17,000 kilometers.

You can view the most recent offers on Hyundai H350 for sale at Philkotse, along with photos, features, specs, and prices.

Buyers have a wide range of possibilities in Phikotse. With our criteria, which include model year, mileage, and color, you can easily find every Hyundai H350 and arrange them in any order.

Inside Yassi Pressman’s Hyundai H350 van, which was customized

You will lose many man-hours in Metro Manila traffic as you sit in lengthy stretches of silence on your route to work or home. Even worse, the tension from standing still in the middle of the road may harm your health. Hardworking professionals who can’t afford to miss time at work find that intolerable. And that goes for famous people in the entertainment industry, who not only need to show up on time for shoots but also look good and be stress-free.

Therefore, the current craze among actresses and models is to purchase a roomy van like the Nissan Urvan, Toyota Hiace, or Hyundai H350 (which is the topic of our story here), then have it altered to turn its rather plain cabin into a mobile lounge that can also serve as a bedroom. The interior of a basic H350 is shown here.

The 6.2m-long H350, which costs about P2,700,000 when brand-new and seats 14 people (including the driver), although most celebrity owners just require a lot of room and a comfortable couch to spread their legs on. This explains why van modification is so popular right now. Atoy Customs, which debuted the so-called Urvan Premium A during this year’s Manila International Auto Show, is currently the top van customizer among celebrities.

Actress Yassi Pressman owns the H350 van shown above, and she simply wants a relaxing way to navigate our usually congested traffic. As a result, Atoy Customs placed many USB ports and power outlets, swiveling captain seats, an adjustable table, and ceiling optic lights.

The addition of a portable bathroom and a nice-sounding music system (complete with a Pioneer head unit and Focal speakers) was also made.

The sofa that magically transforms into a bed, however, is the main treat for the van’s owner.

It’s understandable why Yassi was overjoyed to receive her finished celebrity van.

A van customisation project might cost anywhere between P850,000 and P1,300,000, according to Atoy Customs owner Atoy Llave, depending on the customer’s requirements.

You reap the rewards of your toil in this manner. If you can afford it, don’t ever compromise your personal comfort. especially if your capacity to make a living depends significantly on your health and general well-being.

Is the Hyundai H350 offered in the Philippines?

In the Philippines, Hyundai has made the 4 H350 available in one standard variant with three color choices: white, black, and grey.

The Hyundai H350 is what?

The evolution of History is not covered in this page. Please add this information to the article’s expansion. The talk page might have further information. 2020 September

The Hyundai H350 is a light commercial 5-door van made by the South Korean company Hyundai, also known as Hyundai Solati in South Korea, Malaysia, and Vietnam, and Hyundai Solati H350 in Mexico. The auto show in Hanover, Germany, in 2014 saw the debut of the car.

What does Hyundai Philippines prioritize?

Hyundai Motor Philippines, Inc., an official sales subsidiary and distributor for Hyundai passenger automobiles in The Philippines, was established on June 1st, 2022. Hyundai is returning to the Philippines with a stronger mission and commitment because the country is crucial to the company, particularly in the Asia Pacific region. Together for a Better Future, the company’s mission statement, is the cornerstone of their commitment to offering a product range with technologies that are assisting in the development of solutions for a more sustainable future. Under the Strategy 2025, the company intends to take the lead in electrification by concentrating on offering the most appealing goods and services to consumers and developing into a Smart Mobility Solution Provider.

Future mobility is founded on what can be given to society, and that is to allow individuals the freedom of movement that satisfies their fundamental wants and moral principles in order to produce meaningful experiences. Our emphasis on humanity means that we are aware of what individuals need in order to make the most of their time. In light of this, HMPH is committed to bringing the future of mobility to The Philippines and enhancing the quality of life for its citizens by expanding its position beyond the vehicle transportation industry.

HMPH is dedicated to offering the best service in terms of sales and after sales, supported by an authorized dealer network that is dispersed around the Philippines and will continue to expand. HMPH wants to become closer to its customers and turn into their favorite brand in order to become their lifetime partner in the automotive industry and beyond.

“We want to raise market awareness of the local Hyundai vision and objective. The goal of Hyundai is progress for humanity. We think that progress only has value when it is tied to a strong sense of humanity. Our shared humanity strengthens and unifies us. Our innovations are motivated by it, and it directs our investments. We share your desire for improvement, advancement, and the idea that better days should always be ahead of us with our brand orientation and motto for The Philippines, “INNOVATE EVERYDAY.” “Dong Wook Lee, President of Hyundai Motor Philippines, Inc., made this statement.

Hyundai H350: How long is it?

In the Philippines, the Hyundai H350 is available with a diesel engine. Hyundai’s latest minivans are available in a single configuration. In terms of Hyundai H350 engine specifications, the diesel engine has a 2497 cc displacement. H350 has a manual transmission option. The H350 is a 14-seater minivan with dimensions of 6195 mm in length, 2436 mm in width, 3670 mm in wheelbase, and 185 mm in ground clearance.

Hyundai Philippines is owned by who?

Resources from Hyundai Asia Inc. Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. (HARI) was designated by the South Korean automaker Hyundai Motor Company (HMC) as the official distributor of Hyundai vehicles in the Philippines in August 2001.

What is Hyundai Philippines’ mission?

To be the top supplier of mobility and payload solutions for commercial vehicles that are environmentally conscious, of the highest quality, innovative, and affordable.

A Hyundai crossover’s price.

The Venue, Kona, and Nexo are popular Hyundai crossovers. The 2021 Venue is a city-friendly compact SUV with a starting MSRP of $18,7501, a maximum power output of 121 horsepower, an EPA-estimated 33 highway MPG2, and an optional Snow mode.

Can I buy a Ford Transit in the Philippines?

The starting price of a Ford Transit in the Philippines is P1,999,000. The 2021 Ford Transit 2.2L 4×2 MT has the lowest price and goes up to P1,999,000 for the 2021 Ford Transit 2.2L 4×2 MT.

What Hyundai model is the best?

  • Hyundai Tucson, standard and powered. Used: 8.00L – 8.00L.
  • Power. Standard. Hyundai Santa Fe. 12.00 L to 18.00 L used.
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  • Hyundai Elantra. Standard. Power. Used: 4.00L to 14.00L rupees.
  • Hyundai Xcent. Standard. Power. 4.10 to 7.00 liters were used.
  • Powerful. Standard. Hyundai i10.
  • Active. Powerful. Standard: Hyundai i20
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Is Ford EcoSport no longer available in the Philippines?

Officially discontinued by Ford Philippines are the EcoSport, Expedition, and Transit van.

Ford Philippines reportedly provided the following statement to Autoindustriya:

The Ford EcoSport, Ford Expedition, and Ford Transit current models are no longer available from Ford Philippines. Customers can continue to receive after-sales assistance from Ford dealers countrywide, and these vehicles’ warranties will still be upheld.

The said automobiles’ current models will be their last in the Philippines going forward. Therefore, if any of these appeal to you, act quickly while there are still units available. There is no need to be concerned about the warranty or the after-sales support, according to Ford.

Ford Philippines is hardly a newcomer to discontinuing models. Even with recognizable nameplates like the Ford Focus, this has been done before. The explanation is straightforward: they no longer sell well enough to justify keeping them in stock.

The Ford EcoSport, which once sold like hotcakes in its market, is now obsolete. It has essentially been the same for a long, despite new subcompact crossover models occasionally appearing, most of which are manufactured in China.

The Ford Expedition is the same. The majority of its immediate rivals are already updated or completely new for this year, including the Nissan Patrol Royale and Toyota Land Cruiser. Ford is forced to discontinue the Ford Expedition despite its popularity in the Philippines.

It appears that the Philippine market is not ready for a tall minibus, at least not in the case of the Ford Transit.

Which Hyundai SUV is the smallest?

The 2022 Hyundai Venue, a subcompact crossover that provides low-frills inexpensive SUV performance in a comparatively small package, is the smallest Hyundai SUV in the current lineup.

With a height of 61.6 inches and a length of 159.0 inches, it is one of the tiniest cars of its kind. The Venue has a little amount of cargo capacity, but it has a cozy 91.9 square feet of passenger volume for up to 5 travelers. The second row seats may be folded flat to increase the cargo space to a maximum of 31.9 cubic feet.

One of the most affordable rates you’ll discover on a new SUV is the Venue SE entry-level model, which starts at just $19,000. It has a lot of safety features and driver aid technologies in its current basic form, but options like all-wheel drive and adaptive cruise control are only available on the larger Hyundai SUVs.

What is the name of the Hyundai crossover?

You can choose between the 2019 Hyundai Kona, 2019 Hyundai Tucson, 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe, and 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe XL when you visit our local Hyundai dealer.

Hyundai Casper: electric or not?

Hyundai Motor Co. of South Korea is creating an all-electric Casper, which is the company’s smallest vehicle in the A-segment, in order to increase consumer access to electric vehicles and their affordability.

The all-electric Casper, Hyundai Motor’s small SUV in the A class, will begin production of a T-car, or testing model, later this year, according to industry sources on Wednesday. Casper EV is anticipated to be accessible by 2024 given that it takes approximately one and a half years for an automobile to reach the commercialization stage after its T-car development.

The city-SUV Casper from Hyundai Motor, which was released in September of last year, has been well-received and contributed to the revival of the compact vehicle market. Sales increased from 208 units in the first month after debut to 4,127 units in December of last year, and this year they have averaged 3,700 units every month.

Hyundai Casper is wholly produced by Gwangju Global Motors, a joint venture without labor agreements with the host city, and is only offered online to appeal to younger customers. All of the seats are flat-folding models, making them ideal for camping and leisure travel.

The EV based on Casper is anticipated to compete with Chevrolet’s Bolt EV, which presently rules the Korean small EV market. Because of their reduced 100km driving range, the electrified versions of the Kia Ray and Chevrolet Spark did not find much success. The recently announced Bolt EV has a 400 km range on a single charge, and it is anticipated that the future Casper! EV version would have a similar range.

The introduction of Casper in the United States has not yet been decided, but it is anticipated that the EV version will serve as a strategic model for the European market. If made accessible, the price would be set at around 20 million won with EV subsidies, the same as the Bolt EV.

With the inclusion, Hyundai Motor and Kia will have a whole EV portfolio in all categories by 2024, ranging from an A-segment SUV based on the Casper EV model to a mid-sized sedan and an EV6 as well as a large-sized SUV.