How Much Is Hyundai Worth?

Hyundai Motor Group announced its plans to invest a total of $16.5 billion over the next eight years to increase its manufacturing of electric vehicles in its home market of South Korea, amid increased rivalry among automakers to position themselves for a low-carbon future.

Capitalization: $32.75 billion

According to our research, this places Hyundai as the 463rd most valuable corporation in the world. The market capitalization, often known as market cap, is a measure of a firm’s value that takes into account all of the outstanding shares of a publicly listed company.

Hyundai Motor’s 2014–2018 Net Worth | HYMLF

An interactive graph shows Hyundai Motor’s (HYMLF) historical net worth (market cap) over the previous ten years. A company’s market capitalization, or the current stock price multiplied by the number of outstanding shares, often represents how much it is worth. The current value of Hyundai Motor is $0B as of September 21, 2022.

Hyundai Motor Company principally engages in the design, development, and retail of automobiles as its primary business. The company sells passenger, commercial, and recreational vehicles.

Korean Automotive Industry

Frequently referred to as Hyundai Motors, the Hyundai Motor Company (Korean: hyeondaejadongca; Hanja: Xian Dai Zi Dong Che ; RR: Hyeondae Jadongchalisten)

In Ulsan, South Korea, Hyundai runs the largest integrated auto manufacturing facility in the world, with a 1.6 million-unit production capacity per year. Around 75,000 employees work for the company internationally. Hyundai sells cars through 5,000 dealerships and showrooms in 193 different countries.

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What is Hyundai’s annual revenue?

25 January, SEOUL (Xinhua) — Due to robust demand for expensive models, Hyundai Motor, the largest automaker in South Korea, reported its highest-ever earnings last year, the company announced on Tuesday.

To surpass the previous record of 105.75 trillion won (88.2 billion dollars) recorded in 2019, Hyundai’s income increased 13.1 percent year over year to 117.61 trillion won (98.1 billion dollars) in 2021.

Last year, operating profit reached 6.68 trillion won (5.6 billion dollars), a 178.9 percent increase, the highest level since 2014. To 5.69 trillion won, net income nearly tripled (4.7 billion U.S. dollars).

In 2021, Hyundai sold 3,890,726 vehicles on international markets, up 3.9% from the previous year.

In comparison to the same period last year, the automaker’s revenue increased 6.1 percent to 31.03 trillion won (25.9 billion dollars) during the October-December quarter.

In the fourth quarter, operating profit increased by 21.9 percent year over year to 1.53 trillion won (1.3 billion dollars), but net income fell by 40.7 percent to 701.4 billion won (584.9 million U.S. dollars).

Hyundai stated in a statement that despite a slowdown in sales volume due to a poor economic environment, the strong sales of sport utility vehicles (SUVs), Genesis premium cars, and electric vehicles helped raise revenue in the fourth quarter.

In the fourth quarter, the carmaker sold 960,639 vehicles globally, a decrease of 15.7% from the same period in 2015.

Due to a shortage of semiconductors used in automobile manufacturing, automotive sales outside of South Korea fell 17.2 percent to 774,643 units, while sales of cars within the country increased 8.9 percent to 185,996 units.

Hyundai declared that it would increase its lineup of electric vehicles while concentrating on improving its product mix with SUV and luxury cars. #

How does Hyundai fare in terms of sales?

According to the most recent rankings released by international brand experts Interbrand, Hyundai Motor has retained its place in the top 40 global brands for the third consecutive year.

Despite difficult market conditions in many international regions, Hyundai Motor maintained its ranking as the 35th most valuable brand in the world, with a brand value of US $13.2 billion, up 5.1% over the previous year.

Hyundai Motor wants to be more than just an automaker, therefore we are expanding on our ‘Modern Premium’ brand strategy and entering new automotive markets so that consumers can interact with us in a variety of ways and experience the value of our brand. Our brand value has increased as a result of our brand philosophy and plan for future mobility, and in addition to quality, technology, and pricing, our future brand growth will be sustained by our creativity and innovation.

In the global car rankings, Hyundai Motor maintains sixth place with 4.86 million units sold worldwide, ahead of Audi, Nissan, Volkswagen, and Porsche. This comes after a period of exponential expansion for South Korea’s top automaker, whose brand worth has grown fourfold since 2005, from US $3.5 billion to its current record value.

Despite challenging market conditions, Hyundai Motor’s continued dedication to the creation of its vision for “Future Mobility” was a crucial component of the company’s sustained increase in brand value. Under its brand strategy of “Modern Premium,” Hyundai Motor is working extremely hard to accomplish its goal for future mobility by creating connectivity and autonomous driving technology that is affordable for everyone.

What nation does Hyundai sell the most vehicles in?

With more than 810,000 car sales in North America in 2020, Hyundai Motor Company led the industry. With roughly 454 thousand and 440 thousand respectively, Europe and Turkey came in second and third place, respectively, before China. In that year, Hyundai sold over 2.96 million automobiles all over the world.

What does Hyundai excel at?

The business has a solid reputation for excellence, dependability, and craftsmanship, and its innovative Five Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty consistently receives plaudits throughout Europe. But design is the key factor in why people pick Hyundai vehicles. According to research, European Hyundai buyers are overwhelmingly motivated by design, which is not surprising given that Design Centre Europe is responsible for 90% of the Hyundai vehicles sold in Europe.

Is Hyundai a $1 billion business?

In 2021, Hyundai recorded sales of 117.6 trillion South Korean won, or roughly 99 billion dollars. Hyundai was established in 1967 and went on to produce the first automobile in South Korea. The company’s revenue is mostly derived from the passenger car market.

Is Hyundai more opulent than Kia?

What distinguishes Kia and Hyundai from one another? Hyundai delivers a more opulent and flowing style, whereas Kia creates cars with a sportier look. With a little more varied variety of automobiles, Kia can appeal to a wider target population. Their lineup includes the Sedona minivan.

Which Hyundai vehicle is the best?

  • Hyundai Tucson, standard and powered. Used: 8.00L – 8.00L.
  • Power. Standard. Hyundai Santa Fe. 12.00 L to 18.00 L used.
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  • Hyundai Elantra. Standard. Power. Used: 4.00L to 14.00L rupees.
  • Hyundai Xcent. Standard. Power. 4.10 to 7.00 liters were used.
  • Powerful. Standard. Hyundai i10.
  • Active. Powerful. Standard: Hyundai i20
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Is Hyundai well-liked in the US?

Despite seeing a 13.42% decline in sales over 2016, Hyundai maintained its seventh-place position in our ranking of US auto sales brands.

With 664,961 vehicles sold by the end of the year, the Korean manufacturer ended eighth, with Hyundai only 20,000 sales behind Subaru.

This loss in sales caused Hyundai’s market share to fall from 4.4% in 2016 to only 3.84% for the calendar year that concluded last month, ahead of the 2.2% decline experienced by the entire US auto market.

The decline also ends Hyundai’s eight-year streak of yearly sales growth.

Eleven of the twelve months of 2017 saw Hyundai’s sales lag those of 2016, but the company eventually experienced 2% year-over-year gain in December, the second-best year-end in Hyundai’s U.S. history.

Hyundai Motor America’s Director of National Sales, John Angevine, was eager to showcase the brand’s accomplishments in the final month of the year. “Hyundai and our dealers concluded the year strongly and we are one of the few firms to achieve an increase in sales in December,” the company said.

Here, we examine some of the brand’s best-selling models to learn more about Hyundai’s sales performance in 2017.

Which is a more expensive Hyundai or Kia?

Kia automobiles are typically less priced than their Hyundai counterparts. The comparable Hyundai Elantra starts at $19,850, while the Kia Forte starts at $17,890. Kia doesn’t cut corners on features or quality since the Forte is less priced. Like Hyundai, Kia provides one of the best warranties in the industry, which is ten years and 100,000 miles. Both companies offer quality that is unmatched in the industry and stand behind their products. In the J.D. Power U.S. Vehicle Dependability Study*, Kia placed third for 2021, ahead of brands like Toyota, Chevrolet, and even Mercedes-Benz. Even Hyundai’s luxury division, Genesis, ended behind Kia. Only Porsche and Lexus were ranked higher among mass market brands in terms of quality than Kia. At the top of that list, Kia is, in our opinion, in good company. It’s also important to note that J.D. Power named the Kia Optima, Sorento, and Sportage as the top models in each of their respective classes.

What kind of motor does Hyundai employ?

Yes, a lot of the engines used in Hyundai models are also used in Kia cars, and the reverse is also true. Several instances include:

  • The Hyundai Kona, Hyundai i20, Kia Ceed, and Kia Stonic all have Kappa G3LA/G3LC engines.
  • The Hyundai i30, Kia Ceed, and Hyundai Elantra all feature the Kappa G4LD engine.
  • The Kia Rio, Kia Ceed, and Hyundai i20 all have Gamma G4FA engines.
  • The Kia Ceed, Kia Rio, and Hyundai Accent all employ the Gamma MPI/GDI/T-GDI.
  • The Kia Sorento, Hyundai Sonata, and Kia Stinger all use Theta MFI/GDI Turbo engines.
  • The Hyundai Santa Fe and Kia Sorento both use the D4HB engine.
  • The Hyundai Santa Fe and Kia Stinger both use the Lambda MPI/DGI/T-GDI.

What is the BMW Group’s net worth?

The BMW Group’s total assets gradually expanded during the fiscal years of 2008 and 2021. The balance sheet total for BMW Group’s fiscal year 2021 was around 229.5 billion euros.

Is Hyundai superior to Honda?

Except for a few models, Honda cars dominate most auto categories. In comparison, the quality of every hybrid car from Hyundai is exceptional.

Honda is regarded as the best brand for both compact and medium-sized cars. In the compact SUV class, the used Honda CR-V performs better than the used Hyundai Tucson. However, drivers prefer the used Hyundai Kona to the used Honda HR-V, making Hyundai subcompact SUVs the victors in its category.

Overall, Hyundai vehicles are more fuel-efficient, and owing to Hyundai’s extensive warranties, you’ll spend less on repairs and maintenance.

Is Hyundai or Toyota more dependable?

Despite the fact that Toyota is known for its dependability, America’s Best Warranty is superior. You will be covered for a lot longer in every manner when you purchase a Hyundai. You need a Hyundai to experience ultimate tranquility.

Where are Hyundai motors produced?

Hyundai automobiles are produced by the Hyundai Motor Company. Even though South Korea produces the majority of the cars, the United States also produces some of them.

Global automaker Hyundai produces a wide range of automobiles. Globally, the Hyundai Motor Company has manufacturing facilities. The business is positioned itself to be a pioneer in green automobiles.

Toyota or Kia, which is better?

With both Toyota and Kia, exceptional dependability is the name of the game. According to a J.D. Power research from 2019, Kia has the highest initial quality in the non-premium segment in the United States. The 2016 Kia Soul, 2016 Toyota Corolla, Prius, and Prius V were all named by J.D. Power as some of the most reliable vehicles on the road.