How Do I Know If My Hyundai Has Blue Link?

Which Hyundai models come with Blue Link? The majority of Hyundai cars from 2013 and later are now equipped with Blue Link, which first debuted on the 2012 Sonata. Blue Link is not available in vehicles manufactured after 2013, including the 2013 Tucson, 2013 Elantra sedan, and 2013 Accent.


I recently acquired a 10′ infotainment system Ioniq EV MY20. Although the catalog expressly states that the MY20s feature bluelink, I don’t believe my menu does, and dealers have been of little assistance. Anyone with knowledge in this field?

Setting Up and Using the Hyundai Blue Link (r)

Are you constantly rushing? In your 2022 Hyundai Tucson, do you ever forget to lock the doors? Do you want remote starting for your Hyundai? With the purchase of certain Hyundai models, drivers will have access to Hyundai Blue Link(r) Connected Car Services on their smartphone. With Hyundai Blue Link(r), you can use your smartphone to remotely start, lock, unlock, regulate interior temperatures, and more. For the first three years, this service is completely free. This step-by-step manual from San Tan Hyundai in Gilbert, Arizona teaches you how to configure and use Hyundai Blue Link(r). Make a test drive appointment right away to get a hands-on look at Hyundai technology!

How can I turn on my Hyundai’s blue link?

You might need to activate Hyundai Bluelink now that you have a membership in order to take advantage of all of its wonderful features. Start off by doing the following:

  • 1) Switch to the primary multimedia screen of your car and choose “Settings.”
  • Choose “Bluelink Settings” in step two.
  • 3) Choose “Service Activation” under Bluelink Settings.

If you have any inquiries about this procedure, call Bluelink Customer Care at 855-225-8354.

Can I install Blue Link to an unequipped Hyundai?

Because Bluelink is an embedded system, you won’t need to have your phone in the car to use the majority of the capabilities.

Where is the Hyundai blue link button?

Utilizing Blue Link in a Vehicle The rearview mirror houses the Blue Link in-vehicle voice response controls. To use the Enhanced Navigation services, press the center button.

What does a car’s blue link do?

Your Hyundai will no longer be a just functional vehicle. Because it now has Bluelink, a platform that makes it simple for important information to flow between you and your automobile. It is an artificial intelligence-based device that improves your safety, security, and convenience. It has an integrated SIM card and a 24-hour call center. It can easily carry out a variety of tasks. Bluelink, in summary, is created to improve the connected driving experience.

Is there a cost associated with Hyundai Blue Link?

For all brand-new Hyundai vehicles featuring Blue Link technology, a complimentary one-year trial of the Connected Care Package is included. When you join up with your credit card, you can take advantage of a three-month trial for Remote and Guidance. Following the trial period, each plan is offered for $99 per year.

What is the Hyundai Blue Link’s operating range?

In a location with inadequate communication, the service might be restricted. Due to privacy protections, Blue Link Smart Control can only identify a car’s location on a map when it is within three kilometers of the vehicle.

What is the annual cost of Hyundai Blue Link?

Bluelink offers the Connected Care, Remote, and Guidance packages. Each package is offered after the trial time for $9.90 per month or $99 per year.

What exactly is a Blue Link?

Our linked car technology, Bluelink(r), provides a number of services at the touch of a button and makes it simple to stay in touch with your Hyundai via a smartphone app.

With this cutting-edge connected system, you can start, lock, and modify the climate of your car from a distance. You can also use the diagnostic tools to monitor your car’s health.

Is it possible to install Bluelink aftermarket?

Is it possible to install Blue Link aftermarket? It is not possible to install the blue link feature aftermarket. We do not advise installing an aftermarket sunroof on the automobile because doing so could cause the vehicle’s warranty to expire.

Blue Link utilizes a cellular network, which one?

Registered. directly from the Bluelink website for Hyundai: How is a connection established with Blue Link? Blue Link connects to its main server via CDMA-based cellular networks.

Blue Link is free for how long?

According to a letter delivered to dealerships, Hyundai will stop supporting its Blue Link telematics technology in older vehicles after 2021, as was first revealed by CarsDirect. The business plans to disable the Blue Link systems in Hyundais with model years 2012 through 2016 on January 1, 2022.

The letter states that the 2G cellular service that drives the system will no longer be supported by the system’s network supplier, Aeris Communications. In effect, this implies that many of the Hyundais’ safety and security measures will be turned off. Roadside assistance, SOS emergency assistance, stolen car tracking, and automated collision warning are some of these services.

All 2012-2014 Hyundai models, the majority of 2015 models (apart from the Sonata and Genesis sedans with navigation), and the 2016 Sonata Hybrid, Equus, Elantra, Elantra GT, Santa Fe, and Veloster models without navigation are on the list of Hyundai vehicles with Blue Link that are affected.

The automaker responded to our request for comment with the following statement:

These wireless service providers, who are not under the authority of Hyundai or Hyundai Blue Link, maintain the cellular networks. The wireless service provider of the network that permits the use of 2G Hyundai Blue Link devices recently announced that it will stop providing 2G cellular network service by December 31, 2021, as a result of advancements in telecommunications technology throughout time. Any trouble this may create is much regretted.

It is, to put it mildly, intriguing that contemporary technologies in our vehicles, which we depend on every day, might be overnight judged obsolete. To that aim, a complimentary three-year Blue Link membership is included with all current Hyundai cars. It offers features like remote car finder, on-demand diagnostics and alarms, and remote start with climate control.

How long does it take Blue Link to start working?

After emailing this, give Bluelink another call in 24 hours and urge them to process the VIN clear. You can then manually add the automobile to your account by using the VIN after this is completed. However, it often takes them 1-3 hours to make all features operational after the VIN is added to your account and services are purchased. At this point, you can attempt activating again.

Since I had already gone through the process—which only took me a single day because I was aware that the online submission form wasn’t functional—I was able to ask several of the experienced Bluelink employees about the system’s ins and outs. However, compared to many of the users here, my experience was significantly less unpleasant.

The online VIN clear submission form should never be used. Your contribution is placed at the bottom of the support queue because the ticket creation system is malfunctioning and treats it as a low priority issue.

My car can Hyundai track?

The MyHyundai with Bluelink Mobile App is used to access the Car Finder feature. If your GPS signal is within a mile of your vehicle, this feature enables you to locate your car on a map and allows you to bookmark the location of your car for later use.

Without Blue Link, is My Hyundai remote startable?

No, only Hyundai vehicles with push-button start key fobs and either an automatic transmission or a dual clutch transmission are eligible for the remote start option (DCT). Even said, not all models provide Remote Start. In addition, using Remote Start requires a Blue Link Remote Package membership.

Does the Hyundai navigation system require a membership?

Hyundai Blue Link is a free standard feature that comes with most new Hyundai vehicles and is typically free for the first three years. After that, the driver will need to begin a paid subscription to continue using the service’s capabilities.

Hyundai Digital Key: What is it?

Hyundai Digital Key, which enables the Sonata to be unlocked, locked, started, and driven with a smartphone, is a new feature that will debut on the 2020 Sonata. The technology also enables the main user to grant three additional users access to the Digital Key. A “shared key” can truly be sent to a recipient from a great distance away.

Holding your smartphone up to the driver or passenger door handle unlocks the car using Hyundai Digital Key. Simply put the phone in the wireless charger once inside, hit the starter, and drive away. Hyundai Digital Key uses Near Field Communication (NFC) technology for security, which, unlike Bluetooth, necessitates that the smartphone and scanner be a few centimeters apart in order to operate the vehicle. When you are nearby your automobile, nobody else can simply open the doors and start the engine because of the close proximity.

There is no Hyundai Digital Key for iPhones, however it is compatible with the majority of Android phones. The Hyundai Digital Key system may be configured using the free Digital Key App, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Although you can lock and start your car without the app open, it also has Bluetooth-enabled features that let you do other things like engage other features when the app is open.

Hyundai Digital Key eliminates the need for the Sonata’s two smart keys, which still come with the vehicle and allow for passive entry and keyless start. Additionally, you’ll get an NFC Key Card that you can keep in your wallet and use as a backup phone for iPhone users, for valet services, while you leave the Sonata for maintenance, or if your Android phone runs out of battery.

Hyundai Digital Key, the most recent development in car and smartphone connection, makes its debut on the 2020 Sonata and will likely be a feature on upcoming models that Hyundai introduces or redesigns.

How can I tell if MyHyundai features Remote Start?

If your car has a remote starter, the owner’s manual will have information about your unique remote starter and how it functions. To see if this feature is present, look in the manual’s index.

Listed below are few well-known automobiles with a factory remote start option:

  • Accord, Civic, and Insight from Honda
  • GM automobiles (2003 – later)
  • Honda Accord
  • ZDX and TLX Acura (2010 – later)
  • Tribeca, Legacy, and Outback Subaru models (2007 – later)
  • Navara Altima
  • Fusion and the Ford Mustang
  • Corvette Camaro