Can The Hyundai Santa Cruz Be Flat Towed?

While on a road trip in your motor home, flat towing (also known as dinghy towing) is a terrific way to make sure you’ll have a smaller vehicle that takes up less space whether running errands or sightseeing in a town or city. This article is for you if you have a Hyundai Santa Fe and are thinking about doing this. In our investigation into whether or not a Santa Fe can be flat-towed, we discovered the following.

Hyundai claims that any of their two-wheel drive, manual transmission vehicles with all four wheels on the ground may be flat-towed. Hyundais with automatic or CVT transmissions and four-wheel drive should not be flat towed as this will result in the transmission breaking. Therefore, you can flat tow it if it has a manual two-wheel-drive Santa Fe.

Would you like additional information on flat towing your Santa Fe? Continue reading as we cover several subtopics related to the topic, like which Hyundai is ideal for towing, other Hyundai vehicles that can be flat towed, if a tow hitch can be installed on a Hyundai Santa Fe, and many more.

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Which Hyundai models are flat-towed capable?

According to Hyundai USA, you can tow any two-wheel-drive Hyundai with a manual transmission flat while keeping all four wheels on the ground. Additionally, according to the manufacturer, flat towing is not permitted for any vehicles equipped with automatic or CVT transmissions. A Hyundai with four-wheel drive cannot be pulled behind an RV either.

But it’s growing harder and harder to find vehicles with a manual transmission. As a result, the list becomes more limited with time. Thankfully, Hyundai does sell certain cars that meet these requirements. They will all be covered in this article.

For RV owners, flat towing is a popular practice. On the open road, motorhomes can be fantastic, but on the curvier urban roads, they might be difficult to maneuver. In order to get to town for shopping or other requirements, many individuals prefer to tow a smaller vehicle behind them.

The phrase refers to the way the RV tows the car. All of the wheels on the towed vehicle are on the ground, and it moves at the same pace as the RV. You might need to implement specific restrictions or clearances depending on the model.

Motorhomes can tow a wide range of automobiles because they have a lot of power. But it’s conceivable that each of them will weigh more than what is required for braking assistance. Therefore, it’s likely that you need to install more braking.

Make sure to research applicable local rules and regulations. You can prevent unwanted fines and problems in this way. Let’s examine which Hyundai vehicles you can flat tow now that we’ve talked a little bit about flat towing.

Can a Hyundai Santa Fe be flat-towed?

I’m considering getting an RV so that my family and I can go on annual road trips. If we decide to go local sightseeing, I’d want to bring our SUV along. Can a Hyundai Santa Fe be flat-towed?

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Hyundai claims that any of their vehicles can be flat-towed when equipped with a manual transmission and two wheels. If it doesn’t satisfy those specifications, you can still pull your Santa Fe behind your RV, but doing so will probably require additional tools like a dolly or trailer.

Simply consult your owner’s manual for further information on flat towing a Hyundai Santa Fe. You can learn whether or not your particular vehicle can be flat towed from the manual, which will also give you safety tips for towing your automobile. You can get a manual from Hyundai’s website if you don’t already have one.

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Would be very interested in hearing from anyone who has experience flat towing a Hyundai Santa Fe with AWD. Does anyone who tries this succeed? I’m getting varying responses from several sources. The REMCO oil pump, which circulates oil via the transmission cooler, is what the RV dealer wants to install. My Hyundai mechanic is in agreement that the transmission will no longer be an issue. But he thinks there might be an issue with a “Vicous coupler” that manages the actual axle. Although the mechanic admits he isn’t 100 percent sure he is correct, he claims he wouldn’t tow it if it were his. Both the REMCO representative and the RV dealer say that towing would be acceptable. However, they won’t provide any assurances that it won’t harm my car. They claim that a lot of individuals drive Santa Fes, but they are unsure if they are 2WD or AWD. ANY HELP WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED. THANKS!!

If the transmission is automatic, it will require significant modifications, such as a lubrication pump. I’ve been researching whether it would be worthwhile to tow our 2003 Kia Sedona four-down, and it doesn’t seem to be. When we do occasionally need a second car, we’ll probably end up renting from Enterprise.

My estimated cost for modifying the Sedona for four-down is $3,000. Around $2K would buy a dolly with steering wheels and electric brakes. That’s a lot of days with a rented vehicle.

I appreciate your prompt reply. The Remco website claims that their device will allow me to flat tow with my 2009 Santa Fe. I also gave them a call and spoke with one of their techs. He wasn’t familiar with the viscous coupling on the back end when I brought it up. I began to doubt whether he genuinely understood what he was talking about.

The owners manual states that the AWD version cannot be hauled, farmerfredwoods said. It can be hauled, say Remco and my RV dealer. That is my problem.

Even though it’s not what you want to hear, the Owner’s Manual contains the right solution.

The viscous coupling connects the front and rear axles, and if an AWD system is present, many different vehicles cannot be towed four down. If the owner’s manual forbids it and you heed the advice of the REMCO/RV dealer but the driveline later develops a problem—I’m assuming you are still covered by warranty—who will foot the bill for repairs? I’m going to wager against KIA! For the same reason, almost all AWDs cannot be dolly towed; instead, they must be trailered.

There won’t be a drive train warranty if you do it anyhow and something goes wrong. YOU are responsible for paying for it.

Can you tow a Hyundai Santa Cruz flat?

My brother, who lives a few states away, purchased my Hyundai Santa Cruz from me. I wanted to be sure I didn’t harm the Santa Cruz so I decided against towing it behind my heavy-duty pickup. Is a Santa Cruz capable of flat towing?

No, you cannot flat tow a Hyundai Santa Cruz, regardless of its drivetrain, trim level, or model year. If you try to flat tow the Hyundai Santa Cruz, the platform, together with the drivetrain and transmission, could sustain serious damage.

If your Santa Cruz has front-wheel drive, you can utilize a two-wheel dolly as long as the front wheels are elevated. The Santa Cruz with all-wheel drive can only be trailered using a flatbed. (The front-wheel-drive version can also use this.) Page 8 to page 24 of your owner’s manual (2022) contain extra information about safe trailering.

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Can a flat-towed Hyundai Palisade be used?

On your upcoming RV trip, will you be bringing your Palisade? There are several methods for towing a car, however not all cars can be hauled in the same way. If flat towing is something you’re thinking about doing with your Palisade, you’ll want to make sure you can move this SUV safely. We looked into the Palisade using credible sources so that you would know what towing is allowed and not allowed.

There is no way to flat tow a Hyundai Palisade. Although it is still possible to tow a Palisade securely behind an RV, how you do it will differ depending on whether your Palisade is front- or all-wheel drive.

We’ll examine at how to securely tow a Hyundai Palisade behind an RV now that we know you cannot flat tow one. You could also be concerned about if flat towing could harm your car. Or perhaps you want to know what dinghy towing entails. Continue reading this page to see what our study has shown to provide the answers to these and other concerns.

Can you tow a Hyundai Kona flat?

Can a flat trailer transport a Hyundai Kona? Flat towing the Hyundai Kona is not advised. Although setting up a Kona to be flat towed from Deer Park would be mechanically viable because to its all-wheel drive, the practice would harm the car.

Can a flat-bed RAV4 be towed?

Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to the question of whether or not you can flat tow a RAV4. It’s definitely a maybe. There is no doubt that a RAV4 with a manual transmission and 2WD can be flat-towed. An AWD RAV4 cannot, however, be flat-towed because doing so could seriously harm the powertrain. A 2WD RAV4 with an automatic transmission is the same.

You can flat tow your RAV4 in neutral if it has a manual transmission. If not, you will want a flatbed for an AWD vehicle or a two-wheel dolly for an automated RAV4.

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