Can I Start My Hyundai Without The Fob?


The key fobs we have for our 2018 Sonata are experiencing the same issue. While I was driving home today, mine simply broke apart. I’ve experienced the key breaking off when it was in my handbag or while opening my front door, etc.

According to our guidebook, the response appears to be: No. Without the fob, the car won’t start.

Between getting in the car to leave the petrol station and going to my friend’s house, my key fob broke off. Is it possible for me to start my automobile with only the key?

Utilizing an Android phone to start the Hyundai Elantra

With Hyundai’s Digital Key technology, you may remotely start the engine and unlock the doors using your smartphone. It makes use of the Hyundai Digital Key smartphone app. However, only certain Android devices can access this. With NFC, this feature is possible. The steps to making your own special Digital Key are listed below.

  • From the Apple Store or Google Play Store, download the Hyundai Digital Key app.
  • Launch the Hyundai Digital Key app, adhere to the on-screen prompts, and register for an account.
  • Open your MyHyundai Account and log in.
  • Make sure your smart key fob is nearby once you are inside the car.
  • Start the car’s engine.
  • Choose your Hyundai Elantra on the Digital Key app.
  • Turn on the saving mode after choosing your vehicle.
  • Place your smartphone on the wireless charging pad with the screen facing up.
  • Press the menu button on the steering wheel to access the menu in vehicles without a navigation system.

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Some vehicles feature a manual starter, while others have a backup incorporated into the key fob that may be used without a key. There is still a way to start the automobile if your keyless entry system has a START button and there is no mechanical key hole. Press the START button with the key fob.

Press the Start/Stop ignition button while depressing the brake, then insert the Smart Key into the Smart Key holder, which is a slot within the center console. Press the Key and pull to remove it. Watch the video down below.

Users of the free smart watch app may remotely lock, unlock, and start their vehicles by speaking orders like “Start my car” or “Unlock my car.” Blue Link was formerly exclusive to Android Wear smart devices and smartphones. All Hyundai cars with Blue Link support can use the Apple Watch app.

Once the engine is going, the automobile will still work without the key fob. Additionally, you may shift without any problems from park to drive without the key.

The Surprisingly Simple Ways to Start a Hyundai Sonata Without a Smart Key

It’s possible that your key fob is broken or that you misplaced it. In either case, having to operate your vehicle without a smart key can be a pain.

Fortunately, you can complete it on your own without assistance from a specialist. All you need to know is how to start a Hyundai Sonata without a key fob. Take a look at these actions to swiftly get you back on the road!

How to use the Hyundai key fob’s remote start

It could initially seem self-explanatory. Your key fob has a remote start button, but using it doesn’t just involve pressing a button. You must lock the doors with the key fob before pressing the remote start button.

Hold the remote start button after locking the door for 4 seconds. Holding the button down for at least two seconds is necessary for it to function. Your Hyundai’s parking lights will blink in response to each command.

The heating and cooling systems in your Hyundai will operate until the pre-set temperatures once it is started. If no additional action is taken after 10 minutes, the car will again switch off. The car will turn off once again if you press the remote start button once more.

Will my Hyundai still start without the key fob?

I have a lifted 2001 Miata for pre-running and a 2004 Mazdaspeed Miata for pavement fun because I enjoy 2-seater, RWD convertibles. I compete in desert races like the Mint 400 and the Baja 1000 in air-cooled Volkswagens. I’m the only driver competing in an EV, the Rivian R1T, and I’ve twice won the seven-day navigational challenge known as the Rebelle Rally.

The technology, luxury, and design of the 2020 Hyundai Sonata have all undergone significant enhancements, and there is also a cool new piece of technology. With Hyundai’s new Digital Key, Sonata owners may start their cars, unlock their vehicles, and sound the horn through a smartphone app. Of course, this is not brand-new technology, but Hyundai has a trick up its sleeve.

By placing their phone on the Sonata’s door handle, drivers may unlock the vehicle via NFC (near-field communication). While some automobiles can be started remotely, others require a standard key fob to be inside the vehicle in order to properly engage the vehicle. Even while the Sonata will still be marketed with a smart fob, all you really need to start driving is your phone. The Sonata will give you complete access to the vehicle and even alter the seat, mirrors, radio, and driver assistance parameters to your preset profile if you simply insert it into the wireless charger/NFC reader.

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Additionally, you may give friends and family access to the automobile for however long you like by sharing your key. Owners can theoretically be anywhere in the world and grant access to their Sonata to up to four others because sharing happens directly via the app. Imagine lending your Sonata to a friend without any additional fuss while you’re away on a business vacation.

Also included is an NFC card that functions similarly to the one used to open a hotel room. To continue using Digital Key even if someone else has to drive your car while you’re out and about, you may either keep this as a backup or give it to someone like a valet driver or parking attendant.

The catch is that as of right now, since only Android phones support NFC, this technology only functions with them. Except for the entry model, all versions of the 2020 Hyundai Sonata—which should hit showrooms in October—come standard with Digital Key.

Is it possible to start a car without a key in the fob?

The process of starting the car is actually quite simple once you are inside. Automakers built the technology to function even with a broken remote since they are aware that your keyless ignition could need to function if the fob dies. Some vehicles have a manual start feature, while others have a keyless start feature integrated into the key fob.

Even if your automobile has keyless entry, you might not have realized that the steering column actually has a key slot. For instance, a lot of Mazda vehicles are outfitted in this manner. The “switch” you operate is really a plastic cap that unscrews to reveal a key slot.

There is still a way to start the car if your keyless entry system uses the START button and there isn’t a mechanical key hole. Press the START button with the key fob. If the key fob battery is dead, certain manufacturers feature a backup system that enables this approach to function. For instance, many more recent Fords include a pocket in the dashboard or a slot on the steering wheel where you may place the actual key fob to start the car.

There is no scenario that automakers haven’t already encountered as a result of their departure from the conventional key during the past few years. Visit the OEM website or call roadside assistance if you are locked out or can’t get the car started. They’ll quickly get you back on the road.

Will a dead key fob prevent a car from starting?

If your key fob isn’t detected inside the car, the keyless entry system won’t start the engine. The system probably won’t be able to tell when the key fob is inside the car if it has a dead battery, which will prevent the engine from starting. By pressing down while placing the fob on the start engine button, you can get past this problem. Even though this should enable your engine to start, it is still beneficial to change the fob batteries whenever you have the opportunity.

Can my Hyundai key fob be tracked?

Despite being highly technological, key fobs don’t come with a built-in tracking feature just yet.

Fortunately, you have lots of third-party tools at your disposal to monitor your key fobs till then!

This is essentially a tiny keychain-sized fob that you can attach to your key fob (or your phone, wallet, vehicle keys, or anything else that has a propensity to disappear!)

These key trackers connect to your phone via Bluetooth; don’t worry, even the most affordable models typically have a range of several dozen meters.

Your key tracker might, depending on the manufacturer you select:

  • Make a noise to aid in finding it
  • GPS can be used to locate it.
  • When you are a specific distance away, notify you.

Once everything is set up, all you’ll need to do to find your key fob is pull out your phone and use the app that is included — no more frantic searching or needing to go back a step or two!

What is the cost for programming a key fob at Hyundai?

It’s more likely that you will be allowed to utilize an aftermarket key fob if your automobile is at least ten years old, according to CR’s Ibbotson. Many of these less sophisticated fobs can be configured by the consumer, a local technician, or an automotive locksmith.

Ibbotson advises making sure to phone your neighborhood garage first to confirm that they can do the task, as key-fob programming equipment levels can vary from shop to shop. For instance, a Maryland-based repair shop called Murray’s Auto Clinics informed CR that they are unable to program key fobs for any vehicle with push-button start or keyless entry.

We took our vehicle to M.J. Sullivan Hyundai in New London, Connecticut, where we were charged $120 for programming (one hour of labor), which is what they would have charged us if we had purchased the key fob from them.

Hyundai sent us a laser-cut mechanical backup key for $72.47, bringing the total cost to $272.42 (the car waited at the shop for two days); if we had ordered the key fob through the store, the total would have been $428.92).

For some makes and models, you can purchase a cheap aftermarket fob and program it yourself if your home unexpectedly gains a third driver, such as a teenager.

We purchased a fob from BestKeys from Amazon for CR’s 2008 Chrysler Town & Country minivan. Although it lacks the Chrysler branding on the back, it resembles the two original fobs that came with the minivan when it was new. The uncut mechanical key and internal circuitry were both included in the $14.30 price. (However, we didn’t see the need to shell out the cash to have a locksmith cut that third key.)

Chrysler customers can program a third key fob themselves if they already have two functional ones, just like GM owners can. The owner’s manual contains clear and straightforward programming instructions.

A push-button vehicle can be started without the key.

You will need to utilize a mobile app or hire a locksmith to start the car as you don’t have a spare key and a push-button ignition. Try a handful of these techniques if you want to start the automobile without the key: Start the car’s engine with the mobile app.