Can I Sell My Hyundai Lease To Carmax?

Yes! You can often sell your leased vehicle in a manner similar to that of any other financed vehicle. After evaluating the vehicle, we will get in touch with the lease company to get a payback estimate and handle any equity you may have.


Get a genuine offer for your automobile in less than two minutes.

In typical circumstances, you are free to sell your leased automobile to anybody you choose, including used car lots like Vroom, Carvana, or CarMax.

According to the firm, you can often sell your leased car to CarMax in a manner similar to that of any other financed car.

Would You Like to Sell Your Leasing Car Early? Some automakers refuse to permit it

You have the option to sell the car in order to end the lease if you are currently leasing a car and you are unable to make the required lease payments or if your lease has expired. You could previously stand to profit by selling your car lease to a third party like Carmax or Carvana in addition to getting rid of those annoying monthly payments. Recently, several automakers have started mandating that lessees return the vehicle to the original dealer from whence they leased it.

In conclusion

CarMax is a company you can sell your financed or leased car to, but not lease one from them. They are the largest dealer of used cars in the nation, but they also sell brand-new cars. CarMax is an excellent site to find used automobiles because the vehicles are already professionally tested and checked before being sold. Through CarMax, you can also obtain finance to purchase a car, new or used.

How To Profit From Your Leased Car’s High Value

Fundamentally, leasing a car means you can’t just sell it anytime you want. As a result, millions of lease customers are regretfully examining trade-in values, especially with used-car prices at record highs and some dealerships almost out of inventory. Contrary to popular belief, lease holders can profit from these high prices and many already have, even if they find it difficult to sell their cars outright.

A buyer must typically acquire a leased car for the sum stipulated in the lease contract before they may sell it, which occasionally necessitates taking out a new loan, in order to sell it outright. Right now, it makes financial sense to buy out your lease and sell your automobile, but doing so is extremely cumbersome and frequently carries additional tax penalties.

However, there is a third option for handling your rented car, either at the end of the lease or in the last few months of your agreement.

How do lease buyouts at CarMax work?

Not only can you sell your automobile to CarMax, but you can also buy from them. They purchase the used cars from here and sell them on their websites and in their physical stores.

The remaining balance of the lease will be paid off by CarMax if you want to sell a leased vehicle to them. You’ll have to make up the difference in the payment as a result of this. For instance, the residual would be $22,000 if the lease buyout had a residual of $20,000 and you had made 6 payments of $400.

This implies that in order for the car to be sold or purchased, you would be required to pay $22,000 to the leasing bank or corporation. You must pay CarMax $1,000 if it purchases the vehicle from the lease company for $21,000. The $2,000 difference between the residual and the price CarMax pays to purchase the car would be credited to you.

If you are unfamiliar with the issue, leasing and financing might be very perplexing. In order to assist you work out the technical specifics, we strongly advise that you consult with a financial specialist.

Additionally, CarMax provides support for any related issues you might have as well as answers to frequently asked questions on this subject.

Can I return a leased vehicle?

It’s likely that you have no equity unless you paid a sizable down payment, had a lucrative trade-in at the beginning of the lease, or the leasing company underestimated the residual value of your automobile.

However, if you do have lease equity, you can apply it to your upcoming buy or lease. You might also approach a dealer willing to buy your leased automobile and grant you trade-in credit for your subsequent vehicle.

Trading in a leased car differs from trading in a bought car. There are a variety of fines and costs that must be paid to the leasing company if you are trading in a leased car to a dealership and/or ending the contract early. The contract must also be handled.

Let’s go over the two basic circumstances in which you might trade in a leased vehicle to a dealership:

  • The dealer buys the vehicle from the leasing company after paying off your remaining lease balance. The termination fees they paid will then be deducted from the wholesale value of the car to provide a trade credit. The payback value frequently exceeds the trade-in value, so be ready to have that money added to your new purchase or lease rather than having any costs deducted.
  • The dealer will pay the remaining balance on your lease, return the vehicle to the lessor, and refuse to grant you any trade-in credit.

In this method, you can get a new vehicle and stop worrying about your lease. However, it doesn’t go towards paying for the new vehicle, and you’ll still be liable for the typical lease-end costs like excess mileage, repairs, etc.

If you exceeded the mileage limit or your Toyota has significantly more wear and tear than what your lease specifies, trading it in could be a wise move. But you should figure out these fees and decide whether it makes more sense to trade instead of just pay them and turn it in.

What leases won’t CarMax purchase?

Please be aware that the following companies—Nissan Motor Acceptance, Infiniti Financial Services, Honda Finance, Southeast Toyota Financial, GM Financial, Ford Credit, Mazda Credit, World Omni, Volvo Financial, Lincoln Credit, Acura Financial, Hyundai Motor—are not able to purchase a vehicle that is currently leased through them.

Can CarMax still purchase my unpaid-off vehicle?

Yes. You must supply loan details so that CarMax can reimburse the lender. You must pay the difference if your debt exceeds your offer. The sum may occasionally be financed by you or paid straight to CarMax. For sums under $250, CarMax will accept a personal check. CarMax locations accept cash, debit cards, cashier’s checks, certified checks, and certified money for higher sums.

Is it wise to sell a leased vehicle?

Yes, it is the answer. And now is the best time ever to do it. People with a car lease who are approaching the end of the lease period may be able to sell their automobile and possibly turn a profit because there is a high demand for used cars and a shortage of used car inventories.

CarMax sells automobiles, but does it detail them first?

How crucial is it that my automobile is spotless or detailed before I bring it to CarMax? Before coming to see us, there is no need to spend a lot of money on expert detailing. Minor flaws are less important to us than how your car has been maintained over time.

How can you make money from a leased car?

  • Offer the lease to another person. Selling their leases to companies like Carvana, Vroom, or CarMax has long been an option that lessees have used during their leases.
  • Get the car, then market it.
  • Offer the dealer a lease return.

Can I bargain for a lease buyout?

You’ll most likely have a lease buyout option at the end of your automobile lease term, which means you’ll be able to purchase the vehicle for a lower price. Are you able to work out a lease buyout? Yes, you can, but first you need make sure that it fits your budget.

Does Hyundai permit buyouts by outside parties?

The third-party sales of Hyundai Motor Finance Corporation are not permitted. You can only buy your leased car from the original lessee(s) or a dealer.

Bennett Hyundai of Lebanon is able to first purchase your leased vehicle from HMFC and then resale it to the interested party if you have a buyer in mind. Simply fill out our Return Your Lease Form and write down who is interested in buying your car in the “Comments” area.

Can a leased car have positive equity?

You’re in a fantastic position to benefit from positive equity if you leased a car in 2019. This is so because the value of the automobiles whose leases are up this year exceeds their initial residual values. certain people more than others

Which vehicles doesn’t CarMax buy?

For those looking to buy or sell a used car locally, CarMax has long served as a convenient option.

Currently, the business can be regarded as a household name and one of the initial possibilities you might explore while preparing to sell a vehicle.

CarMax is often associated with vehicles that are in good functioning condition as opposed to vehicles that have been totaled, have been in collisions, or have transmission or engine problems. A little research is needed to determine whether you can sell a non-running car to CarMax.

The quick answer is that you can sell your automobile to CarMax or trade it in if it has technical issues, such as not starting or driving. CarMax offers prices on a range of automobiles, even damaged ones.

CarMax often sells the vehicles it buys on its lots. They might not be able to resale vehicles with significant damage, mechanical issues, or other forms of breakdown. They might make you an offer for a trade-in or cash that is less than what your vehicle is actually worth in order to earn a profit.

To put it another way, will CarMax purchase a vehicle with a problematic transmission or other mechanical issues? Yes. Will you be able to purchase it for the best price? No, not always.

How quick is CarMax to pay?

You must provide the state code “Georgia” as well as our city code, “CarMax.” To ensure appropriate publishing, please be sure to mention your account number. Within one whole business day, we usually receive and post these payments to your account. Our working days are Monday through Friday.

When leasing an automobile, do you build equity?

You don’t own the automobile or benefit from any equity until you decide to purchase it at the end of a lease. Even though it’s extremely uncommon, it’s possible for a leased car to have equity.

Where can I get the most money for my car?

A website called eBay links buyers and sellers in more than 190 markets around the world. This website’s division that specializes on automotive listings is called eBay Motors. This website offers a number of bundles that let you add anything from 12 and 24 photographs to your listing. Pricing is between $19 and $79, and a portion of it is determined by how much your car will sell for.

What happens when a 36-month car lease expires?

What occurs when my auto lease expires? You must return your car to the dealership where it will be examined at the end of the lease. The dealership will ensure that the lease did not go over its mileage cap and that the car has not seen too much wear and tear.

What is the appropriate course of action when a car lease expires?

Consider buying out your lease if you can afford the expense and don’t want to lease or buy a new automobile straight soon. This is a particularly smart move if you signed your lease before the 2020 pandemic started. This is due to the fact that the residual value of your lease—the amount the automaker estimated your car would be worth at the end of the lease—is predetermined in the agreement.

Many leases starting in 2019 and 2020 have residuals that may be severely discounted in the current market, as used car values will soar in 2021 and remain high in 2022. Because of this, some automakers have made buyouts from non-branded dealers illegal. However, anyone can still benefit from the equity in a leased car, particularly if it is in high demand and has minimal miles. Sales tax and a few DMV fees are due. If you include in the potential increase in profit, the effort might be worthwhile. After all, why provide the benefit from a transaction to a car dealer when you might keep it yourself?