Are Hyundai Excavators Any Good?

My 200LC, which weighs roughly 47k pounds, is older. Both the Cummins 5.9 engine and the Kawasaki hydraulic pump are standard parts. Getting OEM parts hasn’t been a problem for me, but aftermarket components are a little tougher to find. There aren’t many rebuilt items for them, so it’s frequently fresh original equipment or nothing. Nothing negative to say about the machine; the cycle time may be a bit slow, but that’s more a reflection of how things were made in the mid-1990s.

Both are present on our farm. In terms of operation, I favor the Hyundai over the Deere. Hyundai is 180 and Deere is 200. Obtaining parts and services for Deere is much simpler.

Okay, I should have done more research because I knew one was basically the same but had different stickers. A cat that has been doing its work for many years with little issue was chosen after looking at numerous different excavators.

I have a Hyundai 180 Lc3 (99 model) and I’m really delighted with it. Although there isn’t a dealer nearby, I get wonderful dealer service from one that is 5 hours away. They are great on the phone and drop-ship parts to my house. So far, there have been only minor inconveniences that can happen to any program you operate.

My 2009 Hyundai 180 LC7 (?) has been a fantastic vehicle. excellent local dealer. Once, an automatic throttle control issue required the dealer to come out and use their laptop to reset the computer. once cracked the windshield, and the dealer had one on hand. There are two alternative ways to control it. An employee runs it on one choice while I run it on the other. can change controls using a little lever and a button on a hydraulic block. At this point (1300 hours), the seat fabric at the exit side has to be replaced. Overall, a decent, simple machine to operate and maintain. I should mention that I rented this device when it was brand-new. It was in the dealer’s rental fleet and was sold at 1000 hours. It’s hard to determine how it was treated while it was part of the rental fleet, but it currently looks and functions well.

have the same 180 LC3 machine. a really useful machine. Parts are VERY PRICEY! I was currently experiencing a hydraulic selinoid short out. It cost $637 and took two weeks to arrive for the tiny 1 1/4″ electomagnet donut. Have not been pleased with the service or parts provided by the dealer.

It is, however, a lot of fun to use when everything is in working order. Excellent stress reliever when cutting or taking down trees and tidying up fence rows.


Everyone’s life is made easier by the ground-based access to the side covered hydraulics, gasoline filters for servicing, and the radiator/oil cooler system. With the exception of the boom, bucket, and dipper, all of the lubrication sites are in the center, but they are all created to make lubrication easier.

The 406 cubic inch (6.7 litre) Cummins QSB6.7 turbocharged, water cooled, four-cycle, six-cylinder diesel engine with direct injection powers the Hyundai 250LC-9. It powers two 222 lpm variable displacement tandem axis piston pumps that improve the machine’s overall performance.

You can have a cute little workhorse that has long impressed the industry by adding 400 liters of fuel to this well-balanced tiny 25 tonner.

Hyundai upgrades the R35Z-9A small excavator.

NORCROSS, Georgia. The Hyundai R35Z-9A small excavator has received a number of updates from Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas, all of which are intended to give users a competitive edge in terms of performance, convenience, serviceability, and safety. The Hyundai R35Z-9A compact excavator, one of seven 9A series models, debuted on the market in 2015. It has a zero-tail swing design for ease of movement in small work areas.

According to Corey Rogers, marketing manager for Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas, “the latest enhancements to our well-liked R35Z-9A are the result of significant input from our VOC (Voice of the Customer) conference conducted last year with North American dealers and customers.” “To enhance current machine models and contribute to the creation of new goods, Hyundai holds yearly VOC meetings with dealers and consumers as well as regular competitive comparison testing. Hyundai places a high importance on customer suggestions and input, and works hard to make sure that our products meet their requirements.”

The improved bucket design with lifting-eye and two-piece tooth design for easy replacement, increased curve profile on dozer blade for better grade and cutting ability, an easily replaceable cutting edge to the dozer blade, a wider o/c pipe, and a diverter valve for easy switching between a thumb or attachment are new standard features. The four-way angle dozer blade is a brand-new optional feature.

further improvements The R35Z-9A new enhancements make this machine, which was built to last, “one of the greatest compact excavators on the market,” according to Rogers. This vehicle epitomizes every quality that gives customers “the Hyundai Edge” in terms of performance, comfort, use, and safety.

The R35Z-9A model has a 23.7 horsepower (17.7 kW), fuel-efficient Yanmar engine, a spacious cab with air conditioning, a suspension seat, and fold-up trip pedals for more floor room. When working closely next to foundations and other structures, especially in crowded areas, the machine’s boom swing capacity allows the operator to offset the boom by 75 degrees to the left and 50 degrees to the right.


Regardless of the business you work in, Hyundai excavators are guaranteed to provide top performance, unparalleled versatility, and industry-leading fuel efficiency. The simplicity of use, dependability, and most recent safety and technological features of Hyundai excavators ensure that your operators can work effectively at all times. Additionally, for optimal uptime, our excavators are ridiculously simple to maintain.

Hyundai excavators are made by whom?

The development of the brand-new vehicles will be done in conjunction with Hyundai Heavy Industries. When fully realized, the mini-excavator product range’s weight capacity will reach six tons.

How reliable are New Holland excavators?

New Holland provides the mini excavator that is ideal for your customers, whether it is for light construction, estate maintenance, speciality agriculture, or as part of a rental fleet, with seven competitive models to select from ranging from 1.7 to 6 metric tons. Compact excavators from New Holland provide a smooth, responsive power that can increase your clients’ everyday production. The New Holland excavators’ innovative hydraulics are built to be quick, accurate, smooth, and powerful, and every model comes equipped with auxiliary hydraulics. Auxiliary hydraulics on C-Series excavators power the attachments that make it simple for operators to complete tasks, such as operating a thumb to pick up objects, an auger to drill fence-hole openings, or a hydraulic hammer to destroy patios in the backyard. The Auto-Shift traveling system on New Holland compact excavators automatically switches between high and low gears according on the load, while the Auto-Idle feature automatically lowers engine rpm when the machine is idle to save fuel and lessen operator strain.

Zero tail swing (ZTS) models are the E17C, E26C, and E37C; short-radius tail swing (SR) versions are the E30C, E33C, and E60C. Due to a short tail swing and a boom that can be offset left or right within a working range, ZTS and SR excavators enable operators to work more productively in crowded areas. For applications where a lack of space is not a concern, New Holland also provides a traditional tail swing unit, the E57C. Each model has a roomy cab area with plenty of foot space, and a broad doorway welcomes operators to the operator station.

All models offer a clear, all-direction view for operation that is both confident and unhurried. 360-degree visibility is provided by four sides of glass, giving operators peace of mind while working or moving around the task sites. For increased safety and productivity, operators can stay in the cab thanks to floor-to-ceiling sight lines. The air conditioner unit is out of the operator’s line of sight on cab types. Boom swings, when slanted away from the center, not only enable functioning in small places but also improve forward view when moving. Both side rearview mirrors improve peripheral visibility even further.

Every taxi is created to be comfortable to operate. Operator fatigue is decreased with a suspension seat with an ergonomic design, adjustable arm rests, and a roomy setting. The instrument display is in line of sight, and the control levers are conveniently located. Cabs have an upper roof glass that improves sight, and there is a roller cover available to cut down on glare and sunshine. The control valve’s hydraulic spools are designed to deliver more precise flow to each function with less effort, resulting in quick, smooth operation.

According to New Holland, their excavators include many of the same durable design elements seen only on larger excavators and are toughly built to give great performance. Operators may simply perform daily maintenance checks on New Holland excavators thanks to their ground-line serviceability access. More uptime and greater productivity are the outcomes of this. Wide and open access makes it simple to visually inspect important service points, hoses, belts, and fluid levels for everyday maintenance and troubleshooting.

Hyundai excavators are produced where?

Brazilian Construction Equipment Factory Completed by Hyundai Heavy. The facility, which is just over 6 million square feet and cost $175 million to build, can produce 3,000 units annually, including excavators, wheel loaders, and backhoe loaders.

What size excavator does Hyundai produce?

The new Hyundai HX85A model is the first compact excavator produced by the firm to be a part of the A-Series of equipment and the first to have a HX model number. The HX85A, the largest of Hyundai’s compact excavator models, bridges the gap between the compact and full-sized models in the excavator product line as a whole. It has an engine that is Tier 4 Final, which offers outstanding performance and lower fuel consumption. You’ll value this machine’s substantial power, sturdiness, and dependability as well as its capacity to operate effectively in small places.

Which excavator brand is the most dependable?

Kobelco has existed since the year 1930, when the business was initially established in Japan. From humble origins, the business has grown to become a major manufacturer. Kobelco places a strong emphasis on global consistency and quality and works to improve each machine’s component, allowing for frequent, ongoing productivity advances. The company specializes in excavators, many of which have cutting-edge technologies to keep you safe while working. Excavators range in size from tiny models to 100 tonnes.

The Hyundai excavator’s engine type.

One of the top companies in the world’s heavy industries is Hyundai Heavy Industries. Pumps, dry docks, air compressors, and excavators are just a few of the items that Hyundai Heavy Industries manufactures.

Mitsubishi engines are used by Hyundai in a large number of the excavators. The 17-ton Hyundai R170-7A excavator is heavy. The D04FD-TAA, a four-cylinder turbo-diesel aftercooler, which powers the R170-7A is designed for power, dependability, and fuel efficiency. The most recent EPA Tier 3 and EU level 3 emission regulations are met by this engine.

Who sells the most excavators, exactly?

Indian state of Maharashtra, July 28 (ANI/NewsVoir): By selling 98,705 excavators in 2020, Sany, a major producer of heavy machinery and construction equipment, will have surpassed all other companies in the world in excavator sales.

The company reported a 15% global market share in 2020. Excavator, Heavy Equipment, Mining Machinery, and Renewable Energy are the four business verticals in which the company operates through its facilities in Pune, India.

An overjoyed Deepak Garg, Managing Director of Sany India and South Asia, commented on this great accomplishment, “We are all quite proud of it, in fact. After all the challenges and struggles, Sany’s achievement of this milestone on a global scale is unquestionably laudable. We’d like to express our gratitude to our clients for their unwavering support of Sany as the top excavator brand worldwide. This achievement is a resounding affirmation of the excellent connections Sany has built with its clients over the years.”

“I would like to extend my congratulations to all of our colleagues on this historic occasion for making it possible despite the prevailing uncertainty. The accomplishment demonstrates Sany’s unwavering vision and dedication to its objectives. It further motivates us to keep incorporating new technology into our upcoming product line and provide customers with the best heavy machinery and construction equipment solutions, “jubilant Garg.

More than 18,000 machines from Sany India have been delivered on the ground, helping to fund infrastructure development initiatives in India and other South Asian nations. Sany India has risen to the top of the industry in a number of construction equipment areas thanks to its broadest product offering, excellent build quality, dedication to customer service, creative solutions, and international experience.

Notably, the company holds a dominant position in India’s Cranes and Piling Rigs markets. In the category of excavators as well, the company is making solid strides and has come a long way from producing just three models in 2014 to 26 models in India now.

Sany India provides a variety of high-tech excavators, ranging in operational weight from 2 tons to 80 tons, all of which are produced in the cutting-edge Chakan manufacturing facility in Pune, supporting the government’s “Make In India” initiative. Since the program’s beginning, Sany India has been a vocal supporter of “Vocal for Local.” Additionally, the company has placed a high priority on localization from the start.

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