Will Polaris Rims Fit On A Honda?

To identify the right wheels for your vehicle, use this tool to sort wheels by bolt pattern.

Honda: All non-sport ATVs and SxSs, save the Pioneer 1000 and Talon, are 4/110. The bolt pattern is 4/137.

With the exception of the 2019 YXZ, which has a 4/156 bolt pattern, all non-sport and contemporary ATVs and SxSs employ a 4/110 bolt pattern.

Are rims for four wheels universal?

First off, not all ATV bolt patterns are created equal. There are several designs, therefore you should never purchase a wheel until you are positive it will bolt on. Even though the bolt design for Yamaha ATVs is somewhat universal, not all ATVs will be a perfect fit. Nevertheless, fitting non-OEM wheels to four-wheelers is not uncommon among owners of all-terrain vehicles.

In certain instances, it turns out to be a better price than purchasing brand-new rims from authorized servicing facilities. But once more, even for an experienced driver, it might be quite difficult. In order to better understand bolt patterns, measure your quad’s pattern, and address the most crucial issue, let’s do it today. Is the pattern used by Honda and Yamaha the same? Let’s start now!

What ATV has a bolt pattern of 4 110?

The 4×110 bolt pattern is most frequently linked with ATVs, and for good cause, let’s face it. There are models from the most well-known ATV manufacturers, including Honda, Suzuki Can Am, Polaris, Kawasaki, and Arctic Cat, that ride on 4×110 bolt pattern wheels. The Vision Commander is the best option for commanding off-road.

What is the Honda Talon’s bolt pattern?

Every Honda Talon wheel comes with a 4×136 bolt pattern as standard, although Honda claims that running rims with a 4×137 bolt pattern is also safe. The Talon also employs 12mm x 1.5 lug nuts, same like the Pioneer. The Honda Talon R 1000 and the Honda Talon X 1000 both come standard with 15 rims, in contrast to the Pioneer. The front and rear tires on these rims are 28 x 9 and 28 x 11, respectively.

The hub-to-hub width at the front of the Honda Talons is about 3 inches smaller than the rear, and the wheels have a 6+1 offset out of the box. You’ll need wheel spacers to retain factory tracking if you want to run the same offset on the front and rear. Alternatively, there are options like STI rims with an offset of 6+1 in the front and 4+3 in the rear, or System 3 rims with an offset of 5.5+1.5 in the front and a 4+3 offset in the rear that will put the front and rear widths within an inch of each other if you want your bike to have a similar front and rear width.