Will A Honda Pioneer 500 Fit In Pickup Bed?

The Cub Cadet Challenger 750 is the first UTV that will be examined. With a UTV ramp or tailgate extension, this UTV’s 118-inch length can fit in a truck bed.

The Cub Cadet Challenger 750 is known for its affordable pricing and excellent suspension.

Can you fit a UTV in the bed of a truck?

If you’re anything like me, when you don’t want to tow a trailer, you’ve survived for years transporting a single ATV in the bed of your truck. Now that you’re buying a UTV, you’re trying to figure out whether you can find one that will fit in your truck bed like you can with a single ATV. You’re in luck since we’ve looked into practically every truck model and have all the answers for you.

Will a UTV fit in the bed of your truck? Depending on your UTV and your vehicle, a 48 inch wide UTV, which are smaller sport versions, will fit in most model trucks, while some bigger trucks can carry a few bigger models without the need for special equipment.

What measurements does a Honda Pioneer 500 have?

The Pioneer 500 is made to fit 50-inch limited access trails and is ideal for home storage because to its brand-new steel ladder-frame chassis and small 50-inch width. The vehicle’s overall length is 102.5 inches, and its compact 73.1-inch wheelbase contributes to its nimble handling and 13-foot turning radius.

A 5.5 foot bed will an ATV fit in?

In the beginning, the Tundra offered either a long bed or a short bed, but in 2006, they eliminated the basic short bed in favor of two distinct sizes, one slightly longer and one significantly shorter.

You should be alright with any ATV because to the long bed. You are mostly restricted to 250cc ATVs with the older, pre-2006 short beds. You can get most ATVs up to 300cc with the newer 6.5 foot short-bed Tundra, and there are a few 350cc versions that will fit as well. You will only be able to use 90cc or smaller ATVs with the more recent 5.5 foot short bed.

What is the Honda Pioneer 500’s top speed?

The top speed of the Honda Pioneer 500 is 40 mph. But hold on a second. We already mentioned that the Pioneer 500 and 700 had a similar weight-to-horsepower ratio. Is the drivetrain responsible for the variation in top speed?

In this instance, the speed limiter on the device restricts the top speed of both the Pioneer 500 and 700. Although both machines are capable of moving at a higher pace, the ECU—the onboard computer that manages every aspect of your UTV—sets a limit on how fast they can go.

Even without a restriction, they couldn’t match the 67 MPH of the Pioneer 1000. Simply put, they lack the strength to travel there.

The Honda Pioneer 500 uses a belt to drive it.

You don’t have to be concerned about the drive belt slipping when it gets wet or breaking after a few rides because the Honda Pioneer doesn’t have one.

Can an ATV be transported in a U-Haul vehicle?

The maximum load for the 59 Utility Trailer is 1,650 lbs, while the maximum load for the 612 Trailer is 2,110 lbs. Most all-terrain vehicles are 50 to 57 wide, and both of these U-Haul trailers have ramp widths of 57, so most ATVs will fit just well. However, you should measure the width of your ATV before renting a trailer. Wider UTVs are around 64 wide, thus a U-Haul Auto Transport would be your best bet since they won’t fit in a utility trailer. Watch this video for tips on how to use car transport if you plan to haul a larger UTV. The combination must be approved by our Hitch Central Hotline at 1-800-234-8869 in order to use an auto transfer.

  • Easy ATV loading onto the trailer is made possible by the low-bed and ramp.
  • Heavy-duty tie-down rings aid in anchoring the car.
  • Put the towing car’s parking brake in place.
  • Make that the trailer coupler handwheel is tightly turned.
  • Make that the trailer’s safety chains are securely fastened and attached.
  • Carefully lower the ramp gate until it rests on the ground by removing the two latch pins on either side of the trailer.
  • Because the ramp has spring assistance, you should push it somewhat as you descend.
  • In the trailer bed, attach 4 ratchet straps to the tie-down rings.
  • Guide your ATV onto the trailer, following the 60/40 ratio to make sure the front of the trailer is heavier than the back.
  • To ensure optimum weight distribution, keep the ATV centered.
  • Ratchet straps are used to fasten the ATV to the trailer.
  • Ratchet straps ought to be fastened to a section of the frame that is stable.
  • Axles and suspension should not have hooks attached since they are readily bent when straps are tightened.
  • Check the owner’s manual for your ATV for suggested attachment locations.
  • Make sure the ratchet straps are securely fastened and that your ATV is kept upright by evenly tightening them.
  • By raising and re-connecting the latch pins, close and secure the ramp gate.

Will a 5×8 trailer accommodate a UTV?

Your type of side-by-side will determine what size trailer you require. You may fit your 4-seat Ranger with a little room to spare if you choose a 14-footer with a width wider than your vehicle. While some compact 2-seat cars only need a 12-foot trailer, some longer 4-seat vehicles may need up to a 16-foot trailer.

The answer is no, not really, if you’re wondering whether a UTV will fit on a 58 or 510 trailer. This usually results in your wheels or bumper hanging over the edge of the trailer, even with little UTVs. To transport it safely, some adjustments would need to be made. We don’t advise moving your side-by-side on a trailer so small because of this.

You’ll need to upgrade to at least a 20-foot trailer with a double axle arrangement for the added weight if you wish to tow two UTVs.

You’ll need a width of at least 60 inches, but unless you have an insane custom suspension, you shouldn’t need anything wider than 76 inches. When shopping, make sure the trailer is wide enough for you by comparing its quoted width to the width of your vehicle.

In a Chevy Colorado, will a four-wheeler fit?

We have a Yamaha bear tracker (beater ATV), and it fits well with about an inch or so of room between the wheel wells and the tires of the ATV. Of course, the tail gate won’t close, so we use a piece of 3/4-ply on the crew cab of my dad’s truck to stretch over the tail gate. works perfectly.

The Yamaha Woverine and our Polaris go on the trailer because our Polaris is too broad to fit between the wheel wells.

A four-wheeler can it fit in a Ford Ranger?

Yes short bed. (Short beds are standard on crew cabs.) As you can see, the back tires are on the tailgate, while the front tires hardly fit between the wheel wells. It seems to manage it just fine.

Do quads fit in F150s?

Those under 400cc are more likely to fit in an F150 short bed than those of greater sizes once you pass the youth size and into sizes that are more commonly utilized by adult ATV riders.

Once more, it’s crucial to evaluate the sizes of the truck and ATV you plan to utilize together. This will provide you the clearest image in advance so that you can set realistic expectations for the whole situation.

We will offer the dimensions and a few of the best picks in each area rather than categorizing these by size as done above for the youth-sized models. You will be able to judge which ATV would be the proper size to fit in your F150 short bed because we will present these to you in a more structured style.

Take into account the averages of the following dimensions:

Now that you’ve reached the 400cc ATV model, you can see how these are comparatively similar in size, with a bigger inclination starting at that point. You’ll discover that increasing your ATV’s power even further will cause its dimensions to increase, making it too big to fit in your F150 short bed.

If you move larger ATVs with the tailgate down on an F150 short bed, you can fit a lot of them. Although in some places, that might be illegal.

It is possible for some 450cc ATVs to fit in an F150 short bed, although this is far less common and may cause difficulty. For additional information on ATV dimensions and size to evaluate where they might fit, see our article on ATV Size and Dimensions.

In each of the aforementioned power ranges, the following ATVs come highly recommended:

  • Wolverine 350 Yamaha
  • 250cc Kawasaki Bayou
  • 200 Yamaha Blaster
  • Polar Cat DVX400
  • Suzuki Raptor 350
  • Can-Am DS 250
  • 300 Polaris Hawkeye
  • Arctic Cat 350
  • 200 Polaris Phoenix
  • HO Outlander 400 by Bombardier
  • Polaris 200 Sawtooth
  • 300 Arctic Cat
  • 400 Arctic Cat
  • Suzuki TRX 250EX

Here is a brief movie demonstrating some of the features an F150 may offer that make towing a quadcopter much simpler.

Does a 4 wheeler fit in a short bed truck?

ATVs are considerably simpler and can fit in the back of a truck with little difficulty. They are typically short and slender, unless a long trip kit has been added.

A typical ATV has a 51-inch wheelbase and measures 83 to 85 inches in length. Therefore, the majority of ATVs can fit in a truck bed if that is your question. You might even be able to squeeze a 66 ATV in a short bed, though that would be pushing it.

It turns out that your truck bed is the finest for transporting ATVs. You only need to load it and secure it before moving on.

What must you never forget when operating an ATV?

Wear a DOT-approved helmet, goggles, long sleeves, long pants, over-the-ankle boots, gloves, and long pants at all times for your own protection. Never ride on paved roads unless you have to cross when it’s safe to do so and the traffic is clear since you could get hit by a car. ATVs are built to be driven off-road.

How should an ATV be secured to a truck?

Regardless of whether they are in an enclosed trailer, an open trailer, or on the back of a pickup, ATVs must be secured using a four point method. Use two tie down points in the front and two in the back to secure your ATV with four tie down points and stop it from moving forward, backward, or side to side.

How much does an ATV weigh?

The weight of a 450cc ATV varies greatly depending on whether it is a sport or utility model; the average 450cc ATV weighs roughly 520 pounds. Typically, sportier models weigh less than 400 pounds. The Yamaha YFZ 450 weights the fewest pounds of all, at 350 pounds. Utility models weigh between 500 and 700 pounds.

Does a Ford Maverick have room for an ATV?

Your gardening tools, band equipment, or even an ATV can fit in the 4.5-foot bed. A multi-position tailgate that expands the load floor to 6 feet, optional in-bed outlet, tie-downs, FLEXBEDTM options, and tie-downs are just a few of the many features that the Maverick provides to help you realize your vision.