Why Won’t My Key Turn In My Honda Accord?

A binding steering column or lock, a malfunctioning ignition switch, or a fault with the ignition key are the three most typical causes of a Honda Accord key that won’t turn. To speak with a specialist about your problem, look through our network of RepairPal Certified stores close you.

What should I do if the Honda key won’t turn?

You have two options if the key in your Honda’s ignition lock won’t turn: either replace the ignition lock and cylinder, or fix the key and the cylinder.

Typically, consumers will just contact a car dealer to address this, but doing so can be costly and time-consuming.

You might need to tow the automobile to the dealer in some circumstances, and the cost is $600-800.

However, there is a less expensive option. Calling Golden Locks, Inc. will enable us to come out and replace the ignition cylinder or repair your key so that it works to start the vehicle. Since our professionals will come out and fix this for a fraction of what a dealer charges, you don’t even need to tow the car or travel anywhere.

Even though it takes around two hours to change, after you’re done you’ll have a functional ignition.

The following are the steps to remedy this:

  • Reassemble everything and reinstall the ignition cylinder in the housing.
  • -Cutter and program a new key.
  • • Dismantle it
  • -Install fresh wafers in place of the damaged ones.
  • Remove the cylinder from its holding position.

Typically, this results in a broken key that won’t spin or start when it protrudes from the hole where it was inserted.

The wafers are all in place when it is repaired as seen in the figure above, and when the key is inserted, it will move and start the car.

Golden Locks, Inc.’s skilled experts have fixed a wide range of ignitions in Honda and Acura vehicles as well as other makes and models. We promise that the procedure will be short, and that once it is finished, you will have a working ignition and a key that will last for many years.

Why does the ignition get stuck?

The problem of a locked steering wheel is simple to resolve. Your steering wheel lock is mechanically connected to the ignition. This is done for security purposes in case a thief tries to drive the car without the key.

The steering wheel and ignition key may jam up if a driver switches off their automobile while still turning the wheel or tries to turn the wheel after it has been turned off.

Simply insert your key again, carefully turn it to start the car in that way, and slowly turn the wheel in the only direction it will let you go to free them. The steering wheel will usually unlock as a result.

If your key won’t turn in the ignition, what does it mean?

The most frequent cause of a car key not turning is a locked steering wheel. This will occur if the steering wheel is turned after the ignition cylinder has been unlocked.

  • Right and left turns on the steering wheel.
  • Take note of the direction that has given and the side that the wheel cannot be rotated to.
  • Hold the steering wheel in the give-and-take direction as you pull it in that direction.
  • While continuing to crank the steering wheel, turn the key to the accessory position.
  • If nothing happens, turn the key while rocking the steering wheel.
  • If it doesn’t work, jiggle the key in the ignition while rocking the steering wheel.

The techniques for rotating the wheel and moving the key can be combined. The steering wheel will unlock and the car should start as soon as the key is turned. If the key won’t turn, you might be dealing with a more serious problem.

Suggestions for decluttering your steering wheel:

  • When you encounter resistance, stop pulling on your steering wheel.
  • The key may break off in the ignition if you spin it too firmly.

How can I release the steering wheel on my Honda Accord?

Fortunately, unlocking your steering wheel is simple. Without even realizing it, you’ve probably already done it accidentally. Your Honda’s wheel can be unlocked by:

  • Put your key in the ignition and start your automobile while keeping the wheel pointed in the right direction. Try moving the wheel in the opposite direction and repeating this action if the wheel stays locked, your car won’t start, or both. It must be one or the other.
  • Pull down while yanking the wheel in the same direction as you did when you first locked it.
  • You have successfully unlocked the steering wheel.
  • Try both directions if you’re unsure which way to travel. Once the wheel starts to move a little, you’ll know which way to go.

Additionally, keep in mind that the Honda steering lock only activates when you yank down on the wheel to get in or out of your automobile. Avoid using the wheel as leverage if at all possible.

Q: How to unlock a steering wheel push to start?

How can I unlock the push-to-start button on my steering wheel? You must have noticed that when you turn off your car and remove your key, the steering will lock. Therefore, there are two ways to unlock your steering wheel while using a push start button.

  • You might try lightly shaking the steering wheel back and forth while applying the brake and pushing the start button once.
  • You can remove your foot from the stop pedal, push the start button twice, and move the steering wheel simultaneously. The ignition will start with either choice.

Q: What causes the power steering wheel to lock?

(1) A power steering system issue; a leak in the power steering fluid or a power steering system that becomes blocked or stuck could result in steering wheel lock-up.

(2) The steering wheel features an auto-lock feature that locks the steering when you turn off the engine and take your key out of the ignition. To reduce the frequency of auto theft, this function was included.

(3) If there is a problem with the steering column, rack, or suspension parts, your steering wheel may lock while you are driving. Even though it is uncommon, this does happen.

Q: What happens if my steering wheel locks up?

If your steering wheel locks up unexpectedly while you’re driving, you won’t be able to turn it to steer clear of traffic, which could cause a serious car accident if someone is trying to pass you. Power steering leaks, unclean steering fluid, or a problem with the suspension or steering column could all be contributing factors, though.

Q: Can a steering wheel lock while driving?

Yes! Even still, this is a rare instance. The automatic locking steering mechanisms seen in the majority of contemporary cars are only intended to engage while the car is stationary or parked. This is a safety and theft-prevention system.

Q: How much does it cost to unlock a steering wheel?

If you adhere to the recommendations above, unlocking a steering wheel could practically cost you nothing. However, the price to unlock a steering wheel can range from $100 to $400, depending on the nature of the issue, the cost of the parts, and the labor rate.

How is a stalled ignition fixed?

Use these three easy steps if the automobile key is stuck in the ignition but doesn’t appear to be broken.

  • The gear selector being moved If your car has an automatic gearbox, the selector must be properly positioned in park or neutral before you can remove the key. Frequently, the problem can be fixed by gently shaking the selector while it is in the park position.
  • Turning the key
  • Another simple way to free a stuck key is to jiggle it with your right hand while simultaneously pressing down with your left index finger on the key cylinder. This may enable the key to slide out by loosening the grip of the springs and pins inside the cylinder.
  • releasing the steering wheel’s lock
  • The steering wheel can be locked in place in many cars by a device that engages when it is turned too far to the left or right. This will also stop the key from being taken out. You can remove the key from the ignition by turning the wheel counterclockwise, which will release the lock.

How can I deactivate the Honda’s steering wheel lock?

A flathead screwdriver or the key fob can be used to unlock the Honda steering wheel lock. Simply press and hold the unlock button until the horn beeps if you have the key fob to release the lock.

If you don’t have the key fob, you can unlock the steering wheel manually with a screwdriver. Simply press up to disengage the lock after inserting the screwdriver into the little gap on the underside of the steering column cover.

You can start the vehicle by turning the key in the ignition once the steering wheel has been unlocked.

Will WD-40 work in my ignition?

DO NOT PERFORM IT! The best course of action is to lightly spray a little quantity of WD40 (without dripping) on the key itself, insert the key into the switch, and gently turn the key back and forth all the way to start many times. This should solve the issue.

What is the best lubricant for car ignition?

I urge you to use greaseless lubricant (LPS makes a good one, as do other companies). Although graphite is theoretically superior, it is also much messier and less practical. I advise against using WD-40 or oils as they tend to draw in dirt, necessitating more frequent cleaning and relubrication.

What is a good lock lubricant?

  • 3-IN-1 Lock Dry Lube from WD-40
  • LE5 Lubrication Fluid from AGS Automotive Solutions.
  • HOUD1 Houdini Lock Lube by Protexall.
  • Master Lock PTFE Lubricant 2300D.
  • Specialist Silicone Lubricant 300012 by WD-40.
  • Industrial graphite lubricant B’laster 8-GS
  • Teflon Lubricant from DuPont, model DE0016601.

Use of WD-40 is not recommended because it is a solvent and not a lubricant, and it will actually eliminate any lubricant present in the cylinder. Make sure to only use lubricants with silicone, graphite, or Teflon bases. Make sure the lock cylinder is facing up before applying the lubricant with a spray or a pour. Give it five minutes to sit.

Holding the can as close to the keyhole as possible, spray WD-40 directly into it. In order to unlock the lock, insert the automobile keys and shake the lock. Till the lock operates, repeat the procedure.