Why Was The Honda Ctx1300 Discontinued?

When people first start riding, practically everyone, in my opinion, chooses a Vtwin. You ascend and switch to a bigger Vtwin. If you decide to move out, you might consider an in-line 4 or a variety of 6 cylinders, like the beloved GW or BMW.

There isn’t much of a market for this bike generally, except from a few sales to people who prefer having unique things. It sells a few times, but not many, like my CB1100. more well-liked abroad. The cost of the CTX was excessive. I didn’t want to spend $12K on a CB1100 either, so there weren’t many sales. In 2018, though, 2014 bikes appeared brand-new in the box for half the price, so I decided to purchase one for $5999.

It resembles the DN-01. Who would purchase that? Although there were probably a few sales, I’ve never seen a CTX or DN-01 on the road. I am aware that Honda and other companies may test out different models to see how well they sell, but every manufacturer will occasionally release a dud.

Honda stopped producing the CTX1300 when?

The CTX 1300 was apparently no longer produced, with 2014 being the final year. In terms of size, features, and cost, it seems like a wonderful bike. I’m still giving this bike a lot of thought. Why do you suppose they stopped making it? Have you been able to add more miles to yours, and how are you loving it in that case? Thanks.”

What is the Honda CTX1300’s horsepower?

The CTX1300 spun the drum at up to 75.6 horsepower and 76.3 lb-ft of torque on Jett Tuning’s dyno, with more than 65 lb-ft of torque available from 2,900 to 6,000 rpm. decent performance among 1,300cc cruisers, but well behind ST1300’s top performance (111 horsepower, 86 lb-ft of torque).

What took over for the Honda CTX?

As I’ve already stated, the CTX appears to be a long-term investment for me.

But the possibility that there are no alternatives on the market is extremely disheartening and frustrating.

For pure curiosity’s sake, I’m eager to have the opportunity to drive a BMW. For a new motorcycle, the price in Spain with the many equipment packages they offer can reach approximately $27,000, which is out of my price range.

Other possibilities that are also in the BMW price range but lack the CTX’s smoothness include the Harley Street Glide and the Harley Road Glide.

Unfortunately, there are currently no suitable alternatives for our bike. In July 2016, I paid $17,000 for my Deluxe model in Spain, which came with a 4-year Honda guarantee. Today, I could still get roughly $14,000 for it. Not a horrible resale value, but spending an additional $14,000 to buy another bike that is similar is absurd. Particularly when I’m having so much fun on this bike…

Honda CTX: Does it still exist?

The final year of production was 2018. According to Honda marketing literature, CTX stands for “Comfort, Technology, and Experience” in the Honda CTX series. The models in the series are the CTX700, CTX700N, CTX700D, and CTX1300.

Honda Pan Europeans are still produced today?

Honda Pan European motorcycles, according to a coroner who was speaking at the inquest of a police biker who died, pose a “life is seriously and continuously in danger.

Every chief constable in England and Wales will get a letter from coroner Dr. James Adeley warning them of the “catastrophic outcome that the Honda motorcycle is capable of.

Pc. Shreeve reportedly lost control of his car as it started shaking severely while he was driving fast, according to the Lancaster inquest. Following Shreeve’s passing, the Pan European was put through extensive safety checks, and during one of these tests, an examiner was thrown from the bike as it entered an identical high-speed weave and broke his leg and both wrists.

There are still 450 Honda ST1300 Pan Europeans being used by police departments all around the nation. According to information provided before the inquest, the issues only affected police bikes that had been specially equipped with substantial emergency and communications equipment, which changed the center of gravity. The ST1300 was made available in the UK in March 2002, and the police version was shipped out in November of that same year.

Officers had begun reporting the issue by January 2003.

Honda’s spokesperson said: “Our current thoughts are with Mrs. Shreve and the Pc. David Shreeve family. For more than 15 years, Honda (UK) has maintained productive working relationships with the bulk of the police forces in the UK.

“We have given the accident inquiry our complete cooperation. Along with other police departments, we have collaborated closely with Merseyside Police.

“Safety for our riders is of utmost importance to Honda.

Given the coroner’s finding, we will keep in touch with the police.”

A representative for Merseyside Police stated: “We applaud the coroner’s decision, which should guarantee the protection of police motorcycle riders nationwide. Following the collision, Merseyside Police removed these bikes. We would hope that other chief constables would follow the example set by Merseyside in November 2005 given that the coroner has classified the vehicles as posing a substantial and ongoing threat to the health and life of officers using the motorcycles at speeds greater than 80 mph.”

What became of CTX?

Ampol Will Return in 2020 Ampol, a beloved and recognizable Australian fuel brand, will be brought back to forecourts across the nation by Caltex Australia (ASX:CTX), after it was decommissioned over 25 years ago during the merger with Caltex.

What does the acronym Honda CTX mean?

For the 2014 model year, Honda designed a line of motorbikes called the CTX series. The acronym CTX stands for “Comfort, Technology, and Experience,” according to Honda marketing brochures. The following models are part of the series: CTX1300, CTX700, and CTX700N.

How durable is a Honda CTX700?

How long does a typical Honda CTX700 last? If maintained according to Honda’s recommended schedule, a Honda CTX700 could endure for more than 14 to 20 years. The Honda CTX700 is a straightforward tourer with an average annual mileage of 3,000 to 5,000 miles; yet, there are CTX700s on the road with well over 60,000 miles.

What was used by Honda to replace the ST1300?

The ST1100 and the subsequent ST1300 are the two Sport Touring motorcycles that make up the Honda ST series, often known as the Pan-European in Europe.


Honda’s marketing staff believed that the European market (thus the “Pan European” appellation) would enjoy a lighter, sportier, and more maneuverable motorbike after the launch of the Gold Wing, which was extremely successful in the US.

[2] Instead of a flat-four engine, the ST1100’s water-cooled 90-degree V4 engine was installed inline when it was first introduced in 1990. (as in the Gold Wing). Most of the other distinctive engineering features of the Gold Wing, including shaft drive, a complete fairing, and fitted panniers, were transferred to the ST1100. The ST1100 was introduced to the European market a year before it became available in the US. It filled a void between the bigger Gold Wing and the Honda VFR750F sports tourer by providing touring riders with the amenities they needed in a sportier package. [1] [3] [4]

The ST1300, which succeeded it and is also known as the “Pan-European” in Europe, was unveiled in 2002 and went on sale in the US in 2003. The 2012 model year saw the continuation of production. Following the ST1300’s removal from the model lineup in November 2013, Honda unveiled the CTX1300, a cruiser motorcycle powered by an engine from the ST1300 that had been updated for improved fuel efficiency and more torque at low RPMs. [5] [6]

What distinguishes the Honda CTX700 from the CTX700N?

Honda unveiled two new models, the CTX700 and CTX700N, both powered by the same 670cc parallel twin as the NC700X, as well as updated colors and pricing for the recently debuted NC700X at the International Motorcycle Show in Chicago. This announcement completes the most brand-new models that have ever been unveiled by Honda, or by any manufacturer for that matter.

The “The New Concept NC700X created a significant impression when it was unveiled for 2012 last summer, combining affordability, adaptability, and efficiency. The NC700X is an adventure-styled vehicle with a base price of $6,999 ($8,999 for the Dual Clutch Transmission [DCT]/ABS model), a torquey engine, and fuel efficiency of about 60 mpg “According to Mark Tuttle in his road test from November 2012, there is one bike that already fulfills all the requirements for many riders. It is back for 2013 and is now available in Red and Light Silver Metallic. The base model is $7,499, and the DCT/ABS model is $8,499.

Honda has introduced a new model family, building on the momentum and popularity of the NC. According to Honda, the CTX series will comprise bikes with a range of engine displacements and combinations that stress comfort, technology, and experience “comfort, user-friendly features, and adaptability. The CTX700/D and CTX700N/D, both of which are early 2014 motorcycle releases and are offered in standard or DCT/ABS trim, are the first CTX models. In addition to having the same engine as the NC700X, Honda claims that these new “Urban Roadster models prioritize high value, comfortable ergonomics, and light handling.

It is the CTX700N “The CTX700 is a more touring-oriented variant with a fairing and windscreen than the naked model. Both feature a modest 28.3-inch seat height. Both models come with a standard 6-speed manual transmission or an optional automatic Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) with two fully automatic modes and a paddle-shift manual mode. Both models are powered by a liquid-cooled, fuel-injected 670cc parallel twin that is tuned for easily accessible, low-end torque. Anti-lock braking systems are also included with the DCT variants. The CTXs have the same triple-disc brakes, Pro-Link rear shock with 4.2/4.3 inches of travel, 41mm fork, and diamond-shaped steel frame. The typical vehicle has a lockable storage compartment “3.17 gallons of fuel are kept under the seat in a tank located there. The curb weight of the CTX700N is 478 pounds (500 pounds for the DCT/ABS model); the curb weight of the CTX700 is yet to be determined. Tall windscreen, heated grips, saddlebags, rear luggage rack, passenger backrest, accessory socket, and other features are included as factory options.

The 2014 CTX700N will be offered in Candy Red and Black with an MSRP of $6,999 ($7,999 for DCT/ABS) (standard model only). The MSRP for the 2014 CTX700 is $7,799 ($8,799 for DCT/ABS), and it will be offered in Pearl White and Cool Candy Red (standard model only). Both will be available for purchase this spring.