Why Is The Honda Navi So Cheap?

The Navi has outsold the Honda Grazia in India, where it sold 4,761 units in January 2022, and Honda has exported over 10,000 units of the Navi. In the Indian market, the Honda Navi had a hit and miss time. The unusual product had high initial demand, but it was unable to maintain its sales momentum. The Navi was withdrawn in 2020 as a result of the adoption of BS6 norms, which signaled its demise. However, Honda India continues to produce it because there is a high demand for the bike in foreign markets.

In November 2021, Honda introduced the Navi in the USA, where it was available for three times as much money as it was in India, where it was priced at about Rs 45,000. Along with the other specifications and features, it receives the same 110cc Honda Activa engine that it did in India. There seems to be an increased interest in the mini-bike among riders in international markets, as evidenced by a rise in demand.

How quickly can a Honda Navi be made to move?

With only 7.83 horsepower available at 7,500 rpm and 6.6 pounds of torque at 5,500 rpm, it can only reach a top speed of 50.3 mph (81 km/h), which will keep it off interstates and quicker state routes.

Is Honda Navi a scooter or a motorcycle?

The Navi has a sidestand, just like a motorcycle, and a centerstand, like a scooter. The Navi, as opposed to other miniMOTOs in Honda’s range like the Grom and Monkey, which have some crossover to motorcycle fans, is designed to be approachable for non-riders in general.

The Honda Navi has been around how long?

The Honda Navia was introduced in India in 2016 and, despite being a Honda Activa repurposed under the skin, it undoubtedly piqued the interest of two-wheeler buyers with its quirky appearance, peppy performance, and even initially surprisingly strong demand, surpassing the one lakh unit sales milestone in August 2018.

The Honda Navi has no gears.

1 Solutions. The Honda Navi has a VMT (Variomatic Transmission) gearbox, making it a gearless bike similar to Honda scooters (Dio, 3G, Aviator, etc.).

Honda Navi runs on gas?

The Honda Activa, a wildly popular model in the scooter-friendly Asian market, provided the 109.2cc gasoline engine. The Honda V-Matic automatic transmission is mated to the single-cylinder carbureted powerplant. Yes, both the clutch and the shifter are absent. Simply get moving.

Honda Navi uses fuel injection.

Today, American Honda said that the Navi, a 110 cc addition to the miniMOTO series, will be made available in the United States for a starting MSRP of $1,807.

The Navi’s design is essentially a scooter that has been given a small motorcycle’s appearance. The Navi’s seat and fuel tank reach forward to the base of the handlebars rather of having a fully underbone frame that would allow for a step-through chassis. The Navi’s engine and CVT transmission attach the steel-tube frame to the rear wheel. The end device has Grom-like aesthetics, a seat height of 30.1 inches, and a lockable, removable, 15-liter storage pod between the rider’s feet.

Most of the parallels to the Grom end there. According to Honda, the Navi’s two-valve, 109.2 cc engine and drivetrain are derived from the Honda Activa scooter. Additionally, based on spec sheets comparison, it appears that the Navi’s pressed-steel wheels—a 12-inch front rim and a 10-inch rear one—are Activa accessories as well. The noise also states that the total weight is 236 pounds.

Given the Navi’s cost, it should come as no surprise that there have been cost reductions. It does not use fuel injection; instead, it sips fuel from a 0.9-gallon fuel tank using a 16 mm carburetor. Honda claims that a few liters of juice—with a claimed consumption figure of 110 miles per gallon—will be sufficient. Front and rear drum brakes are present, and the dash is a straightforward analog instrument with a speedometer and a fuel gauge.

Given that Big Red currently has a number of 125 cc bikes in its range, including the Grom, Monkey, Super Cub, and Trail 125, Honda isn’t necessarily at the top of the list of motorcycle manufacturers to introduce a compact, simple-to-ride machine for an impressively low price. In contrast, Honda has so far sold 400,000 Groms in the United States market in 2021, with 40,000 of those machines being 125 cc and 300 cc models. Honda has sold 750,000 Groms overall over the course of the model.

In other words, if less is more, perhaps much less will also be much more. The Navi lowers the entrance barrier by more than half, with the four miniMOTO machines described above having an average MSRP of roughly $3,800. Furthermore, it appears that the margins are so slim that Honda decided to put the price at $1,807 rather than $1,800 or $1,799.

Beginning in January 2022, dealers will have the bike for sale (February in California). Thankfully, we will get to test drive the new Navi in just a few days. Check back soon for a first-ride review on Common Tread.

Can two individuals ride in a Honda Navi?

Despite being a miniature motorcycle in comparison to other real motorcycles on the road, the Honda Navi doesn’t skimp on comfort. The first thing you’ll notice, according to Hot Cars, is how comfortable the seat is when you swing your leg over the bike and sit down securely.

The seat’s width and bolstering are adequate for two adult riders on a daily commute. In addition to having plenty of padding, the seat’s low 30.1-inch height also makes it comfortable for shorter riders.

Is there a foot brake on the Honda Navi?

Instead of a left hand-lever like in scooters, the rear brake is operated by a foot lever on the right. However, because the engine is placed at the back of the vehicle, much like a scooter, room is created in front of the seat for a handy, lockable storage pod that is ideal for keeping books, a jacket, or a water bottle.

A Honda Navi should I have insurance?

The Honda Navi is a street-legal motorbike as of 2022. Given that, riders must have an M-Class license endorsement, registration, and insurance since it is a full-fledged street bike.


The Grom will have a new engine in 2022 with increased compression. Nobody can beat Honda’s reputation for engines, and despite the Grom’s modest size, it performs and is as reliable as a behemoth.


The Grom is simple to flat-foot at stop lights or in parking lots thanks to its 30 inch height. Additionally, the new seat is flatter and has ample cushioning, making it more comfortable overall and for taller riders in particular.


Owning and riding a Grom is exciting in part because of how it looks. Therefore, we’ve given the Grom some delicious new bodywork for 2022. Additionally, if you wish to further personalize it, it is simple to delete. Additionally, for a more aggressive appearance, the engine, exhaust, wheels, and swingarm are all blacked out.


This bike’s main characteristic distinguishes it from the other models in our miniMOTO lineup: There is a CVT transmission in the Navi. With no clutch, no shifting, and no neutral or park, you can just fire it up, twist the throttle, and go!


The new Navi’s dependable Honda engine is one of its better features. It is air-cooled for ease of use, provides amazing fuel efficiency, and generates a significant amount of power. It’s a single-cylinder, overhead-cam design that’s incredibly dependable and low-maintenance.

It is simple to get on and off the Navi thanks to its low 30-inch seat height. Furthermore, it’s simple to misstep in parking lots or at traffic lights. Particularly for taller riders, the large, flat seat makes it simple to achieve the ideal posture and to move around on.