Why Is The Airbag Light On In My Honda Pilot?

A faulty occupant position sensor may cause the airbag warning light (SRS) to come on. For impacted vehicles, Honda is running a recall effort to replace faulty sensors.

Can you operate a vehicle with the airbag light on?

When the airbag light comes on, the vehicle’s airbag system is malfunctioning. Due to this flaw, the airbag is unlikely to deploy after an accident. As a result, it is not advised that you use the car until the system has been fixed.

Never disregard the important caution. There’s no need to gamble with the car, even though it doesn’t make it unsafe to drive.

The light does, however, show that the SRS parts are not functioning properly. This may potentially indicate that the airbags won’t activate in the event of a collision. You shouldn’t wait until you are involved in an accident to determine whether the airbags will keep you safe.

How can I turn off the airbag light?

The airbag light connects the seat belt system and the airbag system as part of the Supplement Restraint System (SRS) in automobiles (and vice-versa). When you turn on your automobile, the airbag light comes on for around seven seconds before going out, signifying that the internal system check was successful and finished. When the airbag light either never turns on or stays on while blinking, an issue exists. The airbag light needs to be reset at this stage.

Examining seat belt components, fixing bad clock springs, and replacing faulty sensors are a few techniques for turning off an airbag light. New bulbs or a fully charged battery are other options. While most repairs can be done without a professional, others may.

The following 10 steps will reset your airbag light:

  • Turn on and off your ignition.
  • Test drive your car when it has been restarted.
  • Check the airbag switch for the passenger.
  • Check to see if the seat belts are in place and functioning properly.
  • Check to see if the passenger seat sensor is off.
  • Use a scanner with the ability to reset the SRS or airbag light.
  • Fix the broken airbag sensors.
  • Replace or repair a broken clock spring.
  • Check to see if the airbag is working properly.
  • seek for a specialist’s help.

Although not exhaustive, the list above includes tried-and-true methods for tackling the problem. Some of them might not apply to your vehicle because compatibility is always based on the year, make, and model. It is recommended that you have your service manual on hand when carrying out any of these fixes. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, too. Let’s get started on resetting your airbag light right away.

What does the Honda Pilot’s maintenance required light mean?

The Honda Pilot has seen numerous changes and additions over the years, transforming it into a highly regarded SUV that excels in many areas, making it a steadfast favorite.

But because it is a crucial reminder to only be carried out when you are convinced your engine oil is at a safe level, resetting the oil life maintenance can become a challenging chore. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to reset the Oil Maintenance Light on your Honda Pilow, which is compatible with models made from 2003 to the most recent 2022 mode.


When it’s time for an oil change, these older Honda Pilot models will activate a Maint Reqd light. It is simple to clear it:

What does SRS malfunction with the airbag system mean?

The Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) Warning Light will illuminate if the system fails to function as intended or does so improperly, according to the onboard computer of the vehicle. When the computer determines the automobile has been in an accident, this system is intended to deploy air bags and tighten seat belts. To reduce the risk of fire, the battery is usually removed and the gasoline pump is usually turned off in newer makes and models. Every time the automobile is turned on, the computer immediately checks the system’s status due to its significance.

What location do the airbag sensors have?

Two airbag sensors are often found at the front of your car, just behind the bumper. Inside of your car’s doors are frequently installed airbag sensors.

Since there are typically multiple distinct airbag sensors installed in a car, you must choose which one you are looking for in order to locate it precisely.

The service handbook supplied by your manufacturer is the best resource for locating the airbag sensor’s placement in your car.

Can the airbag light be reset without a tool?

Without a scanner, most automobile models make it difficult to reset the airbag light. This is a safety warning since, when the airbag light appeared, you should always fix the problem. Fortunately, if you fix the issue, the airbag light will typically also turn off by itself in many automobile models.

However, in some older vehicles, the airbag light can be reset without a scanner by disconnecting the battery wires.

Make that there are no loose wires or rust in the connector plugs in the wiring system under the driver’s or passenger’s seat. Restart your car after spraying an electronic cleaner on the connecting plugs.

If you can’t detect any issues there, you should really invest in an OBD2 scanner or have a shop interpret the codes because otherwise you’ll have to guess what the issue is.

How can I check the code on my airbag light?

Diagnostic Codes for Airbags The airbag codes consist of two digits. To read the codes, count the flashes the light makes, then count them again after the pause. For instance, two flashes, a pause, and four flashes indicate a code 24 issue with your airbag system.

What does it cost to repair the airbag light?

Reset Airbag Light, at No. 1 This procedure typically takes several hours and costs a few hundred dollars, though depending on the car, it might cost as much as $600.

What does airbag repair cost?

The cost of replacing an airbag can be significantly more than the airbag itself. They take a long time to replace, and the cost of replacing all the linked parts adds up quickly.

Expect to pay, on average, between $1,000 and $1,500 for each replacement airbag. Just the airbags themselves are included; other parts that require replacement are not. A replacement airbag module will cost an additional $600 and above.

Therefore, if your driver’s and passenger’s front airbags have deployed as a result of a frontal collision, you should budget about $3,000 to repair your airbag system. Getting your car roadworthy goes above and beyond bodywork! Is it cheaper to sell your car instead of paying these expenditures to fix it?

Of course, the overall cost of repair for replacing your airbags and/or your instrument panel may vary based on the year, make, and model of your car. As an illustration, the cost to repair the driver-side airbags on a Ford F150 ranges from $200 to $700. The cost of replacing the side passenger airbags in a Honda Civic ranges from $400 to $1,000. Depending on the manufacturer, cars like BMW, Nissan Altima, Toyota Camry, and others may be expensive or affordable.

If the airbag light is on, will the airbag deploy?

This light indicates that your airbags are deactivated while it is on. It implies that if you have an accident, they won’t deploy properly. The backup battery that powers the airbags may have also run out if your car’s main battery recently discharged.

My passenger airbag off light is on; why is that?

If your passenger is light enough for the weight sensor to notice that they are in the seat but not so light that it would be prudent to deploy the airbag, your passenger airbag will not deploy. The airbag’s deployment would be risky for the person in this chair, according to the sensor, because they are too light.

How far can you go when the maintenance light turns on?

Second, restarting the counter after changing the oil involves resetting the maintenance required light. As a consequence, you may travel securely on roads and you won’t need to manually count the miles since after 5,000 miles, this light will alert you that it’s time for a fresh oil change.

What is the Honda Pilot reset procedure?

The majority of mechanics won’t go the extra mile to reset your oil life after an oil change unless you take your car to the Honda dealership. Turn on your Honda Pilot, press and hold the trip button for 10 seconds after you reach the oil life reading to reset the oil life.

If you’re still having trouble, try these more detailed instructions:

  • In the ignition, turn the key to the “on” position. Be careful not to start the engine.
  • Pull back on the trip lever.
  • Till the oil life automatically resets to 100%, keep pressing the trip button.
  • When the oil life begins to blink, hold the trip button.
  • On the instrument cluster, look for the trip button to the left of the speedometer.

Make sure you don’t reset the oil life haphazardly at your convenience. Knowing the actual oil life can help you keep your Pilot in top condition by keeping you on a regular maintenance schedule for oil changes.

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Describe the Honda SRS light.

In my shop, I had to deal with this only last week. The supplemental restraint system’s SRS light serves as a warning light (airbags). A system issue is indicated by the presence of an SRS light. The fuse for the SRS unit is the first item I would check. This can only be verified with some form of scan instrument. A Solus Pro was mine. The first portion of the numerical error code is displayed by the scanner’s slow flash, and the second portion is displayed by the scanner’s quick flash. You should examine the code and go from there, in my opinion. It will probably display a “non-functional” code; this is a regular issue. In the 2000 Accord EX that I worked on last week, I had to completely replace the SRS unit.