Why Did Honda Stop Making The 700Xx?

Off-roading aficionados have been lamenting the Honda TRX700XX’s end of production for the past ten years. And we’re not just referring to Honda devotees. The 700XX is regarded by many as one of the most avant-garde ATVs Honda or any other illustrious brand has ever provided. They believed it was a mistake to abandon this 686-class wheeler.

Riders generally believe that Honda abandoned the 700XX in favor of the 450cc trend. That or ending the production of the big-bore quad was a more practical commercial choice. A machine that large and that powerful would require significant cash to build. Honda was forced to stop spending money after having too many ATVs in 2009. Even if this reasoning is completely reasonable, ardent off-roaders would still reject it.

Another theory for the downfall of the 700XX is that Honda’s decision to go down an untrodden path did not result in increased sales. Only the Japanese company would know why this occurred, whether it was because the Honda 700XX lacked a solid rear axle (SRA) or for some other reason. Since it was pretty obvious that the quad market collapsed under everyone during the first decade of the millenium, there may even be no need for speculation.

A 2008 Honda TRX700XX has fuel injection, right?

The TRX700XX is unquestionably the new Sport ATV “King of the Hill” thanks to its double-wishbone Independent Rear Suspension (IRS), distinctive centered chain drive system, and fuel-injected 686cc engine producing monster torque.

The Honda 700XX is dependable.

To be fair, the Honda 700XX is a powerful, dependable, and enjoyable to ride four-wheel independent suspended ATV. There are still a few other vehicles that the Honda 700XX would be comparable to in the huge bore sport ATV market. The KFX700 from Kawasaki is one among them.

Which ATV is the fastest?

The top manufacturer of sport quads for competition is Yamaha. Since 2001, there have been several different Raptor models available. All of them include powerful engines that enable the cars to top out at 75 mph under a variety of circumstances.

It is important to note that an ATV has only ever reached a top speed of 196 mph. It’s a Raptor 700 that has been substantially upgraded to be the champion.

What is the largest four-wheeled Honda vehicle?

The 2022 Rincon is a 49-state model and is not available for purchase in California as a result of a regulation change. Honda’s largest ATV engine is a potent 675cc single with liquid cooling and OHV technology. The engine is small and has overhead valves and a semi-dry sump design, giving it high ground clearance and a low center of gravity.


The ground-breaking technology in our Honda Electric Power Steering has improved this year. How? It now has a brand-new, cutting-edge brushless motor as well as an improved return-to-center feature. As usual, there are no belts or pumps that could snag, malfunction, or leak. It is a “smart system, too; you receive more help when you require it and less when you do not. (Available on the Pioneer 700 Forest and 700 Deluxe)


With the Honda Pioneer 700 Deluxe and Pioneer 700 Forest, you have the option of letting the automatic transmission shift for you or taking control and selecting your own gears using the paddle shifters mounted on the steering column. You can even switch from automatic to manual (AT to MT) on the fly!


Get ready to advance further than ever. Thanks to our streamlined chassis’s substantial ground clearance, long-travel independent front and rear suspension, and larger tires, you can navigate terrain that others would avoid. The engine and exhaust system are mounted on rubber mounts to reduce excessive vibration.


Our updated instrument display for 2023 has a larger LCD screen than the one it replaces, which has larger font for easy reading. Additionally, a Trip B feature, a battery voltage readout, and a tachometer array have been included. Our new tilt wheel also tilts the entire apparatus. Even the backdrop color has been altered for better visibility in bright sunshine.

Which ATV is the most well-liked?

2020’s top 10 all-terrain vehicles

  • Yamaha Raptor 700R, first.
  • Yamaha YFZ450R, second.
  • 3) 450 H.O. Polaris Sportsman
  • Four) Honda TRX250X
  • Outlander 450 Can-Am.
  • Polaris Scrambler XP 1000 S, number six.
  • Seventh: Honda Rancher 44.
  • Polaris Scrambler 850, number 10.

Exactly which four-wheeler has the most power?

Most people who desire a fast ATV must modify their quad to make it quicker, but doing so may void the manufacturer’s warranty and result in complications for you.

What factors speed up a quad? The size of the engine is crucial. It will move more quickly the larger the engine. However, the type of engine and weight both significantly affect speed.

Although there are many stock fast quads, only a few ones stand out in my opinion. These ATVs are the fastest ones yet.

One of the quickest four-wheelers ever made is the Polaris Scrambler XP S 1000 S. Even while this quad may not have the highest horsepower on the list, it is certainly among the fastest. The ProStar Engine, 14.5 inches of ground clearance, Walker Evans Premium Shocks, and a total of 89 horsepower are all features of the Polaris Scrambler. The off-road terrain category is dominated by it. So this one is for you if you’re searching for something that handles well off-road and is ridiculously quick.

Out of all the four-wheelers on this list, the next one has the most horsepower. It has 91 horsepower total. Although it might not seem like much, that is far more than you really need for a four-wheeler. The Renegade X XC 1000R, which has a 1000R engine, a Rotax V-twin engine, both front and rear FOX 1.5 Podium RC2 shocks, a ground clearance of 10.5, and a total weight of 710 pounds, is one of the most powerful four-wheelers in the world. It has more than enough power and a ton of torque. I would suggest the Renegade if your riding style is to accelerate quickly.

The Arctic Cat Thundercat 1000 is listed last but not least on this list. Although it was one of the quickest four-wheelers available at the time, the Scrambler and Renegade displaced it as a popular vehicle. The Thundercat is a phenomenal quad even though it may not be the fastest. It has a 950cc, four-stroke, V-Twin engine that produces 70 horsepower. This one is ideal for you if you want something quick but don’t want an incredibly strong ATV.

The Polaris Scrambler is by far my favorite of these three ATVs. It is the best off-road vehicle and the fastest.